Fansub Review: [CCS] Un-Go (Episode 08)

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Gotta say, considering they jointed with Hadena for the first half of the series, I thought they’d do a bad job here. But they actually did all right.

Release format: MP4 (269 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. “Kami” untranslated.





The OP/ED were only okay. Considering they probably hardsubbed this release just for the karaoke, I was expecting a bit more. The colors don’t really fit that well, and the English text at the bottom almost looks like the default Aegisub script. It’s not, but it looks like it.


Nothing to hold up as an example of great typesetting, but it gets the job done. It could definitely use improvement, though, especially considering the characters’ names/professions are hard to read when they appear on the screen.


There is no discernible reason here to italicize “in there”. No clue why they did it.

It’s “privately run prison”. There is no such thing as a “private-run prison” unless said prison is run only by privates.

Okay, I can understand the argument groups can make about making sure “youkai” is used instead of something like “demon”. But why the fuck does “kami” need to be used instead of something like “god”?

It wouldn’t be hard to drop the text lower here to avoid interference with the scrolling text.

I actually thought this was a good place to put a TL Note. The wordplay used here is integral to the episode’s plot.


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: B-

I think Commie is still the best choice for the series. However, if you’re really into more Japanesey releases and love your honorifics, I can’t say this is all too terrible of an option for Un-Go. Just realize that if you’re picking up the batch, they did joint with Hadena earlier and I can’t speak for the quality of those earlier releases.

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  1. >Additionally, “privately run” has to be “privately-run” because it’s functioning as an adjective here.

    I’ve been meaning to say something about this for quite some time now, but you’re not supposed to use a hyphen if the first part of the compound adjective ends in -ly. (Any site says this if you Google hyphenated adjectives, or something to that effect.)


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