Ohayocon 2014 – Day 0 – Thursday

This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.


I’m usually pretty lazy about these write-ups and give up after one post. So let’s aim for getting all this shit done by Friday, otherwise my motivation will disappear.

Key players of this con:


Dark_Sage. As you know, Dark_Sage is Dark_Sage.

SoupRKnowva. He fansubbed like once. I go to a lot of cons with him because I know he’s cool to hang with and is always DTF.

Amber. Soup’s friend. This probably isn’t her real name, but fact-checking would take time.

Will_Smith. He’s in gg and FFF and… well, I guess I don’t really know what other groups he’s in. Never asked. The important thing is that he wears a scarf. More to come on that later.



4:45 Welcome to Columbia

Maybe I should have put on some pants.
Maybe I should have put on some pants.

Yep, shit was just as cold as my homeland of Minnesota. RIP my warm paradise dreams.


5:15 Airport -> Hotel with Soup and Amber. We checked in and scored a third-floor room (lowest floors are the best floors).

The room wasn’t Naruto themed, so I was a bit disappointed, but at least the carpeting was nice.


6:00 Met up with Will_Smith to watch the Ano Hana movie at 7:00. He was unfortunately not as black as I expected, but that fucking scarf… More on the scarf later, since there’s a superb story behind it.

P-Tuesday Polldays don't come from nothing, ya know.
P-Tuesday Polldays don’t come from nothing, ya know.


7:00 Ano Hana movie time. There were about 40 people in the audience, which is a completely unnecessary fact.

Necessary fact: a Pokemon crossover with a crying Pikachu would have had more emotional impact than the shitty film we were shown.
Necessary fact: an Ano Hana x Pokemon crossover would have had more emotional impact than the shitty film we were shown.

Goddamn, the movie’s pacing was so fucked I can’t believe anyone with a soul actually greenlit it. Pretty hard to feel any emotions other than boredom when you’re watching a 90-minute recap episode.

Will left for about 15 minutes to get more beer. I’d have followed him, but I was trying to count all the Anaru ass shots in the film and didn’t wanna miss any. (There were 3.)

From post-movie talk, nobody liked it. If you’re hyped and wanna watch this shit, I suggest you temper your expectations, cuz the only tears you’ll be shedding will be over the $16 you just wasted on a ticket.


8:30 Cap’n Will took us on a journey to find a Five Guys. Unfortunately, he forgot there was a hockeyball game that night, so we ended up caught in traffic for about an hour. ‘Least we had time to listen to a Bloc Party album, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

White people like alt rock. More at 11.
White people like alt rock. More at 11.


9:30 Five Guys

I'm not saying the experience was this erotic, but I did cum a little.
I’m not saying the experience was this erotic, but I did cum a little.


10:30 Badges

We zipped into the pre-reg line and got ourselves some badges. Only instead of badges we got some shitty wrist bands.

Do not want
Do not want

Will had bounced by this point since he hadn’t pre-regged, and nothing was going on, so we decided to head back to the room and get a start on panel planning.


11:00 Panel planning

We figured out which panels we wanted to hit up on Friday/Saturday/Sunday (there weren’t many) and then went to sleep. It was uneventful; no one died. Friday had a bit more activity, though. Ain’t saying it’s scarf-related, but…




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  1. Did you manage to snag one of the awesome AnimeCon.org/Ohayocon lanyards? They were pretty and in full color, sponsored by Anime Midwest in Chicago. Think you’d be able to make Chicago? If so, send me an email to request press passes – and even if not, we’d appreciate a mention anytime ;) We have a HUGE guest list that we want everyone to know about (and it’s still growing).


  2. >.> Slightly upset I didn’t go to that showing of Ano Hana. Could have met the great D_S, although if there were 40 people in the audience, probably not.

    • It’s pretty easy to find me in an area where you know I am (well, so long as I’m with friends) — the things I say will be recognizably sagey.

      Of course, instead of playing that game, you could just… email me or comment or something and I’ll figure out a place we can meet up and then we can hang for a while. I’ll make it easy. After all, we at least have a love for Dark_Sage in common. <3

      Since you're an Ohioan, if you're going to Colossalcon, we can hang there.


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