Fansub Review: [NotSoHorrible] R-15 (Episode 02)

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NotSoHorrible subs are… actually pretty good.

On an unrelated note, I have downgraded Asuka-Subs into the trollsubs category. Their release of YuruYuri 03 cannot be classified as anything other than intentionally terrible, so I won’t review it. They can fuck off into a fire.

File size: 284 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order.

Karaoke: None.


Yeah, no. They’re called matadors, not swordsmen.

In terms of poetic language, this is fine. But I’d much rather see “And those who saw it, praised it.”

There’s no need to capitalize Style here.

Why is there a comma here? Also, while I’m on this line, you might as well rephrase it to “I, too, need to be more honest with myself.”


Watchability: Quite watchable. Nothing much to say here. The subs are good.

Overall grade: B+

Nicely-edited CR scripts, though with a notable lack of karaoke. Definitely go with these subs if you must suffer through R-15.

8 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [NotSoHorrible] R-15 (Episode 02)”

  1. ‘Yeah, something with a bull and a swordsman together’ kinda implies that he doesn’t know exactly what he is talking about. With no context, replacing swordsman with matador sounds wrong.

    Assuming ‘Together?’ makes sense with a context, it can also be implied that the one receiving the message doesn’t know much about bullfighting, so putting matador there could be wrong too.

    • Here’s the context:

      A: Wishing you well from Barcelona! What present do you want?
      B: Something to do with bullfighting. Yeah, something with a bull and a swordsman together.
      A: T-Together?!

        • Matador is the English terminology, so I think I’m fine with calling them “matadors”, which is how everyone speaks of matador in the plural. If you must go by Spanish rules, then call them toreros. Not matadores.

          • Actually. “Matador” is someone kills someone (or something hard or exhausting if you refer to a action). But, the term is used to refer a “Torero” who kills “Toros/Bulls” too. If you use the spanish speak, you can use both “toreros” or “matadores” in the context.

            If you use the english speak, the correct adaptations be “Toreador”, “Slayer”, or “Bullfighter”.

  2. The last one was actually originally “I, too, need to be the real me”; I moved the “too” to the end because I thought it sounded better in that case, but apparently forgot to delete a comma. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    Honestly, I barely edit the subs at all. I think the original NicoNico script is pretty good on its own, it’s just the horrible video quality (and the lateness of the Crunchyroll version rip) that made me do this.


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