Fansub Review: [Tsuki-Hatsuyuki] Guilty Crown (Episode 06)

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Guilty Crown finished off (probably). Guess I’ll get AGE out of the way next.

Release format: MKV (421 MB, 8-bit), AVI (174 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

Typesetting: N/A. Nothing to TS.



Opening. Good gods. Who thought this was acceptable?

Yes, those are two lines… merged together.




The “social cues”? The fuck is this shit? Whoever thought this line was accetable should read my lips and slit their wrists. You could have anything here, but if you gotta read, use the proper fucking idiom.

“Read the room, man.”

Mope-kun’s here sitting all depressed and says “Inori-san desu ka” which would literally translate into “That you, Inori-san?” but fuck that shit. Literal translations are just an excuse to not use good English. Mr. Depression here gets off on dragging other people into his own fucking troubles. Let’s jazz the line up right.

“Oh, it’s just you.” <- Alt: “Oh, it’s just you, Inori-san.”

The “just” here functions as a backhand, signifying she is not of great importance. For this whiny sack of shit, this is exactly how the line should be written.

A diversion can’t really come off well. It can go off well, though. And hell, let’s just toss an idiom in there while we’re at it. Keep the language flowing like alcohol.

“Gai, the diversion’s going off without a hitch. Are you in yet?”


Watchability: Quite watchable. Just ignore the OP karaoke.

Overall grade: B+

Who to choose? Tsuki-Hatsuyuki, Commie, and Doki all have releases of a similar quality. It’s to be expected that edited CR scripts wouldn’t be that bad, but I wasn’t expecting them to be this close. I’d like to face them off in a TL Party to get a better idea of whose scripts are best, but that’ll have to come later. Right now, I don’t have a recommendation. Go with any of those three. You’ll be fine.

Personally, I’ll be going with Commie. Their opening karaoke really sticks with me. But I don’t see much of a difference between the groups at this stage in the reviews.

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    • Good call. Actually I’ve spent the entire time since this review dealing with my shitty credit card companies. Swear to god…

      Edit: Will do when I wake up. Sleep now~~~

  1. Well Ryugan and Hiyono are subbing this too. Although they are only at episode one, imo they are a much better choice than these 3 you have reviewed.

      • I don’t think being slow equals being shit. I don’t expect D_S to review them, since it would require a triple watch of episode 01, but Ryugan and Hiyono are the only groups who have a translator and as far as I know put more work into their release.

        • Having a translator (by which I assume you mean translating from scratch – if it takes them 2 weeks to TLC official subs, then “shit” doesn’t even begin to describe them) doesn’t mean your releases are better than those from groups editing professional releases. Usually it means they’re worse, there’s a hell of a lot more sucky fansub translators out there than sucky professionals.

          Either way, when a competent translation is already there, it’s quite a waste to retranslate the entire thing from scratch, and the idea that this will definitely result in a superior product is absurd.

          • No, I meant that by having a translator they have the ability to TLC CRs script unlike the other groups reviewed. CRs subs are not of consistent quality, having a competent translator can make a world of a deference (example UTW – Fate/Zero). I don’t know if Ryugan or Hiyono are doing so, but I assume they do since they have a translator. Tsuki-Hatsuyuki and Doki as I understand don’t have a competent translator.

  2. If you can’t get a translator in time to keep up with everyone else in the fansub race, the only people who’ll wait for your stuff instead of getting equally-good-or-better releases from other groups are group fanboys who’ll download anything you release anyway. Unless your “competition” is nothing but shitty groups, it’s a waste of time and effort.

    If you delay releases of a TV show for weeks because “must have better raws than the other groups”, you’re both wasting time and effort AND a retard.


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