Comments have been fixed.

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All hail TheThing.


Update from TheThing:

Issue with the “scrolling below the sidebar” should be fixed now. Took some major refactoring and I’m still open for suggestions about how the comments should be displayed and what-not. Let me know down below.

25 thoughts on “Comments have been fixed.”

  1. Well, for shorter articles like this one, it also means scrolling past all the widgets on the side first before you can get to the comments.

    …Let’s hope this means longer articles? :D

  2. Uh… would it be too much of a bother to set a max-width on the comments? It’s great that they use the full page width, but top-level comments are wiiiiiiiiiiiiide. Like yo mama.

  3. Oh yeah, and it looks like URLs are in the same style as regular text in the comments? Kinda hard to tell what’s clickable and what’s not.


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