Why do I fansub?

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Some guy asked me “Why do you fansub?” This is my response.

The response is better when you see the responses other groups made, so I suggest checking out his site if you’re bored.


~Year 20XX. A brave young ‘mon looks across the desolate wasteland of fansubbing and decides something must be done. This is the tale of Dark_Sage and his band of Whiners.~



Yes, this is the night of shitty articles on whiners.pro. Deal with it.

Ignore that. Drunk_Sage has low self-esteem. I will concede that this was a great post.

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Drake says:

Amazing video. lol.

beta says:

It’s good, but could have been more. Him playing the accordian during it would have boosted the score, for example. Or at least the ukulele.

shirayuki75 says:

You let the background track muffle your voice. Let us hear your beautiful voice.

Haruya says:

Is it wrong that I like this version better than the original Pokemon song?

AzureHakua says:

Night of shitty articles? That was hilarious!

Acnologia says:

Oh God, my sides. I don’t know why I laughed so hard at this.

w0lf says:

Shitty articles?

More like me gusta articles.

tenkenX6 says:

Lol, funny video.

kido a says:

Why do I fansub? because I am a fan and subbing, thus its called “fansub” not “jerksub” *sips tea*

himie says:

Everyone loves fagsubbing.

RDF2050 says:


XiThau says:

Even though I would like reviews, I think I enjoy these “shitty articles” more. We all are getting just as many laughs out of it, so it’s fine, right?

Marow says:

It’s still amazing.

redemption024 says:

brilliant! keep ’em coming sage

Firebird says:

I’m here for the ball sucking.

FalseDawn says:

A better question is: Who cares?

Calyrica says:

May I have your babies? <3

kyonyUU says:

Yes you may.

DJ-Slush says:

That shit lol.. well played.

Anon says:

I’ve been reading this site for a while. Just thought I’d say thanks for the great fansub reviews. I also liked the video.

Tharticus says:

They do it for e-penis. And to piss off licensing companies.

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