Fansub Review: [Commie] Un-Go (Episode 07)

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Ah, finally a good Un-Go release. Commie may troll sometimes but at least they’ve got editors that weren’t lobotomized to hell and back.

Release Format: MKV (10-bit, 128 MB)

Japanesiness: No honorifics.



Opening. It’s like they attempted to match the credits and just gave up halfway through. Not really feeling their OP.

Ending. Sometimes Commie gets their karaoke just right and I can be all “Sugoi. No need for anything other than the best language — English!” but sometimes it just feels a bit phoned in. This is one of those times.


Not much to say. The typesetting’s fine. I wouldn’t really expect all the random DVDs to be titled (but it would have been nice).


I… what? No, this is not right. Try this:

“I don’t use paper…

I use reality.”

It’s not the first time in this release they have sentences that don’t quite qualify as full sentences, but this is definitely the most annoying example. Go with:

“And we were taken in by the owner and given a place to live.”

“And” starts the sentence because the previous line began with “we were”. This is just to vary the lines up. And yes, it’s okay to start a sentence with “And” here.

This is 100% Commie’s fault and it is hilarious.


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: B+

It’s a good release. The karaoke sucks, but the script’s pretty solid.

Commie’s version is the best for the series.


Note: Watching their episode 09 release, they really outdid themselves on the typesetting.

Note 2: Their episode 11 was a pretty pathetic release. The script itself is watchable, but they fucked around with the rest of it. And it got old fast. It’s a shame they’re the best option.

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    • Perhaps the same could be said of all CR rip groups. But there are differences between the releases, even when all the groups use the same translation base. I’m interested in finding the best releases, so that’s why I review them all.

  1. When I first saw Shinjuurou leaning against nothing, I didn’t think it was on purpose. I have such low expectations of anime these days.

  2. lol, review

    “This is 100% Commie’s fault and it is hilarious.”
    Yeah, I love it too. All thanks to Horizon 06.

    Good to see I chose the best group.


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