Buyfaggery: Blu-Ray Limited Edition/Collector’s Edition Comparisons v.1

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This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.

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Comparisons and unboxings for (mostly) new NISA, Aniplex, Funimation, and Sentai LEs/CEs.

Fair warning


Feel free to ignore/skip through the Youtube videos if you’re only looking for my most polished work. They’re my first unboxings, so they’re a little rough around the edges.

You can’t put the genie back in the bottle on these things, so there are always going to be errors. But if the concept of unboxings interests you, and you see room for improvement, please give me some actionable feedback so I can improve for future videos.


Well, enough trying to frighten you away. Onto the analysis.





NISA LEs stand out. Well, they used to. NISA seems to be going through a crisis of identity right now, as their new BD releases look pretty damn close to every other company’s.

Come on, NISA. I’m buying your shit to feel special. Make me feel special!





If there’s any company targeting their product at collectors, it’s Aniplex. But when I say targeting, I mean like a rapist. Their idea of making something a limited edition is by pricing it out of the range of most people, so that merely saying you own it provides more status than showing off something that looks cool. Want Fate/Zero? That’ll be $300. Kill la Kill? $300. Sword Art Online? $360 (but if you’re smart you’ll only buy the first arc and cut that price in half). Shit’s limited only cuz no one can afford it.

They have store exclusives on their Animate page, but I wouldn’t bother with those unless you’re really hype about a pack-in and hate money. Cuz they’re way more expensive than Rightstuf.





Oh Funi. These guys are trying to be everything to everyone. They are trying so hard. Unfortunately, no collector with a budget gives a shit. I’ll buy every limited edition from the other companies (that I’m interested in), but Funimation? Nope. I will always wait for a Funimation “limited edition” to drop in price, by half, before picking it up.

With Funi, the only shit that’s limited about the vast majority of their LEs is the name. You might get a cheap chipboard box, or slipcover, but that’s it. Real talk? I ain’t paying $60 for that. And if I can save $10 and get a standard BD box instead, I’ll go that route.

Where they make up the slack is in their collector’s editions. While they’re generally marketed as limited editions (to confuse people?), the CEs actually are in-line with the other distribution companies’ efforts.





Sentai are the newest to the LE/CE scene. Considering these guys are the remnants of the anime empire that was known as ADV, it’s not really surprising it’s taken them this long to get in the game. After all, ADV thought a chipboard was all an LE needed to be special.

Wasted opportunity.

Wasted opportunity.

But what they did with Chu2 makes them my current favorite. I mean, this is Bandai-tier limited edition shit.



If I were to rate what I unboxed (as opposed to my general thoughts of each company’s overall efforts):

NISA (The Eccentric Family): B-

Aniplex (Onimonogatari): C-

Funimation (Attack on Titan): B+

Sentai (Chu-2): A+


And my unboxing skills: A, for effort. Right?



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PP says:

If I had a dollar for every “fucking” you said, I’d probably have enough to buy one of these… twice.

Dium says:

These pronunciations are top kek; they really show your inner white.

Drong says:

I gotta watch this, because I’m too poor.
But really that Chuu2 LE is awesome.

Anonymous says:

>D_S’s voice AND hands
Muh dick

Abunja says:

That voice. It reminds me of “Don’t watch anime called boku”.

complete_fatass says:

the chuu2 one was pretty cool and all, but
if you can afford anime, how can you not fucking have a blu-ray player? i don’t want that shit.

Anoyimous says:

So, if they include both DVD and bluRay you wouldn’t buy it. SO, if you get more from your money you wouldn’t buy anything… are you looking for something to bitch about? Or you just are another Fry?

Calyrica says:

Can I have that Mai-HiME LE? You know I’ll appreciate it more than you. I’ll give you the version I have in return!

Darais says:

You asked for suggestions, so I suggest getting a tripod for your camera. It frees up your other hand and makes the video less rave party PoV and much more controlled. You can probably borrow one from a neighbor or something.

Not that I’m a fan of unboxings, that is. Never seen any before this post.

Dark_Sage says:

Yeah, that’s a good call.

I think unboxings check the same tick boxes that Let’s Plays do for people. No worries though, they’re not going to be a significant portion of the site. …unless Sentai starts sponsoring me with VA blowjobs.

Humanity says:

Still so surprised just how great Sentai did with their Chu2 release.

shcboomer says:

>A, for effort. Right?

Sure… Let’s go with that.

Dark_Sage says:

Just wait for Drunk_Sage’s unboxering video. It’ll be great.

TrumpAnom says:

Based solely on the amount of swearing in the 2 reviews I watched…

We would be great friends

anonnnnnnnnnn says:

SHINY! Shiny! And btw you sound very young. Are you sure you’re not a teen?

Dark_Sage says:

I’m just white. Really white.

Anonymous says:


Meganesuki says:

Dat voice though…

10/10 would fap to that voice again.

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