Short Fansub Review: [Shadow Subs] Chibi Devi (Episode 03)

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Goddammit, Lynx. I thought you said you’d stop subbing.

Release Format: MKV (8-bit, 51 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Engrish.

Note: This show is only five minutes long.


They did the karaoke at least. It’s not very good, but at least it’s there.


Because it’s too hard to just, y’know, eyedrop the right font.

Speaking of font, this is really not working.




Something like “Will this even work?” or a number of other lines would be far more suitable than this.

Even if you are Jewish, this is certainly not the right use of the word. Also, tell your translator this translates to “Hey!” While you’re at it, tell them to take a nap in a trash compactor sometime.

How am I supposed to differentiate between these two lines? Try using different colors or something.

Is ending punctuation really that difficult of an idea to grasp?

For MSPN Chiki Liquid-Subs Shadow Subs, it is.

There isn’t a pause here, so don’t use an ellipsis.

The more m’s, the better! Seriously, limit this shit to two of the same letter.

My god. What have you done to my language?

More like “I’ll tell you what that child really is.”


Watchability: Sort of watchable.

Overall grade: Fail

It’s only a five minute show and it’s not too complicated, so you’re certainly not going have any problem getting the gist of what’s going on with these subs. But please, don’t encourage them by downloading their subs. Just wait for Doki or Zenyaku.

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  1. >Goddammit, Lynx. I thought you said you’d stop subbing.
    Typical tsundere behaviour, because we all know that you actually enjoy (reviewing) their releases.

  2. Seriously mate, stop reviewing fansubs. Review the translation instead of grammar. I’m pretty sure everyone watching this won’t bother about grammar/phrasings being off here and there.

    The main point when reviewing a fansub is to let people know the quality of the translation.

    The fact that you conclude that doki’s sub is “decent” alone is prove enough that you don’t have a clue about the japanese language. Over 100 TL errors on a couple of episodes… seems really decent, yeah.


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