Oldsub Review: [Shinsen-Subs] Blood+ (Episode 14 – Vintage 2006)

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Fine. Have your oldsub reviews. Up first is Shitsen.

Table of Contents

Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

They’re oldsubs. Who cares?


Visual Review


I’m not doing karaoke for old subs unless you really want me to.




It fits in so well!



Yes, that’s the right color. Good job.





They probably left this untypeset because it’s too hard to make out what it says.




Ah, the good old days when you could sell advertising space in your anime releases.

Actually, I probably shouldn’t have brought that up; it’s likely still feasible today.



Obligatory sponsor screens.


Hey Shinsen, where’d you get your styling from? Ikea? ohzing~!!


Script Review

Main Script.


“Jabana Industries” more like.



Literacy is hard.

If you’re gonna go with your own version for this, you should at least capitalize it correctly. “Cinq Fleche Group”.

(And apparently the actual names are Cinq Flèches and Lycèe. http://bloodplusanime.wikia.com/wiki/Cinq_Fl%C3%A8ches)


“After that,”

The comma is necessary for sentence flow.


Capitalization so hard.



Did your editors mistake Agent Orange for orange juice or something? This is hardly a sentence.


Stiff line for “atta, atta”. I’d go with “Found it.”



Ladies and gents: Shinsen-Subs.


Except no. Riku’s speaking here, referring to the glove on Kai’s hand. Because the object is relatively far from him (because Kai has it), he’d use “that”.

“That’s Dad’s…”


Times were tough back in Shinsen’s day. Ya had to fit entire generations into one coffin. Dead kids have it easy these days~

(What they’re referring to here is a mausoleum, not a grave.)


What in the fuck? No. No. No no no.

“That’s right. You’re our sister!”


Fucking fuck. Apostrophes in slang are used to mark places where letters are missing. Exactly what letter is missing from the front of “wanna”? God fucking dammit subs sucked back then.


>play ?

Stop dicking me around, Shinsen. Having a teenage girl asking if it’s okay to “play now” is such a shitfucked translation that I can only believe you’re trying to troll me from the past.


A spaghetti restaurant? Jesus cuntlicking Christ! Try “Italian restaurant”.


Because children going down slides always scream “There!”

Fucking Shitsen earns that moniker with every fucking screen.


Even waps have to obey capitalization rules.

“Hey, Niichan.” {“Hey, Nii-chan.” would also be acceptable.}



A shop that sells jeans, shirts, and a variety of other things… Hmm, now what would they call that?

I guess “jeans shop” sounds about right. Well done, Shinsen.




There’s only so much you can blame on a shitty Japanese script. These subs have less flavor than light beer.




I mean, really.


Olympic-level subs.


Don’t tell me they didn’t have italics back in 2006?


Nobody draws a sentence out like that.

She has been -> She’s been


Fucking this shit again? There’s nothing missing from the front of “gonna” so there’s no reason for an apostrophe. Get it together, Shinsen.


And how exactly do you “do” fireworks? We talking sexually here? If not, the word you’re looking for is probably “light”. (This was an issue in the previous line too.)



Is this English? I can’t tell.






Watchability: Unwatchable. (By today’s standards.)

Visual grade: D-

Script grade: F

Overall grade: F

I heard the name “Shitsen” being bandied ’round a bit when they were active. But honestly, for oldsubs they didn’t do too bad. This isn’t a good release compared to what most groups put out these days, but I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few people thought Shinsen were at the top of their game back in the day.
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Reed says:

Now that I know people used to “do fireworks,” I’m inevitably going to catch myself using this abortion of a phrase in normal conversation. Thanks, Dark_Sage.

thecowgoesmoo says:

I’d ask you what you think about the refurb, but I didn’t get involved in QCing until episode 15. Well, I’ll probably get around to re-working the first episodes eventually. Like in July, maybe.

Of 2014.

Dark_Sage says:

Is the show even good? I dropped it years ago (on episode 13, actually, which is why I reviewed Shinsen’s episode 14).

captain cupcake says:

It gets better in the second half of S1, then shit gets real in S2. I watched it in dub years ago, been meaning to rewatch it with original audio + subs. Maybe I’ll check out the refurb subs mentioned above.

Kenshin_sama says:

I watched it on TV a while back and it didn’t really interest me that much, but I might give it another shot some time.

thecowgoesmoo says:

It has its moments, but they’re interrupted by bouts of “Oh my god, I’m so useless I can’t do anything, waaaaaaa” (from both protagonists); the animation is Quality™ to boot. It’s not a total shitfest, but after spending this much time on it… I’m inclined to think I had the right idea when I passed on it the first time around.

tl;dr – Save it for when you have absolutely nothing else to watch.

corocoro says:

It would’ve been good if they had compressed the story into 26 episodes. Pacing is way too slow most of the time.

Wolfwood says:

So because they wrote niichan and not Niichan or “do fireworks” you’re giving it F for a script? And because they don’t use italics (which as you’re a proof of is not needed unless you’re retarded since people can hear the difference by the way seiyuu intonates) and various fonts for kids the F for visuals? OK.

FalseDawn says:

^Shinsen staffer spotted.

Wolfwood says:

Yeah, because if someone isn’t ass-kissing Dark_Sage then he must be from a staff of the fansub group he’s “reviewing”, lol.

Nie trafiłeś chłopcze. Śmieszny jesteś, ale i tak życzę ci wesołych świąt Bożego Narodzenia.

Dark_Sage says:

Yes, that’s what it takes to get an F these days. If only they used childish fonts, it would have been an A!

Wolfwood says:


Wow, what a great retort. Your EVERY SINGLE example can only be called as nitpicking. There are none heavy mistakes that one could qualify as subs you shouldn’t even touch. And what’s most important you don’t know Japanese so you can only rate the proofreading not the translation (so only a part of a script).

Dark_Sage says:

The only thing I can’t touch on for scripts is translation accuracy. And even then, I can still touch on that in various circumstances.

I think the main issue here is that you don’t understand why the things I listed are a problem, in which case I guess I need to explain things here, to avoid having to dumb down my reviews for you.

The English is unnatural in this release. Characters say things that humans don’t say, and they say them in ways that humans wouldn’t say them. The subtitle syntax is fucked and there are a notable number of lines that qualify as pure gibberish. Stock translations abound and awkwardness is the name of the game. There is no flavor to the release, and the group doesn’t have a firm grasp on what grammar is.

It’s not a hard F, but if you think typos are the only things that should bring down a script’s grade, you don’t understand English as well as you think you do.

stupid_anon says:


You guys said that your torrents are properly seeded! But I checked and they’re dead!

stupid_anon says:

Your torrents are completely dead, and you don’t really bother keeping them alive.

Why do you even bother making them in the first place?

Xythar says:

It’s almost like BitTorrent is a protocol intended mostly for short-term distribution of a file to many people at once, as opposed to a means by which files can be made forever available.

animegio says:

“Kaori’s speaking here, referring to the glove on David’s hand. ”
That’s Kai’s hand, and probably Saya who’s speaking.

Dark_Sage says:


It’s the two that aren’t the girl talking. But yeah, I probably got the names wrong.

animegio says:

Riku (who’s most definitely male, not a she) and Kai then.

Dark_Sage says:

Thanks, updated. Can never get a handle on these stupid Japanese names.

FalseDawn says:

Ha, I don’t even think this was one of Shinsen’s worst examples – I remember watching an episode that clearly wasn’t QC’d, it had that many typos and grammatical errors.

Also, dat styling >.< I'm so glad we have eyes now. I see they did the different colours for thought styling – it may surprise you to know that some groups even went as far as using different colours for different characters!

Dark_Sage says:

I think I even caught a group or two doing that when I started doing these reviews. Old habits die hard, it seems.

animegio says:

They don’t use a different color for thought. It’s a line from the next episode preview, which uses a different styling.

captain cupcake says:

WinD’s Higurashi comes to mind

FalseDawn says:

Oh, and I don’t agree with your mausoleum point. In Japan, as anime has led me to believe, it’s fairly common for members of the same family to be placed next to each other in a graveyard. I’ve seen the phrase “family grave” (for better or worse) in several series – Bleach springs immediately to mind – and it’s more of a regular thing over there than in Western culture. Maybe someone who knows more about the culture will be able to chime in with more info here.

A mausoleum is something completely different.

FalseDawn says:

Oh okay, that’s a mausoleum, yes. But in general, the Japanese probably did say “family grave” because that’s more of a thing in Japan. I concede that mausoleum would make more sense in this situation though.

Dark_Sage says:

Yeah, sorry, I forgot to include that I had that visual for context. I would have gone with “family plot” like corocoro said if I didn’t have the visual to go by.

FalseDawn says:

Surely family grave isn’t always wrong if it’s the middle example? But yeah, having not watched Blood+, I didn’t realise there was a visual cue.

corocoro says:

I’ve never seen a family grave in anime, so it might as well be always. :p

animegio says:

Sankarea 09 is full of it.

lygerzero0zero says:

Bit late to the party, but for what it’s worth:


Chaos-Kuns says:

i hope you’re reviewing anime-empire and dctp ‘3’

stupid_anon says:


Sigh… This is what you said in your own words:
Everything is being properly seeded. Everything. So don’t worry about dead torrents. You’ll get your anime.

I trusted you, I thought you would keep your word, but when I tried to download it, the torrents are dead!

And you don’t even intend to do anything about it…

Dark_Sage says:

Cry more. Yes, the torrents were seeded… two years ago. Honestly, I couldn’t even seed them now for you even if I wanted to. I don’t have the files anymore. Your tears won’t make them magically materialize.

You’re lucky I feel flattered that you’re so dead-set on getting our release. We still have the 720p MKV and MP4 files up on an IRC bot if you really want them. The 1080p and 480p files are gone, though.

#whine-subs @ irc.rizon.net
The bot’s name is Pandora http://www.animeblog.nl/xdcc/?nick=Pandora

Murasaki no Tora says:

Haji had the most badass weapon. Dat cello case.

fgghjjkll says:

Shinsen is still alive, but just barely breathing.
I think sangofe is still actively trying to revive the group (still recruiting \o/), especially with the joint releases of Captain Tsubasa with Saizen, another group where sangofe is in.

sangofe says:

Erhm, Shinsen has done better than this on other releases, I’m pretty sure.

sangofe says:

Uh, we’re not trying to revive the group. We just made it a tag because the our Tsubasa editor wanted to give it a go.

fnord says:

I’m mildly amused that a review of a half-a-decade-old sub job from a mediocre group is generating this much controversy.

KaKa says:

Well, @Dark_Sage if shinsen isn’t the group to go with, what is?? This is one of my favourite series and I am so not going with the dubtitled Arigatou’s release available in bakabt.

P32L says:

Wait, where did you get “Shinsen isn’t the group to go with” from? The article states “for oldsubs they didn’t do too bad”. I’m not sure why you would bother looking for a fansub of this series, anyway, given its age and existence of official releases.

corocoro says:

http://subs.ecchilicious.com/ redid them based on SHS – error correction, better encode, the works. Once they’ve batched it, it will be the version to get.

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