Translation Review: [m.3.3.w] Working!!! 01

This post was written by kokujin-kun. He is not Dark_Sage.

Full disclosure, I translated the second season of Working for m.3.3.w, and I think I was credited in the first season with some OP translation help, so you’re free to take this review with a grain of salt.

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Release Information


Other Observations

Final Grade

Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (216MB, 10-bit)

Translation: Original Translation ®

Wap Level: Full wap

English style: American English.

Speed: Slow (>48 hours)


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Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]





m.3.3.w tried, and failed, to make out these lines. But at least they tried. Anyways, they’re saying ran ran run run (whatever the fuck that means). Hell, the anime could even be pulling a chain restaurant meme. Prove me wrong.


Their OP needs more work. This particular line looks like one person did the romaji while someone else did the (wrong) translation.

Main Script.



Yamada speaks in keigo, yet we get this line. Expert characterization.



Missing a “Taneshima-san.”



Ooh, that title needs a skosh more work. Also a double C-minus for not having a chapter at the title scene.









Strictly speaking, she’s speaking about a specific time in the past where Kyouko-san had more parfait than usual, not just generally.






I am particularly disappointed that m.3.3.w forgot about the Mashiba twins.



This close to calling it an error, since Satou only got one piece of useful information, but my bias for m.3.3.w came into play.



I’ll charitably say this is a step up from Aniplex, which really isn’t a compliment at all if you think about it. While “senpai-kouhai” is atrocious and cancer-causing, “senior-junior” is just lazy, phone-it-in translating.



I just… what? Was she talking about someone? Or did this particular subplot revolved around her crush?


I like their approach with this line (oreos, offerings, Otoo). I just wish there were better “o” words they can use.



What’s Inami doing right now?

“I can’t stop by someplace. If I run into a guy, it’ll be a total disaster.”



The sxf paku is supposed to be “gape”


Other Observations


These lines can be safely condensed into one.


They hear tsuika oodaa and decided to go literal instead of saying something normal like “more orders.”


m.3.3.w isn’t the only group who translated hetare to “meek” or “weak.” But, good god, there are better words out there to use, like “wishy-washy,” “namby-pamby” “pussy-ass” “chickenshit” — you know the drill.


We were this close to seeing “special Natto rice” in our subs. Once again, professionals at work.


m.3.3.w thinks people are objects.


Timing error.

Final Grade: B

I could forgive the errors you can find here or there if it weren’t for a very underwhelming, uneven script. These sub remind me of this effort, which was similarly less-than-stellar (in my defense, I only TLCed that episode while I translated the rest).

Apparently, this release was briefly given the much-sought-after Blue status by Nyaa before being revoked. The official reason is that m.3.3.w used hardsubs in this day in age, so the mods are deferring the blue status after a full review once all relevant groups release the second episode. However, I wouldn’t say these are the best subs for this show.  From where I stand, these subs are merely a few steps up from Aniplex.

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61 thoughts on “Translation Review: [m.3.3.w] Working!!! 01”

  1. I truly fail to see what benefit softsubbing typesetting has for any viewer of an anime. I can see the benefits of it for the fansubbers, but not the viewers.

    • The main issue with hard-sub signs is that they can’t be taken and used for different releases such as someone else putting the subs to a BD release.

      Other reasons being: you can’t take screenshots without the subs or turn them off for use in amv’s, etc…

      • In Chihiro, I haven’t in years. But not by requirement. Chihiro just doesn’t have AFX TSers, and I would have been willing to hardsub it if it was good. Last AFX TS was Hayate no Gotoku S2 for reference.
        CGi is no hardsubbing because hardsubbing damages the video. As a video centric group, we wouldn’t do anything that we know damages the video.

        That said, you don’t have to associate me with Chihiro anymore. We had a falling out in June, so I’m never doing anything there again nor even attempting to lead it. Essentially, I quit.

          • I was the leader and the co-founder (along with Jaka, who left in 2008 after 3 months due to a dispute on Sekirei with Ayako). So I could’ve just said “group’s over guys” and disbanded, but it’s easier and nicer to just leave and let them do whatever they want. Not going to lie, I think their choice for this season are TERRIBLE in that they are doing more shows than they have the staff for, and the TL is being forced to TL a show he doesn’t want to, but that’s on them.

            That said, I have never owned the site. Chihiro had a fairly unique setup. We had a specific person hired for the distro position, and he was in charge of all the group’s finances, the website, and servers. He also was the one who physically received and spent the money for the group. I have actually never touched a dime of the group’s money. This way, there can never be suspicions as to what I am doing with the money, and nobody but the distro is responsible if the group goes highly in debt.

    • Not having to burn subs directly into the video, which typically reduces picture quality

      I mean, why are you not hardsubbing the main script as well, then…?

      • m.3.3.w probably don’t understand that we are already in 2015. Effects simply won’t lag, thus there is no need to burn anything into the video.

        • >Effects simply won’t lag
          Oh look it’s one of those guys who think everybody is watching fansubs on gaming pcs with quad cores

            • Yeah it’s pretty awkward that you used a typesetting that won’t lag on anything except 10 year old PCs to prove your point.
              And a computer that is only 2 years old, and a quad core.
              Really fucking awkward

              Also: Screen Resolution: 1,366 by 768 pixels
              So on top of everything else you computer didn’t even had to upscale 720p to 1080p.

              TIL I have to buy a new computer every 2 years to watch fansubs or download reencodes with terrible video like deadfish

              • IDK, that’s the example Kristen gave when asked. You want to give me an example to check since you’re so loudly vocal about this? Surely you have one, right?

                And, seriously? You’re concerned about upscaling to 1080p? How about this… if you have old hardware running with a 1080p monitor, maybe don’t do anything fancy when you upscale to 1080p and then complain about lag? If you really want, I can have it output 1080p to my TV via HDMI and test it like that.

                Also, if your desktop is getting thrashed by a 2 year old tablet, you might just need new hardware. Protip: my old laptop that is now 7 years old can play stuff like this just fine too

                • Let’s see your old notebook play Kaylith Zankyou no Terror, or your tablet for that matter.
                  But what is the point you’re just gonna say it didn’t drop a single frame and there is nothing I can do to prove you wrong.
                  Just don’t act like a smug shit when you’re cherry picking your evidence.

                  >Also, if your desktop is getting thrashed by a 2 year old tablet, you might just need new hardware.
                  First of all don’t act like the Asus T100TA is your average shitty tablet and
                  TIL I have to buy a new computer every 2 years to watch fansubs or download reencodes with terrible video like deadfish. Meanwhile I can play 25Mbps h264 without dropping a single frame.

                  PS my HTPC is not even 2 years old and it can’t handle that typesetting

                  • Ok, so I tested it on my tablet running off battery and extending my desktop to my TV (1080p). The graphics chip is therefore driving two displays. I played the Tsukimonogatari file on the external display. It played fine at 100% zoom, but when fullscreened, the video in general was choppy (the subtitles were fine though).

                    So of course I did what any sane person would do in this situation and turned off madVR. Then I tried it again, and everything looked and worked great at 1080p upscale.

                    Can you specify which episode and what timestamp you want me to test?

                    EDIT: WTF? It won’t work properly on THAT? Either you’re talking about the most retardedly complicated typesetting in history or you’re just being retarded. Now I’m really curious to try this.

                    • Why are you playing Tsukimonogatari? It doesn’t lag.

                      >So of course I did what any sane person would do in this situation and turned off madVR.
                      I actually get way less dropped frames with madVR using Bilinear scaling than EVR. But I have tried both since that show was unwatchable because of the typesetting.

                      Play Kaylith Zankyou no Terror. I believe the first episode has a lot of laggy signs.

                    • While you’re at it, you could also try out:
                      [Cthuko] Shirobako 17 @ 6:36-6:41
                      [kdfss] Himouto 3 @ 0:49-0:52 (though this one only lags in 1080p for me)

                    • Also before we go even further I’m 100% pro softsubbing. I hate hardsubs with a passion I just don’t like the “you should buy a new PC” attitude. It’s not that hard to make a alternative sub track without the signs you know are going to lag on most computers.

                      And I was wrong it’s not episode 1, fuck it I’ll download the whole season and test again tonight

                    • Loool Shirobako lags my laptop (~3 yr old, i7 3610QM, GTX 660M) when upscaling to 1080p even using bilinear… The tablet absolutely chokes on it.

                      Himouto gets a couple dropped frames on the tablet but it’s not terrible.

                      Point made, there exists softsub typesetting that puts excessive load on the computer. This definitely seems a bit much and would benefit from hardsubbing if they are intent on doing such complex effects.

                    • @Anon
                      I think you’re referring to Kaylith’s ZnT episodes 2 & 3 (or maybe 3 & 4) where you can see a wall of ‘tweet’ being TSed.

      • Which is a subber side thing. Typically the reduction in picture quality is very minor, and only occurs for the 1 second the sign is on screen. And for me, the trade off of a good sign for a tiny bit of picture quality is worth it in a sub group (in general. I don’t mean stuff like Govna pointed out.)

        The main script is not hardsubbed for those people that always want to practice their Japanese. You always hear “I like to turn the subs off and try to figure out what the character is saying, and then check to see if I’m right” when discussing hardsubs.

        • Why would that same argument not apply to signs? Further, what exactly is happening in the world of hardsubbed signage that isn’t easily possible to do with a softsubbed sign? Can you provide an example of a sign that works great when burned in but doesn’t work well when rendered in real time?

          • I know there’s probably more examples, but I didn’t feel like checking through 21,175 comments on the CGi site to try to find it. Here is one example for you:

            Tsukimonogatari episode 4 00:38 and 03:49 typesetting caused lag on some older machines causing later subs not to pop up.

            As for the same argument applying to signs, my opinion is that people are more interested in figuring out the spoken than the written. If someone is that advanced that they’d be trying signs, I think they’d be grabbing a raw instead.

            • [Coalgirls] ep4, right? I grabbed it, will try it out on my tablet (Intel Atom Bay Trail x86) later and let you know. I would imagine that if it works fine on my tablet, it’s probably not an issue in 2015. If your hardware is toaster-level then you can transcode and burn-in releases yourself, and there are even groups out there that do this for you so you don’t have to.

              • Most likely. This is just going off of what one person said on the CGi website, saying that the dialogue wasn’t appearing after the typesetting, which after testing was found to be because of lag – not because of a messup.

                • Test machine:
                  Asus T100TA Tablet
                  Intel Atom Z3740 @ 1.33 GHz
                  2 GB RAM
                  Windows 10 Home x86
                  MPC-HC 1.7.5
                  Using madVR (lel)
                  File source: SanDisk 64 GB flash drive plugged into the micro USB slot

                  Test file:
                  At 0:38 and 3:49, a bunch of words fly onscreen in a complicated matter via softsubs. It is suggested that lag caused by this may result in the following subtitles not playing properly on older hardware.

                  Everything plays as expected.

                  Affected users should get new hardware, download a reencode, or reencode themselves. This is not a remotely compelling reason to hardsub.

          • There’re two main reasons to hardsub signs. First, it’s far more convenient for the typesetter. I realize you haven’t typeset, but understand that if you typeset you’re working with inadequate tools in a bad format to accomplish things no sane person would ever want to do. Secondly, it means that signs are drawn at video res, which is preferable to rendering them at the window resolution. Optimally, this is something that the subtitle renderer would handle, but ass doesn’t have any way built in to distinguish dialog and typesetting.

            • Wait, what? I assumed everyone hardsubbing signs would be using Aegisub or some other sort of .ass-based method, so it would be basically the same amount of work either way. Do people actually use something else? Does that something else fit neatly into the usual encode toolchain? I know basically nothing on this topic, am curious.

              As for rendering, I would actually prefer it to be rendered at window resolution if it’s higher, but that’s just my preference… I’m guessing other people prefer it to look like it’s a natural part of the video?

              • It used to be very common before XY-VSfilter to typeset in AFX. AFX has more tools that allows for better motion tracking and funkier effects. However, AFX cannot be softsubbed and must be overlayed. The typesetter generates lossess .avi files with everything but the typesetting being transparent, and then the encoder overlays it for that scene.

                That is the assumption I’m operating under – that m.3.3.w was overlaying AFX typesetting, and that’s why it was hardsubbed.

                • yeah basically this
                  afx is a far more appropriate tool for this kind of thing, and is less of a piece of shit than aegisub
                  that doesn’t, of course, mean it’ll automatically be great, just that it’s a better tool for the task

  2. @Kristen
    XySubFilter is your answer.

    *this was supposed to be a reply to Kristen’s post not sure how I fucked this up

  3. >m.3.3.w tried, and failed, to make out these lines. But at least they tried. Anyways, they’re saying ran ran run run (whatever the fuck that means). Hell, the anime could even be pulling a chain restaurant meme. Prove me wrong.

    Official lyrics: now, now, now, now, new, new, new, new.

    Title of the song: NOW!!! Gamble.
    It’s obvious as fuck. Yes, I proved you wrong, you mediocre “translator”.


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