Anime Review: Hyper Speed Grandoll

This weekend, Dark_Sage and I were charged with an extremely important task. We had to find the worst OVA ever made and sit through the dub of it. After spending quite a long time going through his collection of DVDs, we decided upon an old JC Staff masterpiece: Hyper Speed GranDoll. This three episode OVA … Read more

Ultimate Fall 2011 Preview Guide

Next season is the greatest season ever. Ever. Prepare yourself by reading the fuck out of this guide.

Read moreUltimate Fall 2011 Preview Guide

Spring 2011 Anime Opinions – Hen Zemi, Astarotte's Toy, Hoshizora

Hen Zemi I hate Hen Zemi. The concept behind the anime is there’s a girl who enters into a class where abnormal things are taught as the norm. The problem is that the characters are all unlikable and they look fat. The basic premise of this show is absurdity. How absurd that the main character … Read more

Spring 2011 Anime Opinions – Dog Days, Dororon Enma-kun, Hanasaku Iroha

Dog Days Dog Days isn’t really all that good. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it Dog Shit like the giggling schoolboys on IRC like to call it, but it’s definitely not anime of the year. The gist is that a go-get’um boy from the real world gets transferred into a fantasy land … Read more