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All hail TheThing.


Update from TheThing:

Issue with the “scrolling below the sidebar” should be fixed now. Took some major refactoring and I’m still open for suggestions about how the comments should be displayed and what-not. Let me know down below.

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Justinnnnnn says:

0 Comments to celebrate the new comments.

Oh wait-

Fred C Dobbs says:

By “fixed,” you mean Neutered, right?

Blah says:

Well, for shorter articles like this one, it also means scrolling past all the widgets on the side first before you can get to the comments.

…Let’s hope this means longer articles? :D

Dark_Sage says:

It may prove an issue once the poll goes up. We’ll see.

Di says:

I guess that means you’re going to have to put more pictures in your posts. I can’t wait.

Justinnnnnn says:


rarely_upset says:

Uh… would it be too much of a bother to set a max-width on the comments? It’s great that they use the full page width, but top-level comments are wiiiiiiiiiiiiide. Like yo mama.

stgmefly says:

Is it possible to make all of the text rainbow?? I feel like this site isn’t kawaii enough

TheThing says:

Well, I can deliver on the “kawaii” ;) Click on the “Copyright” at the bottom of the page multiple times.

Dark_Sage says:

Oh my god, I love you.

Aru says:

What did I just…?

2ColouredEyes says:

Did I saw My Little Pony, dood?

FalseDawn says:

I think I need to disinfect my monitor now.

stushi says:

oh my…
this is just…
i dont…

DQA says:

What is this sorcery?!

perd says:

You are amazing.

mints says:

Hey, you forgot the best one: Not so safe for work

jabashque says:

Hehe, a year and a half later and this still works.

Abunja says:

Wow, so much unicorns.

Nero says:

Is it just me, or is everything just a little too close to the left?

TheThing says:

It probably is. I’ll fix that next time I find… time.

Fred C Dobbs says:

If you manage to Find Time, would you please
let the rest of us know where you found it?

(I can just barely find Space these days…)

Blah says:

Oh yeah, and it looks like URLs are in the same style as regular text in the comments? Kinda hard to tell what’s clickable and what’s not.

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