Fansub Review: [Hayaku] Ano Natsu de Matteru (Episode 03)

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Opening. I didn’t hate it. Should I say that’s the ideal all karaoke should aspire to? “As long as DS doesn’t hate it, we’re good”? I would hope that people would aim higher, but this kara here’s fine.

Ending. The color choice for the font fit in both the dark and light scenes of the ED. And the k-timing just made it kawaiier no desu. Gotta say I liked it.



I find it strange that they managed to do a decent job here but couldn’t handle the midpoint/ending titles.

Must’ve been too hard for three groups to figure out the episode titles.

The subtitles get in the way of the typesetting here. But at least the typesetting matches the book as she turns it and opens it up. That was well done. Impressive, even.

The great job they did with creating an extension for the plaque here was almost negated by the shitty, unreadable font they chose. I don’t think his name’s Rivishima.

Overall, this is great typesetting beset by instances of stupidity. Quite unfortunate, as it was very natural in a few places.



This line (where she says “Date”) appears to have been lost in the shuffle. Three groups and this wasn’t caught?

At Ohayocon, Rintaun (TL/TLC) mentioned that when he was in Japan, there was a kid who had tourettes. Apparently when he went into “swear mode”, the kid just kept repeating “baka”. How is this relevant? The Japanese don’t have many curse words/insults, but we do. “Baka” can mean so much more than “stupid”, and translating it straight in this context is, well, “baka”.

The girl yelling this line is all pissed off that everyone was spying on her. This doesn’t make them stupid. Why would it? The line you were looking for is “You’re all jerks!”

This needs to be one sentence.

“We haven’t been to Karuizawa in a while.”

You have to sacrifice a bit of the flow of the original line, but it passes by too quickly as two sentences, which means the viewer doesn’t get the entirety of the sentence unless they pause the screen or go back to re-read it. That’s something which needs to be avoided.


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: B+

While Commie did a decent job, I found Hayaku’s release to be better in all three categories. I’d go with Hayaku on this show.

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  1. TS was derped for ep. 3, we normally do the ending / eyecatch screens. (I’m not asking you to re-do anything, it’s our fault). It probably won’t be fixed till the batch, anyway.

  2. I just wish the releases were not so late :/

    This is the best translation and localization job so far with this show. Hopefully the group does not just disband when the show is over.


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