Fansub Review: [EveTaku] Nisekoi (Episode 03)

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Oh EveTaku. I liked you better when you were good.

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Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (234 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Very liberal translations elsewise.

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Slow (>48 hours)

Translation style: Original TL.

Note: The chapters are broken for this release. The OP/Preview start points are off and the OP end point doesn’t exist.


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]



Visual Review


[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_02.05_[2014.01.30_14.28.57] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_02.27_[2014.01.30_14.29.36]

Opening. What the shit is this? You guys just chose a random font and color and thought it’d work? There’s a limit to laziness. And fuck, if you were going blue, why the hell didn’t you match the fucking show title’s blue?

Rating: Bad.

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_22.39_[2014.01.30_15.41.13] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_23.10_[2014.01.30_15.43.47]

Ending. Good gods. I’m usually all-in for retarded karaoke, but there needs to be some logic behind it. Why the colors? Why the positioning? Why that effect, when there wasn’t one goddamn flower in the ED?  Not a single fucking thing here fits the sequence at all.

Rating: Bad.




Much like Commie’s review, I didn’t include repeat signs.

Spoiler for

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_00.54_[2014.01.30_14.23.39] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_01.51_[2014.01.30_14.26.52] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_05.25_[2014.01.30_14.36.34] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_07.25_[2014.01.30_14.41.24] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_08.15_[2014.01.30_14.42.21] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_10.52_[2014.01.30_14.45.25] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_10.56_[2014.01.30_14.45.32] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_13.11_[2014.01.30_14.48.03] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_14.53_[2014.01.30_14.49.58] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_17.33_[2014.01.30_14.54.13] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_17.34_[2014.01.30_14.54.19] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_19.37_[2014.01.30_15.00.21] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_23.36_[2014.01.30_15.07.56] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_23.48_[2014.01.30_15.08.18]

Not much to say here. They did everything except that one bit in the preview.



[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_03.41_[2014.01.30_18.03.42]

God this font is stupid.




Script Review


[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_02.19_[2014.01.30_15.43.16] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_02.23_[2014.01.30_15.43.26]

What if

you tried


-a poem by Dark_Sage

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_22.25_[2014.01.30_15.40.10]

Who the fuck approved this?



Main Script.

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_03.27_[2014.01.30_14.30.47]

She wasn’t the girl he promised what?

“In the end, Onodera wasn’t the girl I promised to meet again.”

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_05.13_[2014.01.30_14.36.04]

Onodera’s what wouldn’t gossip? I’d love to hear the backstory behind this one.

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_05.05_[2014.01.30_18.30.40]

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_05.23_[2014.01.30_18.31.43]

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_07.15_[2014.01.30_18.34.35]

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_08.37_[2014.01.30_19.06.42]

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_07.23_[2014.01.30_14.40.42]

About your subs… Is this a Hatsuyuki joint, after all?

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_17.44_[2014.01.30_14.54.48] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_17.46_[2014.01.30_14.54.55]

If this is what you think a complete thought is, it explains a lot of this release.

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_08.29_[2014.01.30_18.36.35] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_08.31_[2014.01.30_18.36.41]

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_19.29_[2014.01.30_14.57.00] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_19.31_[2014.01.30_14.57.06] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_19.33_[2014.01.30_14.57.12]

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_20.34_[2014.01.30_15.03.43] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_20.36_[2014.01.30_15.03.49]

Various phrases are overused back-to-back. It’s not wrong, so much as it just poor writing. Take the opening sequence as an example:

It’s been a while since I’ve had that dream.
The one about the first time we met.
I mean,
if that’s what I’m gonna dream about, I want to keep on dreaming!
I guess it’s only natural I’m having those dreams…

I like Captain Jack too, but you’re dreaming a few too many dreams here.

And here’s another example:

Kirisaki-san’s not that great at Japanese, so you take notes for her.
You can’t help but take in abandoned animals.
You help old ladies you don’t know look for things no matter how long it takes.

The release is absolutely littered with dull dialogue like this. Expand your fucking vocabulary.

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_06.46_[2014.01.30_14.38.04] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_21.48_[2014.01.30_15.06.37]

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_04.14_[2014.01.30_18.08.30] [EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_21.29_[2014.01.30_18.13.51]

EveTaku threw in numerous lolarious lines in an attempt to distract the viewer from how bad the base script was, but the editor here clearly pronounces the “b” in subtle.

Protip: If you’re trying harder than Commie, you’re doing it wrong.

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_11.57_[2014.01.30_18.47.11]

This is it.

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_12.50_[2014.01.30_18.53.23]

You don’t “show that public display of affection”.

“First thing in the morning and they’re already up to their PDA!”

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_19.38_[2014.01.30_15.00.44]

I’d love to hear someone defend the use of “there” here.

[EveTaku] Nisekoi 03 [720p-Hi10P] [F2978192].mkv_snapshot_21.01_[2014.01.30_15.05.21]

Everything but grammar school.






Watchability: Watchable.

Visual grade: B-

Script grade: C-

Overall grade: C

The writing is grating and the karaoke is shit. Guess this is what happens when your star player steps aside to let the cruft try their hand at the game.

What a way to throw it.

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36 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [EveTaku] Nisekoi (Episode 03)”

  1. Yeah, I noticed these subs were odd. A few typos or grammatical errors I can forgive, but the ‘cuteness fairy’ and ‘young padawan’ lines were too derpy.

    I’ve liked EveTaku releases in the past, but Commie+honorifics isn’t a good change of style.

  2. What if

    you tried


    -a poem by Dark_Sage – that actually makes more sense.

    About your subs… Is this a Hatsuyuki joint, after all? – maybe it’s a “secret joint”.
    And btw: maybe they overdid trying to be like Commie. Like they say, there is only one Commie in this fag sub business)

    • Apparently it was just some delay in the automatic renewal. It was only DNS too; the actual site server was fine throughout.

      Might be best to transfer the domain ownership to me at some point; it’s still managed by the original founder, who’s now inactive.

        • Yeah I think it actually is down. I thought Kage said it was resolved, but I had no way to tell because it hasn’t yet propagated to where I am. From my end, the site has been up and is still up, but I suspect that’ll change by the time I wake up.

          Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do until we can get in touch with Holey. Hopefully he’ll transfer the domain ownership to me.

          • It’s been working for me. You probably tried to access it in the short interval it was down which screwed up your DNS cache for the site.
            Run this in cmd if it’s still not working:
            ipconfig /flushdns

  3. re: overall quality

    I (aka twinkle) stinx. Nevreen’s kind of busy, Jeffrey-sama’s busy IRL, and somehow we’re at last-string editing. I felt a little off the last couple of weeks and really do think the first episode went better. This is about… the fifteenth or so anime episode I’ve ever had to edit, probably with good reason. On the other hand, this means my experience will more than double by show’s end, but I wouldn’t count on my ceiling being that high either. Also we’re not exactly using a veteran TL and especially not an experienced typesetter. But they’re probably doing better jobs than me.

    re: style

    Different staff. puddi’s a bit looser than average (particularly for EveTaku), and he’s changing a relatively high amount at TLC, and I’m also relatively on that side as well. Also, it’s a comedy, and translation styles for comedies probably shouldn’t err on the narrow side. If the majority of people don’t like the occasional line out there, I don’t much care for it either way and could remove or dial them back.

    re: typos (thus grammar as a result)

    I should totally not do these typos during edit or let them pass through then. I’m reevaluating my procedure and will be more careful in the future, hopefully cutting down on these. QC, halp me… x_x

    re: repeated words

    With the dreaming, that last line quoted is after the OP I think so I don’t really consider it part of that grouping. I think I stuck in another “dreaming” for the mulitple meanings, but that’s definitely not a great idea if you’re looking for word variety. Anyhow, I’m not as bothered by word repetition as others are, but maybe I should be.

    re: showing PDA

    I’ve heard this phrasing more than once, and it shows up some by Google search, but I guess it’s not as standard as I thought. But regardless of common usage, there’s definitely room for improvement on a lot of these lines.

    re: complete thought

    I read that as a comma instead of a period when looking through. Didn’t even notice that was a break. ;_;

  4. Not that I’ve watched this series, or know the context of this, but if by PDA you mean a Personal Digital Assistant, I would assume you would want to say they are playing with the thing.

  5. Honestly, I can understand trying to strive for “natural” English, but I haven’t heard anyone use so many idioms in normal conversation before in my life.

    It’s like they were deliberately trying to spice it up for the sake of spicing it up.


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