Fansub Review: [Zenyaku] R-15 (Episode 05)

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It’s a shame they didn’t use spellcheck at all…

File size: 309 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Titles like “Senpai” and “Onee-sama” used.

Font: It’s shit, but I was told they’re fixing it for episode 6.

Karaoke. I liked the ED. The OP kinda blurred together the Japanese.


You mean Botan-senpai?

Are they trying to be French here or something?

euthor as in euthornasia as in what needs to happen to whoever forgot to spellcheck this?

Someone wasn’t very thorough here.

Girls’ dorm, check.

Why? Replaces “Girls” with “Men”. “Men dorm” makes no sense. You need the possessive here. Men’s dorm = Girls’ dorm

There ya go~

To be fair, that’s how someone who’s actually “underground” would pronounce it.

Think of Onee-sama/Senpai as titles, much like Mom/Dad. If you can replace the word with a person’s name easily, then capitalize it. If not, don’t.

“That’s how an Alice should be!” makes sense only in one context, which is not this one. Don’t use it.

Terribly phrased. Rewrite, please.

“Unlike you, I don’t make excuses for things I’m bad at.”


breast grab. They distinctly say “chi-chi”. ~_~

Here, you’d capitalize Senpai.

an ero-author

Capitalize Senpai here.

Why is this covering up your typesetting?


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: C

Numerous spelling errors, bad font, grammatical mishaps… Combined with (not shown in pictures for brevity) random use of capitalization for stuttering (“F-From now. on” vs. “F-from now on.”   for example.) and sentences that are capitalized after coming off of ellipses for no reason. These are mostly stupid, noticeable mistakes.

I’d recommend sticking with Fail-15 on this one.

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  1. Why? Replaces “Girls” with “Men”. “Men dorm” makes no sense. You need the possessive here. Men’s dorm = Girls’ dorm

    That’s a handy trick.

  2. You should have mentioned how their timing blinks like their timer didn’t know how to join lines with TPP. Also, I remember they misspelt Ran’s name as Musan (instead of Musen) somewhere.

  3. Thanks for doing this. To be honest, we had a lot of trouble with the script which I explained on our site but that is ofc. no excuse for w/e shitty job the ED and QC did here. But, now that we know, future episodes can be better.

    Again, thanks. ;)


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