Fansub Review: [sage] Gundam AGE (Episode 03)

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I don’t have many negative things to say about these subs.

Release format: MKV (457 MB, 10-bit), AVI (235 MB), MKV (529 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Japanese name order. No honorifics.

Disclaimer: I did edit episode 1 for this group, but I was like “lol find someone else” afterward. Haven’t had any interaction with the series since.



Opening. Color/font matches the credits and the whole thing plays out like an older-style karaoke, which is suitabl for the kinda show AGE is.

Closing. Again, the font/color choice matches the credits font sufficiently well.



Yeah, it’s fine.



A bit redundant/confusing. Does the “as well” refer to his “father” or his “mother and father”? It’s not clear. Let’s just make it easier.

“You need to live for the sake of both your parents.” (The “both” in there is intended to lengthen the line as well as convey the original expression which brought attention to both the mother and father.)

“attitude control” sounds like a prep school rap group. Personally, I prefer Knickers With Attitude, but I wouldn’t mind giving these guys a try.


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: A-

Excellent karaoke, good typesetting, and a quality script all add up to a great package. I may be biased because of the [sage] tag, but you’d be hard-pressed to be disappointed with this release.

I’ll be checking out AG’s release later, but they have tough competition here.

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  1. Attitude: the position of an aircraft or spacecraft determined by the relationship between its axes and a reference datum (as the horizon or a particular star)
    Ya know, just thought I’d point that out for everyone.
    Some people might think it should be altitude or something, but attitude is completely correct here.
    Also, I’d pop a comma into that line.
    “If we pull too hard, we’ll lose attitude control.”


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