[Coalgirls] Nichijou – 01 (BD)

This post was written by Calyrica. She is not Dark_Sage.

I was asked to compare Coalgirls’s release with Underwater-Commie’s base.

While I did actually take and upload screenshots of Underwater-Commie’s, I realized that Dark_Sage had already reviewed their release, as well as a few others. You can compare this review to his, which are here.

Filesize: Goddamn it, Caly. Review these when you actually have the files on you! EDIT: 360.1mb
English: American, honorifics.


Coalgirls uses ordered chapters, and I only downloaded episode one. Didn’t know this, of course, until I was already watching the episode in a place where I didn’t have internet.

I fucking hate ordered chapters.



While there’s nothing really wrong here – except maybe some more blur? – I’d personally put this above or below the text. It sticks out as it is.


The font doesn’t match. At all. And this isn’t the only time they do this.


This isn’t bad, but I think a more sketchy font would look better. One like… Sketchy, perhaps?


No complaints, I guess.


This was chosen to not be translated. I have heard of kokeshi before, so I’m not going to complain too much, but…


I’ve never fucking heard of “akabeko” before.


And it’s funny since this one translates just fine. After all of that it’s like… well, whatever. I have a headache.




There’s not room on the schoolplate, fine, but \an8 without any styling or anything? Laaaaaazy.




Definite issue with this one. The typeset is way too close to the text compared to the other ones. Or even just at all.


And instead of typsetting this one, they treated it as dialogue. This is where the “putting the typesetting on the side” idea would have backfired. If they would have just put the rest above or below the Japanese text, they could have typeset this.


Especially since the show pulls shit like this. You wouldn’t put this to the side, would you?


NO. This is NOT that same fancy font. This looks like handwriting with marker, so fucking use a handwritten marker font!


And again! In fact, this is even kind of messy. Why would you use a calligraphic font for this?





This is really the only thing in the script that I had an issue with. I see two problems here. The first could be fixed with a spellcheck. The second could be fixed with a rephrase.

> I’m Sakurai, the student advisor.


tl;dr: While the script is fine, though some of the jokes fell a bit flat, I’d expect more visually from a BD release. This is supposed to be archiving quality?

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  1. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/advisor

    “In general, adviser and advisor are interchangeable. However, adviser is used more generally to mean someone who is giving advice (what they are doing), whereas advisor is more commonly used when it means the primary role (what they are), such as job title, etc.

    In the UK, Ireland, Australia and Asia the spelling is traditionally adviser, though US spelling advisor is becoming increasingly common. In the US, the Associated Press and New York Times style is adviser, and most newspapers and some magazines follow that spelling, while US federal government style, other government agencies, and many businesses prefer advisor. News organizations around the world may change spelling found in sources, even in quoted material. US book publishers may be less likely to change spelling in quoted material because the practice is contrary to The Chicago Manual of Style.”

  2. Apparently Coalgirls is still planning to finish this and is reencoding the whole thing in 10-bit. I’d be interested in a look at the Doki BD script/TS too though.

  3. I must say I enjoyed the idea of reviewing CGi for their TS. As if everyone didn’t already know how bad it is.

    Oh well, there’s always their script improvements… oh wait, they don’t do that either.

  4. Coalgirls are a bunch of lazy cunts, they don’t even look over their scripts for errors. Their first Bakemonogatari release was so horrible they are redoing it using the typesetting from ANE’s release.

    • Well, I guess someone with no fansub experience is likely to interpret errors as laziness. Want to know what happened with Bake?
      1. I was on a laptop, so the colors were all messed up. Hence many colors didn’t match, even though they matched on my laptop.
      2. I was experimenting with OpenGOP, which went horribly, and resulted in the bleeds. It was perfectly lined up in Aegisub, but that really doesn’t work in npc.
      3. I muxed in the wrong font, resulting in the weird O errors on some computers.

      I put in hours and hours of effort on my v1. I think each episode was like 4-6 hours just to shift and check everything? Unfortunately, the situations above led to a subpar release which is, to idiots like you, misinterpreted as a lazy effort.

      Now, the v2 on the other hand, that was just laziness and I shouldn’t have released that.

      • By the sounds of it, it wasn’t just laziness then, but sheer incompetence. Surely someone watches the final release before it goes out to make sure all the tickboxes are checked? If not, all your previous :effort: might as well have been spent scratching your ass for all the good it did.

        • First off, my original release was something like 3 or 4 years ago. I knew a whole lot less about encoding, muxing, and subs then than I do now. So you can’t blame me, lol.

          Second, most of my checks I did in Aegisub. That was where the timing issue on signs came up – I’d watch and be like “That looks wrong”, and then navigate back frame by frame and see that it line up perfectly. Of course if I went to a scene before and went forwards it’d not. Open GOP was a pain in the ass and I abandoned that ship so quickly, lol.
          The other issue could not have been fixed. I had the proper font installed on my laptop which overrode the error, and again, my laptop had color issues, so the colors would still look the same.

          Having someone else watch would have worked wonders. Though at that time I was operating in secrecy, so I had nobody to really ask to watch without blowing my cover.

          Regardless, the point I’m trying to make is very much what you’re alluding to. Most of my projects have the required efforts put into them, plus some. But it is misinterpreted either by errors that can’t be helped, like in Bake, or by typesetting nitpicks (I’m a bad typesetter, but for most shows I can’t get an outside source to help).

          • I’m sorry, but:

            >Having someone else watch would have worked wonders. Though at that time I was operating in secrecy, so I had nobody to really ask to watch without blowing my cover.

            This actually made me laugh myself to tears. Also, none of what you typed made you sound any more competent.

            • Then simply tell me how I could have done it better given my situation. Tell me, with nobody else to check it, and only a laptop with bad colors, how do you check colors? Font, I guess I could uninstall it and check, but it’s not like I thought it was an issue – it played fine for me.

              • If all you’ve got is a laptop with shitty colors, why were you even encoding in the first place? Also, you could have tried not being autistic and had someone else QC your shit instead of pretending to be Spy Kids.

              • Surely how the colors render on your laptop wouldn’t make a difference? What matters that the colors match, no matter what device you’re playing it on. If they were correct, they would match.

                • Well, colors matched perfectly on my laptop. They were way off. I used color chooser on it, so it probably chose wrong colors.

                  Unless you’re suggesting that I’m just pulling this out of my ass, in which case I can’t help you.


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