Fansub Review: [Doki] Un-Go (Episode 06)

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I’ll get on site updates/responding to people/whine-subs updates/etc. etc. tomorrow. Tonight, I’ll just be bringing you Un-Go.

First up, some shitty editing from Doki.

Release Format: HQ MKV (8-bit, 284 MB), LQ MKV (8-bit, 145 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.





The OP/ED are both the same style, but they fit well enough in both places.


The typesetting here comes up on the screen along with the Japanese. Nicely done.

Having watched the previous five episodes on Crunchyroll, I was pleasantly surprised to a see a release that didn’t have fucked-up typesetting. This was really well done, and it was repeated for all the characters in the episode. Definitely enjoyed it.

Not amazing, but I’m not a fan of reading sideways, so I found it acceptable.

They did a pretty good job overall here. If only the script had the same thought put into it…



Ah, silly Doki. This is why I find imposing a certain style of English upon your staff to be foolish, and why I don’t think it’s a smart idea to have people used to American English editing in British English (and vice-versa). See, though Doki’s style is British English, what we have here are two clear cases of American English. Their editors got the simple stuff in the rest of the episode like “personalised” right, but these examples aren’t British English. So the final product is a bastardization of both languages, acceptable to users of neither.

The first screen here is actually a simple mistake (AE = toward, BE = towards), though interesting in that many users of American English accidentally use “towards” often. The second screen is less forgivable, for while “college” means “university” in American English, it is a “part of a university” or “an institution that of education that occurs between secondary school and university”. Depending on whether or not the viewer assumes the release is in American English or British English, the meaning of entire lines, such as this one, can change. And yes, when the viewers assume this is a British English release and they read this line, you can bet your ass that the poor editing now results in a translation error. Good job.


Learn how to handle abbreviations. This isn’t hard shit. Or maybe you could just write out the whole fucking word. Another six characters won’t kill the line.


How does this read? Like it’s one person saying, “There’s simply no way that book is still within this house.” ?

Well, it’s supposed to read, “There’s simply no way. That book is still within this house.”

See the difference? Punctuation is kind of important. That’s why they teach it in grade school.

Capitalize “Father”, fucktard.

Strike of the needless ellipsis!

Come on, now.

it -> is

Do… Do you even know what “collaborating” means? I’m sorry, editor-kun. This doesn’t fit. Best to just try something different.

“I can only guess that the two people decided in advance which books they would exchange.”

There is no point in the “my right side” part of this sentence. The line isn’t supposed to read this stupid, but I guess the editor felt jealous of the script and tried to bring it down to his level.

“But after I returned, she would sleep on my left side.”

You can’t infiltrate footage. That’s like saying “Oh, the other day I infiltrated a piece of paper.”

Fucking stupid, shitty editing.


Oh come the fuck on. Considering this release had ellipses every other line, you’d think they’d get this shit right. And “Be you looking for?” Really, now? Fuckwits.

“What… could you possibly… be looking for?”

Was that so hard? Let me answer that: No. No it wasn’t. It was easier than editor-kun’s mother, and I wouldn’t say that lightly.

Not to. With. She’s trying to find out if her father’s been fucking the blind chick. NOT whether or not they’re cousins.

I’m gonna be straight with you here. Even when I was 8 years old (as the kids who wrote that message are), I knew that “Mum” should be capitalized in this context. I guess the editor skipped his formative years and skipped straight to adult-onset retardation.

… Yeah, nice try. It’s not adjective, adjective, noun. It’s adjective, adjective noun.

“Is there really only one, consistent truth?

But the line still seems messy to me. Cleaning time.

“Is there but a single, unalterable truth?”

Gets to the point much nicer. You’re welcome.


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: C-

The release is watchable, and the kara/typesetting save this from being unsalvageable, but you can do better for CR rips.

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  1. British English… I remember when I tried to use “Mum” and got yelled by two people who kept telling me that “Mum” wasn’t a word. I don’t think a mixed language group is too bad, but I guess it doesn’t work sometimes.

    “There’s simply no way that book is still within this house.”
    Looks like a mistake made when one doesn’t watch the video and just edits the text.

    • It’s true that we don’t use mum in the same context as our British counterparts, but we DO use the word. We use it to indicate when someone or something is refusing to speak. :>


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