Failsub Review: [Hadena] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (Episode 02)

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30 Shades of Hadena.

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Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: It doesn’t matter. Don’t download this.

English style: Hadena-flavored Engrish.

Speed: It took them 15 days to release this steaming pile of shit.


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The 30 Greatest Failures of Hadena’s Sakurasou

Because Hadena is a unique group, they get a unique review. Here, I will point out 30 of the worst failures in their episode 2 release of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou.

I had over 100 screenshots to start with (and I was being conservative!), so keep in mind this is not even close to getting at how bad Hadena’s release actually was.


Note: If this review isn’t “readable” due to the shitty font Hadena chose, let me know and I’ll make an alternate review with the font changed to something better.


30. That font.

Sorry about the font, but you’ll have to put up with it for the rest of this review. Blame Hadena.



29. Yeah, no.



28. Comma misuse and sentence continuation failure.

Every unfinished line moves into the next one by means of a comma, even when it’s grammatically incorrect… Wait, let me correct myself. Especially when it’s grammatically incorrect.

Combine this with an inability to understand the function of commas (well, punctuation in general) and you have a recipe for Hadena. Which leads me into…



27. Basic punctuation.

The first one shows Hadena mistaking a comma for a period, but the other four needed ending punctuation. On that note, Hadena’s translator should have been ended with a coat hanger.



26. Their translation for the ending.

It’s worth noting that they didn’t translate the opening either (and they didn’t even bother to put in a number sign, those lazy bastards!), and thank the gods for it. The last thing this world needs is any more of Hadena’s attempts at English.



25. Elementary Japanese.

“pantsu” does not translate into shorts. He’s saying “boxers” here.



24. Completely fucked-up timing and non-translations.

There were too many examples to include, so I just chose these two. It’s a pretty common issue in this release.



23. How do I trolled viewers?

To quote Arashi from one of his other ‘trolls’, “I love to troll sometimes, everyone hates us, [for no good reason] so I put it in as a shout out anyway.”

They try so hard.



22. One mirrion hit!

(The name translations near the kanji were hardsubbed by the Japanese animation company.)



21. Fun on multiple levels!



20. I think we already know who doesn’t wants to go to college.



19. Hadena vs. vegetables.



18. I bet that was a direct quote.



17. How do honorifics work?



16. No, that isn’t someone’s name.



15. It’s all Engrish to me!



14. Morning greetings.



13. Hadena attempts a conversation.

Yes, these come one after the other. This is how Hadena thinks people talk.



12. Because QC is for faggots.

Move, zig.



11. Speling suks.



10. Hadena: Masters of typesetting and translations.



9. And continuing from the previous line…



8. How “embarrasing”~

This was all one “conversation”. Where to even begin?



7. This… hurts to read.



6. What’s her name again?



5. What’s an plurals?



4. The Kansai.



3. Superior typesetting.




2. She’s got them serious eyes but I seriously can’t understand what she’s saying.



1. And finally…

Classic Hadena.



Watchability: Completely unwatchable.

Overall grade: F-

Hadena is a blight upon this earth and their staff are lost causes. They have produced a watchable release only once in their 3 years of fansubbing, and that was a fucking Crunchyroll rip. And no, Hadena staff, you can’t blame everything on Arashi (though he is the dumbest person to ever touch Aegisub). Each failed release was a team effort, and any member of a team that releases something this bad deserves to die alone and in pain.

Please stop subbing. Only you can save us from yourselves.

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    • Oh wow, I broke tags. That was meant to read “Dat font” with this chap —> >.< either side, but didn't seem to work. Ha.

  1. This isn’t a fansub review. This is a fucking FAILsub review. Their posts should be labeled as “Failsub Review: [Hadena]”.

  2. Honestly, I don’t see why everyone is complaining. Hadena is obviously the best group for Sakura-sou this season. All the other groups haven’t even been reviewed.

  3. Each individual mistake is only made worse by the fact that you’re reading it in that atrocious font. Dear god.

    That aside, I love the different Hadena review formats. Always keeps it interesting.

  4. So nobody at Hadena is a native English speaker right? It’s really the only explanation that leaves me with my sanity intact. In which case you wonder what possessed them to believe they were qualified to release English subs. Maybe release subs for their own native language instead?

  5. >[Hadena] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – 02
    >Downloads: 1758

    At least leechers have FINALLY learned their less…

    >[Hadena] Oniai – 04 [web-rip]
    >Downloads: 16142

    Never mind then >_>

  6. I nearly went blind from reading this shit. There is only one logical explanation: Hadena purposefully used this font so nobody would understand their subtitles in the first place. Thus, nobody would be able to complain about it. Genius!

  7. Hey guys…
    Let me tell you something great ever that i found on internet
    there is such a great fansub…
    its hadena guys
    Best fansub ever.

  8. Apologize for coment,
    You make claim of mistakes in Hadenas fansub, but isn’t I cant see any issue in translation.
    Very sorry to say you are knitpicker and possibly are troll.
    Very not nice, utter shameful display.

  9. Dear god how the hell does one even read the subtitles???

    >>They have produced a watchable release only once in their 3 years of fansubbing, and that was a fucking Crunchyroll rip

    Wasn’t one of the season of KoreZom they did decent? Also, Sankarea was decent too.

  10. Hadena’s work quality has considerably deteriorated, since I first remember.
    Ever since the Whiner reviews, at least.

    Or has it always been this bad? My god, the font choice…

  11. Why are people this stupid? You do not understand basic English? Even if what is left behind was missing, it is not difficult to fill mentally.

    Subs Hadena is okay, Hadena but does not attempt some of DUWANG Like “bad” at least, I may be added very quickly.

  12. Hadena did produce a decent release once, Busou Shinki Moon Angel. That was, surprisingly, better than the Commie release. How the hell that happened – don’t ask me.


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