Fansub Review: [AG] Gundam AGE (Episode 04)

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Final Gundam AGE review, hopefully.

Release format: MKV (390 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: No honorifics.



Opening. I like how it was k-timed, but it does cause colors being off in the rest of the line. (If you can’t see it clearly, click on the image to expand it.) The kara definitey has an old-school kinda vibe, which is appreciated for a show like this.

Closing. Yes, they used the same font/styling/etc. for the closing. Not really a fan of when groups do this. Unless it’s handled well, it gives off a vibe of laziness.



This is okay, but it’s the only thing that was typeset in their release.

Typesetting, especially in this second picture, is missed. The ugly line overlap isn’t doing much to help either.



Wrong tenses here. Change “have begun” to “began”. Also, it’s not “immigration to space colonies”, it’s “emigration to space colonies”. People emigrate to places. They are then called “immigrants” by the local populace. Is it confusing? Yes. Does it make sense? No. But fuck it, them’s the rules. And at this point, let’s just scrap the entire line and start anew.

“It has been hundreds of years since emigration to space colonies first began. This is an era of space.”

Also, the overlap between the script’s text and the show’s isn’t helping.

Again, tense fuck-ups.

“Wars that determined the control of the Earthsphere have ended, and peace was thought to have finally arrived.” (I think Earthsphere looks better than Earth sphere, assuming that is indeed what it’s called.

If only there were a way to make this sentence not sound like shit. Oh wait, there is? Someone tell AG. It’ll blow their fucking minds.

“Work”? You sound like a soldier… // “Work”? You’re talking like a soldier…

A bit too long for the time allotted. How about

“We’ll get there in about a week?”

Three fewer syllables makes for quicker reading.

Improper tenses strike again. Also, a slight rephrasing might be in order.

He’s a little weird. When he ran out of opponents, he anounced with fanfare that he was joining the military.

This got my Sage senses tickling. Just needs better ordering.

“With his animalistic instinct and unparalleled piloting skills, he’s become an ace in the Federation known as the White Wolf.”

Why would you put a space after the ellipsis when you’re just going to put more punctuation at the end ?!

has -> have

Why? Because “Gundam and Genoace Custom” is a plural grouping, meaning that when you refer to them, you refer to them in the plural. With “has”, AG is considering them in the singular, which is wrong.

I hate it when groups do this. Use a different color or something for the secondary line. Otherwise it’s hard to differentiate between two lines that are being said by different characters.


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: C+

Not really seeing why people would pick up this release over Sage’s. It’s not a terrible release, but it’s missing typesetting and has some script mistakes that are really fucking basic errors. Like Sage, AG is working off of the official subs, so this feels like a very “phoned-in” release.

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  1. According to their blog they’re only working off of close captions. How could you like the way they timed English words to Japanese syllables? That’s trewling to the max!

  2. You mind reviewing my script complementing exiled-destiny’s encode for “The Law of Ueki”?

    I know that it’s an old anime (kind of… 2006) but please consider anyways. This is still my number 1 favourite anime and I watch a lot of shonen animes.

    I only edited the script for episode 1. I want to get some exposure and see if anyone would like to work with me.

    The script traces to 70% exiled destiny and 5% shinsen-subs. 5% being some funny parts shinsen understood.

  3. Woah, woah, woah. I think we’re missing something major here. Did they just hyphenate AN EXCLAMATION MARK in that last screencap? I rather think they did. That’s some interesting use of punctuation, to say the least…

  4. “Also, it’s not “immigration to space colonies”, it’s “emigration to space colonies”. People emigrate to places. They are then called “immigrants” by the local populace.”

    Shit, man, I’m a sophomore in college working toward an English major and even I didn’t know this.


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