Fansub Review: [Shini-subs] Sacred Seven (Episode 02)

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If you must suffer through the shitty anime that is Sacred Seven, suffer with Shini.

jk. gg’s subs were better.

File size: 447 MB (HQ MKV), 335 MB (LQ MKV)

Japanesiness: Japanese name order. Ojou-sama. Honorifics.

Font: Small. Super small. Smally small. Sorry, I’ve got nothing. I think I already used my asian penis joke. :/

Karoake. My god. Whose idea was this? Fire them, then have them chemically castrated. You can do this by dipping their entire body into corrosive acid. Trust me on this. It’ll get the job done. And I try my best not to read the English in the OP/ED, but even I couldn’t avoid the random capitalization of Fighting in the ED.


Scared as a lamb? Never heard of that before. “Scared as a mouse” is a more common saying.

This line physically caused me pain. Thanks for that.


Jesus Christ. Is it that hard to put your subs above this shit? Even if you’re too lazy to create a second font in the script, just do N a couple of times.

Okay, fuck. Let me nip this in the bud for any future translators reading this shit. You know how they say “nanka” or w/e the fuck, and you want to say “somehow”? Yeah, don’t do that. The lines read like shit.

Lives can’t be tiny unless you’re talking about babies (btw, if you ever call a baby a “tiny life”, you need to have your ovaries removed). Maybe you wanted to say “small” or “insignificant” to get the right meaning of this sentence.

It’s not like you even had to try to make them similar. These lines are directly next to each other. How do you mess this up?

Could you phrase this any worse? You know what? Don’t answer that.

The woman? Which woman? This line is fucking confusing considering he just talked about three different women in the past couple of sentences.


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: C

gg’s subs were better in terms of grammar and general English. Also, they had puns with the stone guy. Just stick with them for this anime.

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  1. Re: highly explosive.

    Last I checked you didn’t need a dash between an adverb and the adjective it modifies. Unless you’re telling me I should write “he was a very-smart man” or “that was a terribly-misinformed criticism”.

  2. X__X

    I think i blinded myself by watching this shitty anime. With shitty subs. Aaaarghh!



  3. You know how they say “nanka” or w/e the fuck, and you want to say “somehow”? Yeah, don’t do that. The lines read like shit.

    Good tip with the “nanka.” You’re right, the line can survive, or even prosper, without the “somehow.” Nobody will miss it.

    • Mmmm if you ask me the blind overuse of a stock translation is the issue, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the word should be cut out completely. Personally, I would prefer the nuance be kept in translation and not be ignored. However, there are a huge variety of ways to translate “nanka” depending on context, and in this case defaulting to “somehow” was a bad choice. The line could have worked as “Apparently they’ve been busy” or “I hear they’ve been busy” or “It seems they’ve been kinda busy” or any number of other possible wordings.

      What I referred to as “stock translations” do have their place; some words have a certain definition most of the time, and there’s no need to get creative if the “stock” version works. The danger lies when you stop thinking carefully about what the line really -means- before mechanically saying “nanka = somehow, done.”

    • Then don’t download it. My suggestions are just that – suggestions. If commercials are a deal-breaker, don’t get gg’s subs. The reason why I include so much information on the releases – karaoke, Japanesiness, file size, typesetting, etc. – is because I know those are deal breakers to some people.

      Shini’s are watchable, so if you despise gg’s grade school antics, then don’t get gg’s release.

      • Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant! Because the size on each episode are massive (506MB!) unlike other videos had less (360MB). It’s gonna be a major letdown to us for those who had a slow connections.

  4. “Also, they had puns with the stone guy.”

    What kind of puns? Things that he actually said or was gg “creative” again and invented stuff that wasn’t said?

    • He ends every line with “oni”, which gg took to mean “hell”. It’s a legitimate localization, although it’s quite liberal.


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