Translation Review: [Mezashite] Sakura Trick – 01

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This show was actually on the shortlist of what I was going to sub this season.

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Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV ( 275MB, 10-bit)

Wap Level: Wap (honorific used, etc) with localizations  (e.g. “rice” translated to “food”)

English style: American English.

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]




[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_03.28_[2014.01.16_21.16.12]

OP. I think it’s great, although the English translation of this line and the following one could use a little more. The full line is “I want to do something that no one else can imitate.” But if we’re talking about Haruka and Yuu reaffirming their friendship by doing something they would “never do with anyone else,” then this lyric would be the perfect opportunity to create that allusion.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_22.49_[2014.01.16_22.18.20]

ED. It’s also good, though it suffers from a couple of literal derp lines like the one above. Also missing a “Love” at the end.


Main Script.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_05.56_[2014.01.16_21.23.26]

Why did this happen?

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_06.00_[2014.01.16_21.24.55]

“Here she is!”

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_06.07_[2014.01.16_21.25.40][Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_06.10_[2014.01.16_21.25.47]

This, I like.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_06.47_[2014.01.16_21.32.24]

To be fair, I thought the original Japanese “joke” didn’t appeal to my hairy gaijin sense of humor either. Only one group (SHiN-gx Yuru Yuri Lazy Lily) made an honest attempt to put any sort of “heh” factor into this line while preserving the whole “see the chick as a dude” punchline. Here Mezashite tried adapting the line, which I felt was not executed well.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_07.16_[2014.01.16_21.35.00]

Yoroshiku harorin!

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_10.35_[2014.01.16_21.42.22]

All I was left thinking after reading this line was, “A classroom used to be just like a lesbian couple?”  This line, while it’s not a mistake in a strict sense, needs more. She was worried that her relationship with Yuu will be allowed to waste away, only to be eliminated in three years, just like the classroom. Kaylith had it right when they had this line as “In the past, she would always be there.”

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_11.38_[2014.01.16_21.46.51]

So that’s what’s the “she loves me… she loves me not” picking petals dealie is called.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_13.36_[2014.01.16_21.49.47]

That’s supposed to be “Misato West High School” btw.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_18.25_[2014.01.16_22.02.40]

According to Denshi Jisho, you have two translation choices when it comes to pokapoka.  I say we’re well past the warm fuzzies at this stage.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_19.53_[2014.01.16_22.05.37]

Hyooo is the onomatopoeia for wind whistling. Also >Colormatching™.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_21.52_[2014.01.16_22.12.51]

I would have went with, “Cup noodles! Cup noodles!”

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_22.02_[2014.01.16_22.09.09]

Swing and a miss. The only thing they had right was translating jigen into “dimension” and even that was a wrongheaded decision.


Other Observations

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_23.49_[2014.01.16_22.20.27]

My guess is that Kotone is speaking directly to Shizuku (her name literally means “drip”?) which would require a certain pronoun to avoid having her sound like fucking Elmo.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_04.17_[2014.01.16_21.19.47]

( ´,_ゝ`)プッ It can’t be helped.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_05.26_[2014.01.16_21.22.29][Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_06.16_[2014.01.16_21.26.00][Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_07.28_[2014.01.16_21.35.18]

Effort signs.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_07.46_[2014.01.16_21.36.00][Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_14.04_[2014.01.17_20.47.13]

Not-so-effort signs.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_19.50_[2014.01.16_22.05.19]

This wasn’t motion tracked for some reason.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_20.15_[2014.01.16_22.06.10]

“Lewd” should stay in 4chan and Reddit where it belongs.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_23.39_[2014.01.17_20.30.00]

This is what you get when you PgDn to the “Preview” chapter. Next time, time your chapters one frame back if you want people to see your typesetting.

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_15.22_[2014.01.16_21.55.04]

Missed one.


Final Grade: B

I actually expected worse than what I watched (based on some random comments I saw), but I have to say this is a pretty good release. Probably not archive-worthy, but if you are looking for speedsubs to satisfy your yuri fix, you can definitely do worse.

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19 thoughts on “Translation Review: [Mezashite] Sakura Trick – 01”

  1. I thought full reviews started on episode 2. Seems fair, since most groups would have had a chance to learn from their mistakes before being judged.

        • I’m not trying to make excuses (except I am), but since Mezashite only has two people working on everything (which notably includes the OP and ED), episode ones will get less average effort per “thing” as we’ll have spent energy on the OP/ED/style choices that we would normally be spending on the script. I know that a lot of the lines you pointed out as bad (which really were bad, not arguing that) were lines that I wanted to change when I did my editing pass, but ended up not changing them because I wanted to get to bed already. The typos were caused by similar reasons, none of which would exist for episodes 2 and later.

  2. Oh, too right you are… Nevertheless, would a pretty please with sugar on top convince you to review LL’s episode 2?

    Unless you’ve already half-written one based on the first episode. In that case, it can’t be helped…

  3. >Why did this happen?

    This was fixed with the v2 patch, and I can only guess as to why this happened, but maybe a different keyboard layout was involved?

  4. Good, they’re not the ones they’ve used on their streams on AnimeUltima.
    Those subs on those videos are horrible. Almost as bad as Hadena.


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