Courtesy of Whine-Subs: Hyobu Kyosuke – The Unlimited Episode 04 Addendum: Because 05 Will Be Out Later

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Had planned for an 05 release tonight, but then <80 signs>. So have an addendum for the last episode instead. More Engrish transcriptions!



Summary of investigator Andy Hinomiya about ESP

Name: Andy Hinomiya

Birthday: June 2
Sign: Gemini
Height: 182cm
Weight: 71Kg
Blood Type: Type A
Hair color: brown
Eye Color: right: gray
left: gold

Specific ability to disable all the supernatural power received
from the opponent (aka: killing ESP).

Can make a frequency equal to opponent’s supernatural power frequency, and
is able to cancel out all powers. In addition to attacks such as psychokinesis,
lightning, wind, fire, also can effective hypno schicometria.
(It seems very effective for ESP)

ESP power disable range is 2m to 3m
The pupil glows red when the power trig.
For a time the opponent ESP is deactivated by sending a strong wave by
contactingthe opponent.
The switch-off time depends on the time of contact with the opponent.

Weak point
It’s a huge power capacity of ESP deactivation
but does not react with other attacks as well as ESP powers.



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Oh, and…

Spoiler for
straight baaka

It’s returning.

17 thoughts on “Courtesy of Whine-Subs: Hyobu Kyosuke – The Unlimited Episode 04 Addendum: Because 05 Will Be Out Later”

    • Kinda hard to make those ones enjoyable so they’re not getting v2’d. I was able to figure out how to make half of 04 good. But for the other half, I’d have to try way too hard to fix it. And 03 was just… you can’t do anything with 03.

      05 though. 05 has potential.

      Edit: Wait. Based on your site, you were showing the Unlimited version at your anime club? Man, skipping out on 03/04 keeps making me feel bad. :X

      • As much as I am thrilled to know that notable people are reading my stuff, It’s really not such a big deal. There are people of all sorts of tastes in an anime club so I’m bound to hit snags no matter what (or what version) gets shown. Except if it’s Jojo’s. No one messes with Jojo’s.

        • Why wouldn’t I care? I brought back the jokesubs starting with 05 because everyone let me know they enjoyed them and how me dropping the tracks for the 03/04 was a disappointment. I didn’t expect the extent of the reaction I got.

          Feedback is incredibly important to me because how else am I gonna know what I’m doing right and doing wrong? So yeah, I definitely care. Thanks for the response. (Though for anyone reading this, no, this doesn’t mean it’s circlejerk time.)

          • Oh it was more a “disclaimer” type thing saying you probably don’t care, I have seen “lol don’t care bro” responses to this type of thing in other places so yeah.

            If it wasn’t clear I meant after I finish the series first specifically

            Enjoying the releases though , keep it up.


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