Fansub Review: [Commie] Guilty Crown (Episode 05)

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I suppose I should finally start on these reviews. All-nighter, go? All-nighter go.

Release format: MKV (258 MB, 10-bit), AVI (170 MB)

Japanesiness: No honorifics. Japanese name order.



Opening. I really fucking liked this. They matched each line to the color of the credits, which was done exceedingly well. All the effects they would ever need were here (read: none but color changing), and it didn’t feel like they phoned it in either. If this is what Commie is aiming for with their karaoke in the future, I can understand their ardent “no Japanese in the karaoke” philosophy.

Closing. I wasn’t blown away, but I liked it.

Insert song. Before the people who love kara on insert songs start their lynch mobs, I want to say that this would be totally acceptable to y’all since the girl’s singing. It’s a smart move to have italics + regular font to show that she’s singing and this isn’t just a typical insert song.



I know they wanted to try to carry across the idea of the handwriting but the font doesn’t match… at all. Also, it’s way too small. (that’s what she said)



If you use “mete” in a sentence, I expect you to know what you’re talking about.

You don’t mete out punishment on something. You mete out punishment to it. Think of it like this:

mete out punishment = give punishment

So, the sentences would read like:

We will come to give the appropriate punishment on them. vs. We will come to give the appropriate punishment to them.

but these lines are kind of wordy, so I’ll make them smaller to show you the difference.

We will give punishment on them. vs. We will give punishment to them.    Clearly the latter sentence is the better choice.

If you can avoid repetition, it’s best to do so. Here, we could take

Depending on the situation on the ground

and change it to

Depending on the ground situation

This would remove the repition and still be grammatically correct. Since “ground situation” is a legitimate term commonly used in military settings, the change would improve the sentence on that level too. Win-win.

They got it right at 10:34, but this needs a question mark at the end. Much like “right?” or “don’t they?” or any of the other endings like that, “huh” requires a question mark at the end because it makes the sentence a question.

This phrasing’s not so great.

So what about all that “I belong to you and I’ll stay with you forever” stuff?!

I took out the “, then” from the end and replaced it with a “So” in the front to help the flow. “, then” is a tricky one to use perfectly and I wasn’t feeling it here.

I combined the two quotes he was using into one for two reasons: 1. The “stay with you forever” part is fucked up, unnatural phrasing. 2. He says something like “What about that?!” in the next line, referring to what he just said. It makes more sense if the “that” which he is referring to refers to the singular line he quoted her as saying.


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: B+

I suppose I’ll recommend Commie over Doki. Though I do say this with a cautionary tone, because when I watched Commie’s 04 (I still have the screenshots from it from a week ago, but forgot what my complaints were so I decided to just do 05 instead), Doki’s version was definitely better. Whichever group you’ve already pledged your loyalty to should be fine.

Just… avoid Hadena.

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  1. Is it ever appropriate to not put a question mark after “huh”, “right”, or “don’t they”? What if the person is just making an observation, is it still a question?

    • Okay, here’s the thing. If you want an answer that’s going to suffice across literature/commonly accepted practices… it’s fine. A number of style guides are cool with it.

      Me? No, fuck that. And most fansubbers are in agreement with me on this, so I’m calling it an industry-accepted practice here. It’s illogical to use periods even when you’re using a rhetorical question. Why? Because it’s a fucking question and a question mark is used for… questions!

      That’s my stance at least.

  2. “We will give punishment on them. vs. We will give punishment on them. Clearly the latter sentence is the better choice.”
    I’m not so sure. They look very similar to me.

  3. “We will give punishment on them. vs. We will give punishment on them. ”
    I think you meant to use “to” in one of those. Am I right?


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