Dark_Sage’s 2015 Convention Schedule

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Cuz I know you’ve been waiting on my plans to make yours.


Dark_Sage confirmed:


Sakura-con 2015

Sakuracon 2015

Confirmed special guests:

  • Fansub scene: lunr, puddi, Rekyu, SoupRKnowva.
  • Aniblog scene: Inushinde.

I fucking loved Sakura-con 2014, so I expect this year will be even better.



Maybe going:


Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015

Confirmed special guests: Darais, ???.

I’ve been through the Atlanta airport quite a few times, but never had a chance to step out. Maybe this’ll give me the excuse I need.

Actually, fuck it. We’re moving this to “Confirmed”. Hotel block opens 2/2, so let’s hope I remember to grab one tonight.



Not going:


These cons sucked:

  • Anime North
  • Youmacon
  • Ohayocon
  • Anime Central
  • Anime Boston

Too big:

  • Anime Expo

I’m banned from reporting at:

  • Otakon

This was their response to my application:

“Your application for Press access to Otakon 2014 has been declined. It isn’t worth the risk to our carefully built relationships with studios and distributors.”

Wonder what could have possibly prompted that~





Call me maybe
Call me maybe?

If there are any cons you wanna hang with me at, do let me know. The point of cons is to have fun with your friends and make new ones, so while I don’t particularly mind going stag, I’d rather not buddy up with randoms when I have no idea how they’ll react to my -ahem- sagacity.


Now that I threw that ugly social media bullshit up in my author profile, you should be able to annoy me directly at any time you please. Email works best, though:


12 thoughts on “Dark_Sage’s 2015 Convention Schedule”

  1. do you have a link to when you went to ohayocon on here or gimme a quick summary?
    I live in columbus and have never gone and just curious why you have it under a no-go

    • I went to Ohayocon 2012, 2013, and 2014. 2012 was amazing, but 2014 was the year I decided I’m not gonna go anymore. The owners are trying to make it into a kid-friendly, nicely profitable comic-con and are really not interested in the anime scene anymore, forcing the quality of the con to reflect the quality of their vision.

      All Ohayocon posts: http://www.crymore.net/tag/ohayocon/

      • I didn’t go cause fuck nerds, but looking at their schedule from this past year it looks like the organizers just added more video game panels/tournaments. Doesn’t look like there are any workshops or any of that bullshit they talked about at the panel we were hung over and grumpy at.


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