[SFWhine] Last Exile: ~Fam, the Silver Wing~ Episode 06v2

V2’d because you deserve it. Timing issues and script issues have been fixed. Holy shit did it need fixing. Apologies. Won’t happen again.



Spoiler for

Dat blank stare.

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Alternatively, you can get the v2 .ass here.

Episode 01 : Open File : An “open file” is a column on a chessboard that has no pawns of either color on it.
Episode 02 : Fool’s Mate : Fool’s Mate, also known as the Two-Move Checkmate, is the quickest possible checkmate in the game of chess. It received its name because it can only occur if White plays extraordinarily weakly (i.e., like a fool).
Episode 03 : Light Squares : Light squares are the 32 light-coloured squares on the chessboard. (◕‿◕✿)
Episode 04 : Dubious Move : In chess evaluation, a “dubious move” is a move that the annotator believes to be objectively bad, albeit hard to refute. The symbol used by annotators is “?!”. Alternatively, this may denote a move that is truly bad, but sets up an attractive trap.
Episode 05 : Touch and Move : The touch-move rule in chess specifies that, if a player intentionally touches a piece on the board when it is his turn to move, then he must move or capture that piece if it is legal to do so. There is a separate rule that a player who lets go of a piece after making a legal move cannot retract the move.
Episode 06 : Over Step : To “over-step” in a game of chess, the player runs out of time for their remaining moves in a time control game. This usually results in the forfeiture of the game since the player no longer has time to move.
Source: http://lastexile.wikia.com/wiki/

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    • My Thanksgiving will be spent reviewing/shopping and ordering out food from any restaurant cruel enough to make its employees work. Then I’ll drink Mountain Dew until I get an ulcer. It will be glorious.

      Hope yours is as eventful as mine. :P

  1. I have almost a good theory that this is INDEED a direct sequel. In this episode they say the word Anatoray (or something) which was a nation from the first series. Also, the biggest indication of this being a direct series is that I read this last exile manga.

    at http://www.mangafox.com/manga/last_exile_sunadokei_no_tabibito/c000/13.html

    on page 14 it clearly shows Fam, and Giselle as little kids. This means that the people on this planet (which is the blue planet at the end of the first series) were already here before Claus and his gang arrived there through there Exile (I think there are multiple Exiles disguised as the many moons in the show).

    • Well, Last Exile Fam is a sequel, that’s not new, Last Exile Fam is about two/three years after from the original serie, and it focus in Fam and Giselle, in an new world, new protagonism, new focus. It’s only a sequel in the aspect of universe and time, but is not directly related to the main history of the original Last Exile.

      For the fans in seek of a direct sequel, Gonzo started that manga. A second manga was be started at the same time, but it is only a adaptation of Last Exile Fam (with more shoujo-ai’s tendency).

    • Anatoray. http://lastexile.wikia.com/wiki/Anatoray

      Orang. http://anime.en.utf8art.com/arc/last_exile_22.html
      (Though admittedly this is less “proof” than the previous link, I could not find anything supporting “orland” as the correct name. Perhaps the official name is something else.)

      May I ask what prompted this question? Did another group have it differently?

      Also, please don’t be afraid to whine. I’d rather admit we made a mistake and make it up somehow than pretend that everything’s just fine and ignore it.

      • What would you consider as an official source? I watch the Funico subs as well as yours and Commie’s. Funico’s subs seem to correlate with using the names here http://www.animax-asia.com/shows/lastexile/characters

        I’m still not sure why Sylvius is being used as well as Luciola (opposed to Lucciola). Only reason I can think of for using Luciola is to correct their misuse of the Italian language.

        • That site is a official source, the simulcast of Funanimation is a official source too (they have the same names as the animax-asia subs.). So, in this case, and taking in account the thing of Anatoray in the official subs…

          Protagonists: Fam, Giselle (Gisey for Fam), Millia, Liliana

          Giselle’s Siblings: Félicité, René, Adele

          Old Characters: Dio, Tatiana, Alister (Alis for friends), Lucciola

          Federation’s Generals: Luscinia, Sadri, Vasant, Kayvân, Sorûsh, Ôrang

          Other Stuff: Anatoray, Blue Star/Planet, Augusta Farahnâz, Augusta Sârâ

          Remplace the ^ symbol for a macron in each name. But the ^ is a acepted simbol in remplace of the macron. Repeat the syllable is valid too: “Oorang” | “Soruush” | “Saaraa”.


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