Fansub Review: [IB] Highschool of the Dead OVA

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Fuck the main series. If you want fap material, this show is it.


Fuck. Our (aRK’s) OP was so much better (note that aRK isn’t doing the OVA). Card’s a goddamn genius.



pain, so

arrived. ._.

There really is a house!

Every editor should know how to convey proper tone.

I think you a word.

Do you even know what temperate is?

Nice translation.


Overall grade: C

The script’s only like 150 lines. I love you guys, but you can do better than this.

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sdfsdf says:

I wonder how people could even call the main series fanservice.
There’s a few scenes where they *try* to do fanservice… But it fails horribly due to the animation style and the fact that the scenes constantly show the male protagonist.
When I started the show, I expected fanservice. What I got was badassness.

sdfsdf says:

Watched the episode…
Again, the fanservice is incredibly clumsy.

skullking123 says:

I must’ve been watching something different <_<

Narru says:

I wonder how good or bad this version is compares to Hiryuu’s version?

Bob says:

Hey sorry to bother you, but is there somewhere I could get your arK High School of the Dead subs from? The typesetting looks really nice but I haven’t been able to find your subs anywhere. The torrent on Nyaa is dead and BakaBt doesn’t have it either unfortunately.

Dark_Sage says:

Which version? I can seed for ya.

Bob says:

The 720p MKV batch please. I’ll start downloading in a few hours when I wake up, thanks so much!

Dark_Sage says:

So uhh, turns out I may not actually have many of my old projects. Cuz if I do, they’re on some old hard drive that I’m not even sure works anymore. So, uhh… I dunno, maybe get a random blu-ray release? <_<'

Bob says:

Awh man, that sucks… Well, I’ll ask around a few more places before throwing in the towel. I still don’t understand why all the blu-ray groups opted for GG’s subs instead of yours, though… Thanks for trying at least, appreciate it Dark_Sage.

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