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Yeah, it’s a meta post, which means you get to see where my avatar this season comes from. Lucky you!


Rolling Girls - Window

This time, the full image doesn’t have naked anime girls, but I think you can still get off to it.

Click for larger size, and disappointment when you realize all the tats are fucking Twitter accounts or someshit.




Rolling Girls - Chugging

As always, vote based on what you most want reviewed. I tend to go in poll order for my reviews, and I rarely ever finish out a season, so voting for everything is just a waste of your time. The following poll will also be on the right sidebar for a month or two, but I’m including it here for archival or whatever.

Winter 2015: Which subs to review?

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If you see a show that’s “missing”, there are likely a few reasons:

  • I have no intention of watching it
  • I have no intention of reviewing it
  • It’s Yurikuma and I’ve already started reviewing it

That should about cover all the cases. If you think something still needs to be added, petition away.

The Review Queue and Whatcha Watchin’ pages have both been updated as well.



Site Meta

Rolling Girls - Heh

Here’s what I have next on my docket (realistically we’re looking at having these done by end of week):

  • Disqualifications
    • Gonna start on these tonight.
  • Convention write-ups
    • Sakuracon 2014 and Anime North 2014, though I’ll probably only get to Sakuracon.
  • Last translation party
    • Saekano, depending on how unique the scripts are for the show.
  • Review(s)
    • Don’t expect too many here.


And no, the gifs don’t have all that much to do with their respective sections. But if they make you wanna watch Rolling Girls, their purpose will have been served.

19 thoughts on “Poll + Etc.”

  1. Voted
    Rolling Girls, because it’s awesome and I want to avoid anything that is below B Rank
    Saekano, it’s a series full of puns so I need subbers that know what they’re doing
    Shinmai Maou no Testament coz naughty step-sister love
    Absolute Duo, Unlimited Fafnir and Seiken…World Break to make you suffer by reviewing braindead scripts

    • I’m not sure if you’re abear of this, but

      “If you see a show that’s “missing”, there are likely a few reasons:

      It’s Yurikuma and I’ve already started reviewing it”

      (also, it’s kind of useless to put something up to vote if we know that everyone will vote for it)

      D_S knows his priorities

      or not, since I’m still waiting for translation party or Fansub comparison of Absolute Duo. Braindead plot translated by incompetent subbers and reviewed by Dark_Sage. Hilarity ensues.

    • Insult more tumblr anime fans, D_S. It’s far more entertaining to watch them come here and act all offended than the usual fansub drama.


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