Fansub Review: [MagnAvaloN] Girlish Number (Episode 02)

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Yeah, don’t watch this release.


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Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality




Release Information


Spoiler for

Episode details.

Release format: 720p MKV (273 MB, 8-bit)



English style: Weeb.

Encoding details: (the script was simply mux’d onto the ohys-raws release)

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)

Translation style: Original TL, in the worst way. Crunchyroll, we need you now more than ever.


External links.

Group website:


IRC channel: N/A.



Visual Review


Spoiler for




Rating: Fail. For officialsubs, there are often contractual reasons they can’t translate the songs. Fansubbers, though, have no such restriction. So, yeah, I fucking expect karaoke in fansubs.




Rating: Fail. About the only reason I can think these weren’t translated is that the songs were simply above the translator’s level. That doesn’t speak well for the rest of the show.




magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_00-01_2016-10-16_11-42-05 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_02-35_2016-10-16_10-19-50 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_07-20_2016-10-16_10-29-11 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_08-08_2016-10-16_10-30-15 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_08-12_2016-10-16_10-30-39 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_08-15_2016-10-16_10-30-45 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_10-06_2016-10-16_10-34-45 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_10-37_2016-10-16_10-35-54 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_11-44_2016-10-16_10-47-59 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_11-45_2016-10-16_10-48-04 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_13-05_2016-10-16_10-49-42 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_14-02_2016-10-16_10-50-54 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_14-03_2016-10-16_10-50-59 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_14-04_2016-10-16_10-51-04 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_14-20_2016-10-16_10-51-23 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_15-36_2016-10-16_11-28-22 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_22-07_2016-10-16_11-37-29 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_22-14_2016-10-16_11-37-44





The timing’s fucked and lines aren’t translated. In case you were holding out some hope for this release, I’m sorry, but that misplaced line in the first couple of frames is also entirely MagnAvalon’s fault.



Script Review


Spoiler for

The~ more~ tildes~ the~ more~ anime~ your~ script~ is~!

magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_00-09_2016-10-16_11-42-30 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_00-11_2016-10-16_11-42-38 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_00-17_2016-10-16_11-42-46 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_03-08_2016-10-16_10-22-33 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_03-12_2016-10-16_10-22-41 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_10-01_2016-10-16_10-34-21 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_11-05_2016-10-16_10-36-31 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_18-44_2016-10-16_11-32-19 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_19-07_2016-10-16_11-32-46 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_20-17_2016-10-16_11-34-45 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_21-46_2016-10-16_11-36-49



*cries externally*

magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_00-39_2016-10-16_11-43-20 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_02-51_2016-10-16_10-20-12 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_05-22_2016-10-16_10-25-45




magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_00-04_2016-10-16_11-42-12 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_07-39_2016-10-16_10-29-38 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_09-41_2016-10-16_10-33-56 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_10-44_2016-10-16_10-36-05 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_11-30_2016-10-16_10-38-19 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_12-23_2016-10-16_10-48-51 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_19-24_2016-10-16_11-33-09 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_19-33_2016-10-16_11-33-24 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_21-13_2016-10-16_11-36-00 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_24-15_2016-10-16_11-39-28

On that day, humanity was served a grim reminder that maybe some people don’t deserve to live after all.



Main Script.



magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_05-39_2016-10-16_10-26-37 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_05-41_2016-10-16_10-26-43

I’d like to think these lines were translated in a vacuum, with the translator having no idea of scene context or even what show they were working on. But even then…


Great characterization via dialogue.



magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_09-23_2016-10-16_10-32-23 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_09-27_2016-10-16_10-33-32 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_11-22_2016-10-16_10-36-54

The only consistency in this release is the pain-inducing Engrish.

magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_08-48_2016-10-16_10-31-24 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_08-51_2016-10-16_10-31-32 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_20-58_2016-10-16_11-35-40

too -> either


Not always blatantly incorrect, but still noticeably wrong, this script manages to hit both the highs and lows of failure. If there were an achievement for this, I imagine it would be the first accolade this translator’s ever received.

magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_14-23_2016-10-16_10-51-31 magnavalon-giarlish-number-02-720p-mkv_snapshot_14-45_2016-10-16_11-27-06




She’s right, though.


You guess?




Note that “bicchi” does not mean the same thing as “bitch”. Shit’s basically “slut” if used in a strongly negative context or “floozy”/”hussy” in a more playful one.

The line — if handled by someone who isn’t three standard deviations left of the mean — should be along the lines of: “You’re as loose with your words as you are with your heart.”


This isn’t even a fucking sentence, and no, adding a tilde to it would not fix that.


Wide? Christ, this shitscript went from ESL weeb to straight gibberish. What a mess.





Watchability: Unwatchable.

Visual grade: F.

Script grade: F.

Overall grade: F.

Under no circumstances should you download this. If you need speedsubs, Davinci’s release (while not being good) is at least tolerable. Waiting a week for Crunchyroll seems like the way to go if you can wait, though. Fansubbing ain’t what it once was.


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18 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [MagnAvaloN] Girlish Number (Episode 02)”

  1. Your opinion is really shitty. No, seriously, wtf are you talking about?
    OK, I couldn’t care less about ts, typos and small grammar errors, so I’m not a right person to talk about this aspect, but the rest?
    Are you really retarded? I’m asking seriously, because I haven’t seen something that nice like Magnavalon’s translation since a very long time ago. Finally someone is translating series, not localising.

    No OP/ED translation? Who cares if CR is using creative writing for the songs anyway. There is no difference if OP/EDs are translated or not.

    And one more thing:
    >recommending Davinci (or other memecartel group) release.

    • Did your mother drink while you were in the womb? Or were you simply beaten as a child? I have to wonder what exactly it is that would cause a human being to break into the sad sack of shit that typed out this miserably pathetic response I see right here.

      Look dipshit, throwing a tilde~ at the end~ of every goddamn pause~ does not a translation make. Nor does arbitrarily translating background noise. Nor does straight guesslating at the accuracy level of a pre-alpha Google Translate clone hastily made for a senior project in a bottom-ranked high school.

      This release is shit, and if you liked it, that makes you shit too. Learn to fucking think like a reasonable human being, cuz as-is you’re an embarrassment not only to your (presumably abusive) family but to the human race as a whole.

      tl;dr: Get fucked, shitnuts. You disgust me.

      • >Did your mother drink while you were in the womb? Or were you simply beaten as a child?

        Nope, I probably know this guy. He’s just weeaboo to the core… Like we care about honorifics or other shit these days.
        But you know, weebs only care about their chinese shit. “Localization” is their Antichrist or smth.

    • what the fuck. Translation is the most important thing. What’s left after that? Pretty colors? tildes~~~?

      I bet you are TL’s friend, or even the TL himself.

      @dark_sage that was savage lol

    • Rofl. This guy must be friends/works on the release. This release was utter garbage. You defending it makes you look like an idiot~

    • Here’s a friendly ESL/Weeb opinion:

      Sage was actually almost kind in his response

      “I couldn’t care less about ts and grammar.”
      This sentence alone is enough to disregard your entire comment.

      I don’t mind japanesey scripts, tildes~ or minor grammar mistakes, but those we see in this release are far from minor. This is bad for actual native speakers who have to put up with bad “flow”, but it’s even worse for people whose English is rather basic, as they won’t be able to make any sense of it.

      Typesetting. There are shows like Re:Zero where this is irrelevant, but Girlish Number is a typesetting heavy show, with lots of important dialogue being shown in smartphone chats and profile descriptions etc. In these kind of shows, typesetting is almost, if not just as important as translating the voiced dialogue.

      This release seriously sucks at both of these things. I’m a far friendlier person than D_S and I don’t make fun of abusive families, so to put it nicely: The decision to watch the show with these subs is almost as bad as your sister’s decision to give birth to you.

  2. I watched ep. 1 with CR and felt underwhelmed. I love the anime though, Chitose is the best. Then I watched ep. 2 with Davinci and I guess I had a better experience, curious to see your CR review.

  3. The person who did this sub already knew it wasn’t very good from the start and dropped it because of Davinci. I don’t understand why you even reviewed it

  4. I completely lost it at “awawawa~”. This here is the finest w(h)ine of fansubbing, and I’m glad we’re all here to enjoy it (to the extent the actual show’s script would certainly fail to entertain me).


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