Fansub Review: [rori] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (Episode 03)

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This show’s a heartwarming story about teenagers with broken personalities who are all about having sex with each other (except for MC-kun who’s asexual) and yet the teens only have sex with those they don’t love. What a deep, intellectually stimulating, heart-wrenching show for people with excellent taste. Banzai Sakurasou.

Table of Contents

Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (207 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Senpai/kouhai used.

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]

SubCompare screenshot comparisons:

Commie’s fansub reviews:


Visual Review


Am I… Am I being set up here? I just got done from bitching at Aho-Taku’s karaoke and now I see rori has rainbow karaoke too? Really? Goddammit.

Rating: Bad.


I thought it would be hard to have worse karaoke than Aho-Taku did for this ending but rori clearly decided they wanted to win this race to the bottom. So here we are, stuck with this fucking retarded, unreadable, poorly colored, credit-covering sack of failure masquerading as something which people might actually want to read. I thought card was in charge of your karaoke, rori. What, was she sick this day?

Rating: Terrible.


Edit: I’ve been told the ED I saw is not the one they intended to be seen. This is apparently what it’s supposed to be:

But whatever it’s supposed to be is not what I saw. So my rating remains until I figure out why there’s a discrepancy.




You probably meant “Untitled” for that one sign.

Far lazier effort on this than Aho-taku’s.



Screenshot comparison:


Script Review


Was good enough… probably. I don’t particularly feel like suffering through their karaoke again to find out.


Main Script.

Brilliant. I love it.

Good. This thought makes the transition from line to line perfectly.

Way too stiff and completely unnatural. Try “animation company” or “anime company” if you want to do it right.

Why is there a comma in the first line?


Kouhai-kun, eh? Interesting choice of English and Japanese there, rori.

Jin the what? Not feeling this even if they did say “Maharaja” in Japanese. Aho-Taku’s “playboy” translation fits in far less awkwardly and makes sense to a native speaker.

Are these Funi subs or something? Really, are you fucking italicizing Japanese words you’re too incompetent to translate? Fucking terrible.

Oh rori~

On one hand I want to say this could work, but her character is less web-obsessed otaku and more anime-obsessed animator, so this isn’t exactly the best line even if it’s entertaining to see.


Because “I took a home run hit to the face and it was all over.” just wouldn’t be quirky enough! Don’t you know that rori’s quirky? Laugh, will you? Quirky subs are awesomely hilarious lol!

You’d have to argue really hard to convince me the “on” part was intentional here. “in” is a more appropriate word choice.

Yes. “Work hard.” Great way to encourage people. Japanesey subs sure are the best!



Watchability: Watchable.

Visual grade: B-

Script grade: B-

Overall grade: B-

There’s not a significant enough difference between Aho-Taku’s release and rori’s to make me say one is hands-down better than the other. I give the nod to rori though, for a tendency to flow lines together well, even if they don’t really know when to stop themselves and it becomes a flood of fail.

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 says:

You should have reviewed their episode four with the QUALITY typesetting.

Solaristics says:

Of how they didn’t typeset all the lines? If its that then they said they would do the rest in a batch, and that the typesetter was lazy ¯\( ° o°)/¯

herkz says:

>giving subs with random japanese words still in them a good grade

i am disappoint, dark_sage

Daniel says:

I knew rori was right chance, by any chance will you be reviewing Commie’s Shinsekai Yori?

Dago says:

You should have chosen episode 4 for this reviews,after watching it is pretty clear which of the two is the superior release.

Yes, because both groups should be judged by an episode where half of their staff was unable to work because they got hit by a hurricane.

Dago says:

I´m going to assume you haven´t watched rori´s version of said episode then.
The “quality” they showed there had nothing to do with the hurricane and a lot to do with wanting to release faster/being lazy.

corocoro says:

The purpose of the reviews is to give an impression of the normal quality to expect when following a given group’s releases.
Unless they sacrifice quality for speed throughout the season, said episode won’t be representative.

Dago says:

“Unless they sacrifice quality for speed throughout the season, said episode won’t be representative.”

That´s exactly what rori did with ep 4.

In my opinion a group that does that can´t be considered the best choice even if it was just one episode,it just shows they prefer speed over quality.

Sutai says:

We didn’t sacrifice quality for speed. I was just tired and skipped a couple signs. Don’t like it? Watch AhoTaku.

Dago says:

You don´t have to tell me,that´s exactly what i did after i saw your release and i´ll be watching theirs from now on.

Actually, either their editor or QC was out of commission as a result of the hurricane, which resulted in a script that was nowhere near their usual quality. They admitted that some of the typesetting was skipped to speed up the release, so I’ll give you that one. But the script issues were a result of missing staff, and as such, not indicative of the quality one should expect from the release.

Sowen says:

Which is…?

Well, since both groups kinda dropped the ball a bit, wanna take a stab at reviewing Horriblesubs/CR?

FalseDawn says:

I find it oddly amusing that both groups decided to untranslate Sakurasou. CR has it as Sakura Hall, I think. I guess D_S hasn’t watched the CR/HS version because he didn’t comment on that (though Kouhai-kun is in the HS release).

herkz says:

Translating words is too hard for them apparently.

ar says:

Kinda like how translating words was too hard for Commie in Shinsekai Yori Episode 1 right? ww

herkz says:

is that supposed to make me mad or something

csb says:

That would be quite difficult, as you are always mad.

herkz says:

More like quite difficult since I don’t care about that show.

ar says:

So going by that logic of yours, you do care about this show?

Dago says:

CR did not translate the title correctly then,because they have it as The Pet Girl of Sakurasou.

FalseDawn says:

Yeah, seems that way :D

torch says:

So you used JPEG for the screenshotcomparison and I have no idea what purpose that’s even supposed to be served. rori’s looks better after reencoding? Okay.

torch says:

*to serve, hurr

Chaos-Kuns says:

well i kinda liked karaoke from rori than aho-taku

Fenrir says:

Is this show really as shitty as it looks? I’m already swamped with stuff to watch so I’m hesitant to make the backlog grow bigger. Oh how I wish I was a NEET!

Dark_Sage says:

It sucks.

lygerzero0zero says:

Ignore D_S’s silliness. Sakurasou is brilliant.

temp_late says:

Best shounen romance-kind of show (traditionally a poor genre…) in a while. If you can stomach any of them and aren’t put off by (1) a few cliches, (2) some characters moping around, sometimes warranted, (3) some fanservice, and (4) teh dramas, you should try this.

Uh, it’s a lot better than the above description sounds, mostly by the direction and script being generally competent. I can see split opinions about this–higher rating variance than normal would be my guess, in addition to higher average rating.

nadeshiko says:

Now I’m conflicted whether to start watching it…

kumatta kumatta

lygerzero0zero says:

…you beared?

Xythar says:

That pun is unbearably bad.

nadeshiko says:

「くまった」is a form of「こまった」

Japanese joke.

nadeshiko says:

Arg, forgot to reply.

lygerzero0zero says:

Never heard that one before. The Japanese internet comes up with some weird things.

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