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I don’t run my mouth unless I have proof. Enjoy. Tis a buffet of fail. (I’m listening! I tried to focus on only the worst errors.) So, which group do you think sucked the least?



Come on you guys, learn your tenses.

Pretty sure he doesn’t have a phone.

This shows up for a millisecond. I didn’t wanna include a timing error in here, but this was pretty annoying.

For some reason, everyone TL’d this as Midas Bank. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because it is Midas Bank.




Public employee exam? gg’s localizing terms that don’t even exist! Come on guys, it’s civil service exam.

This is the scene where he mutters under his breath about the creepy clown jumping all over his room. Not exactly the best choice of words here, bros.

Learning words? This isn’t the fucking spelling bee; it’s college!

This is not the definition of entrepreneur.

Someone in gg believes someone isn’t a word. Maybe someone should go back to grade school.

Good gods! Where the fuck did you guys learn to speak? The middle of the Amazon jungle? Learn how2phrase, Jesus Christ.

Whoever edited on Dororon needs to join the team for C. Wow.

If you’re gonna try to localize this place, at least remember that the names of towns need to be capitalized.



I can see a slight, slight justification for this one, but it deserves a paddlin’ anyway.

Oh, you mean “major”? Yeah, that’s a new word we use for “main subjects” in college. I can see why you wouldn’t know it yet.

I… Uh… Maybe? Wait, what?

Well, uhh, he should be using future tense here and there’s something else that I just can’t quite put my finger on…

No, even if you were using “every day” properly, this is just no.

situation. Hypothetical situation.



Hmmm, I can see why this error passed their QC’s eyes.

Great phrasing there, dudes.

I wasn’t aware money could be crazy in this sense.

I can see what you were going for, but you really don’t need the second “had”.

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  1. I don’t know what you are trying to get at but: “I didn’t learn a word” is a pretty common phrase to say when studying (at least here it is).
    Whether the phrase itself makes sense is another matter.
    Of course he isn’t learning individual words.

    • Even if it is a common phrase where you’re from, it doesn’t stop it from sounding dim-witted. Replacing it with the word thing(you could probably add the adjective, single) would be more appropriate. If the phrase doesn’t make sense, what makes you think it’s suitable to use?

  2. Surprisingly, it looks like Doki and gg are very close. I can’t even decide who wins. Whoever is better between those two is just slightly better.

    Hatsuyuki and Nutbladder are about the same as well.

    Good luck picking a clear winner for this one.

    • I actually thought their version was the worst. The English was sloppy and the phrasing was stupid. Nutbladder’s version was very liberal, but it all made sense.

      “tl: 90 minutes, time: 30 minutes, encode: 300 minutes started after timing.​” <- I'd be interested in knowing what their process was for editing, because if they actually didn't QC it or edit it, I need to go suck their translator's dick because he's probably a better editor than I am.

  3. Hatsuyuki’s “You haven’t even started on your main subject yet,” is perfectly fine outside the U.S. ‘Major’ is only used in the States (and maybe Canada?). It isn’t used in Australia, the UK, Ireland or NZ.


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