Fansub Review: [H-S] Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter (Episode 04)

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Come for the ED, stay for the ED. (Seriously, stay for the ED.)

Table of Contents

Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (400 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: No honorifics. Western name order.

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Who cares? They’re the only option.

Note: No chapters in this release.


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: N/A

SubCompare screenshot comparisons: N/A

Commie’s fansub reviews: N/A



Visual Review


Opening. Other than the English script on the bottom, this is hardsubbed by the animation company. And you’re correct in assuming that second screenshot doesn’t show off H-S’s karaoke (but rather the animators’). Too bad though. I included it because the girls are the only good part of the show.

Thought the font could have been better, though.

Rating: Okay.


Mountain Dew all over my fucking screen. Absolutely hilarious. This is what being an anime fan’s all about. Here, experience it for yourself:


Rating: Fabulous.




(That “depressingly cool” line is accurate within the context of the show.)





Calibri: For when you want something just as bad as Arial.

Sponsor screens. Thanks a lot, H-S. :/


Script Review

Main Script.

What? How the hell does that follow?

“No comment.” “Don’t got any.” “It was nothing.”

Those would all fit. “Nothing much.” does not.

Should be “Raibird and I”.

There’s no fucking reason to have “But” here.

level to -> level from

Naming consistency, plz. And what the fuck is up with putting the space before the punctuation?

You know I will, ladies.

It seems this group double spaces after part that’s italicized. It’s better than having your words run together, but I checked in Aegisub and it looks just fine without having to use double spaces.

Version without the double spacing (and with decent linebreaking)

This is a common issue throughout the release.

While I’m on the subject of common issues, these guys have some weird relationships with commas. There are a number of comma splices, but there are also a lot of places where commas would be welcome but are missing.

I don’t know if the “new third Gyrozetter” translation is accurate because I didn’t watch the previous episodes and as such, I can’t be sure of whether or not there was a third Gyrozetter in the past. (This is why I really try to watch the episodes that precede the episode I decide to review.)

But other than that part of the line, “has been born” is a really weird phrase to use here. I’d just stick with “has finally joined us”.

I approve of this show.



Fansubber Comments


{Americans, amirite}

{you’re not supposed to do a hyper speed transformation when going at high speed? Wat}
{Seriously what}


Meta time: Yes/no on including fansubber comments in the reviews?



Watchability: Watchable.

Visual grade: C

Script grade: C

Overall grade: C

Sage says they didn’t drop this, but don’t believe their lies for a second. Luckily, H-S’s release is good enough. Yes, it’s C-tier, but this show doesn’t exactly require glove-handed treatment. You’ll do fine with their subs.

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nadeshiko says:

I approve fansubber comments.

nadeshiko says:



damon says:

I of approve fansubber comments.

Haidaraaaaa says:

I approve of fansubber comments.

Xythar says:

I approve of this fansubber’s comment.

autismoe says:

Here is the group’s website:

Dark_Sage says:

Oh cool, thanks.

Kilowog says:

While they don’t have an official IRC channel, most of the toku groups squat in #SHT. Makhazol (HS’ tl on gyrozetter) is the new channel owner, sgtkira is also usually in there. But if neither is in the channel the regulars are very good as passing on messages if you don’t wanna leave them a memo.

Dark_Sage says:

Oh, thanks for the heads up.

I didn’t particularly have anything I wanted to contact them about. I just like to fill in the External Links section as much as possible.

Kilowog says:

I figured that was the case but wanted to point it out in case someone who reads this site wanted to contact kira or Makhazol about something. Same deal goes with MMM, I have ops in #SHT but usually rely on memos and people who send me messages.

Oh and thanks for your comments on our JJBA, definitely gave us a lot to think over for future releases (as well v2s for a Phantom Blood torrent)

Gebbi says:

“Version without the double spacing (and with decent linebreaking)”

Their original linebreaking was better imo, because splitting lines by units of meaning rather than by line length really improves the reading flow.

corocoro says:

Uniform line length increases reading speed and comprehension.
And from what I know humans don’t read in sense units (apart from stopping at punctuation marks), so it makes no sense to split around them.

Gebbi says:

Well, of course you should try to keep the top and bottom line of equal length as it improves the reading experience in terms of speed and comprehension, as you said, but if it’s possible to have a similar length for both lines while still splitting them by units of meaning (like in this example), you should do that – and as far as my experience goes it actually does further improve the reading flow.

(By the way, it’s also common in the industry to do that, at least at Kazé/Viz we have the rule to split lines by units of meaning – if possible – in our subtitle standards.)

FalseDawn says:

I approve (even though most releases with QC/watchful editors generally take the comments out before release >.>).

Xythar says:

Maybe in [NoFunAllowed], but I leave them in whenever possible. They’re like a secret bonus for viewers who know how to demux and viewers with broken subtitle renderers alike!

FalseDawn says:

How did you know I edited for them? >.>

I think times have just changed – it used to come under the banner of “trolling” because of gg’s infamous exploits. I guess it’s becoming the norm nowadays (gg breaking VLC *was* a while ago, so maybe fansubdom has just collectively forgotten about it).

Dark_Sage says:

Most scripts I see still have comments in them. If editors remove them, it’s only the ones that have things like {TLC plz?} or {Does this make sense? I dunno, I’m leaving it.} because those don’t reflect as well on the group as snarky comments do.

Anon says:

Most fabulous ED ever.


njd09 says:

I most certainly approve of fansubber comments.

…And fabulous EDs.

Darksouka says:

Why fabulous?

Dark_Sage says:

Because I liked the ED enough that I projected its fabulosity onto the karaoke itself.

2ColouredEyes says:

[Yes] No

Name goes here says:

Transformers: Anime idol edition.

cipher says:


Starra says:

Fansubber comments are funny (sometimes). Please include them.

liberatedliberator says:

I’d like to see the fansubber comments too, if they’re funny enough.

Yuyu says:

You can usually tell that people don’t make their own encodes when you find sponsor screens in their releases.

Puto says:

I like Calibri, but it needs to be bold imo.

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