Spring 2011 Anime Opinions – Hen Zemi, Astarotte's Toy, Hoshizora

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Hen Zemi

I hate Hen Zemi. The concept behind the anime is there’s a girl who enters into a class where abnormal things are taught as the norm. The problem is that the characters are all unlikable and they look fat. The basic premise of this show is absurdity. How absurd that the main character would fall in love with a guy whose fetish is having his girlfriend raped. How absurd that there would be a college class on extreme abnormalities. How absurd that a girl would have a colony of flies living in her ear.

But these absurdities serve no point. No one’s playing a straight man character, they’re all just fucked up and that’s seen as the way of things. I am going to assume that this anime was created simply because it could be created. This anime is unrecommendable. It is shit.


Astarotte’s Toy

Astarotte’s Toy is decent enough. The basic premise is stupid. In fact, it’s better to not bother thinking about the logic of the show. It’ll make your head hurt. Instead, all you need to know that this is another romantic comedy with well-drawn characters.

Do you like romantic comedies with well-drawn characters? Can you handle lots of sexuality and a nonsensical plot? Then you’ll probably like this show.


Hoshizora e Kakaru Hoshi

Hoshizora is boring. It looks like it’ll be one of those romance/dramas where the girls all fall in love with the main characters and each of them have a sad past or something. Okay, stop right there. Fuck this. The concept is wearing thin. From watching this show, the only thing I felt was tired. If you haven’t watched ef-a tale of memories, Clannad, or Kanon, why are you wasting your time on this? Go watch something good.

Low budget, boring romance. Enjoy
For your romdrama enthusiasts, you already know you’ll like this. Fuck, you know because you’ve seen it a hundred times and you’ve always liked it. Don’t let my bitterness stop ya.

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  1. Hen Zemi is actually funny occasionally.. Besides, the main girl is the “straight man”. Sure they start affecting her but she’s supposed to be the only normal one in the group.

    The OVA is much more extreme though.

    First episode of Astarotte was pretty meh and Kugi’s voice is annoying me after hearing her high pitched squeals a lot recently. She actually did a lovely performance in Freezing, but now she’s back to her usual grating self.

    Hoshizora sounds boring as shit but as usual romancefags will praise it because people are suckers for romance no matter how generic or mediocre.

  2. I found the first episode of Astarotte’s Toy a bit boring, despite the odd plot. Only time will tell now.

    I wasn’t interested in the other two shows. Feel free to attempt to sway me into trying them.


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