Fansub Review: [FFF] Zankyou no Terror (Episode 03)

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I managed to tear myself away from the Rail Butts just long enough to get this review in. I guess it’s good for you all that nutbladders have their limitations.

Table of Contents

Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (475 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)

Translation style: Original TL.


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]



Visual Review


After spending about three hours trying to figure out webms, I came to the conclusion that this won’t be the review you’ll see them in. I’ll bug some encoders on IRC later, since I’m probably missing something simple here. In the meantime, have some pix.

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_01.11_[2014.07.25_19.25.20] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_01.17_[2014.07.25_19.25.33]


Rating: Good.

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_21.51_[2014.07.25_20.16.50] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_22.16_[2014.07.25_20.17.21]

Ending. I dunno, it’s good. After three hours of webm bullshit, I’m not particularly inclined to stretch my brain as to how to stretch “it’s aesthetically pleasing” into a full sentence or two.

Rating: Good.





[FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_03.24_[2014.07.25_19.38.17] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_04.54_[2014.07.25_19.40.11] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_08.34_[2014.07.25_19.44.23] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_08.48_[2014.07.25_19.44.55] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_08.52_[2014.07.25_19.45.16] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_09.16_[2014.07.25_19.46.09] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_09.35_[2014.07.25_19.46.34] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_10.18_[2014.07.25_19.47.25] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_11.31_[2014.07.25_19.48.55] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_11.41_[2014.07.25_19.49.19] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_11.47_[2014.07.25_19.49.30] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_13.34_[2014.07.25_19.51.38] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_13.35_[2014.07.25_19.51.44] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_14.21_[2014.07.25_19.52.42] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_14.45_[2014.07.25_19.53.10] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_17.23_[2014.07.25_19.56.16] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_17.52_[2014.07.25_19.57.05] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_18.36_[2014.07.25_19.57.56] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_19.09_[2014.07.25_19.58.56] [FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_20.37_[2014.07.25_20.00.51]

I included a number of “minor” signs here, mostly because I think an anime with mystery elements oughta be presented to the viewer with as much information as the Japanese audience gets.

For the typesetting that was there, it was generally legible but also generally unimpressive. They sure as hell didn’t take subtitle collision into factor either. All-in-all, an inadequate effort from FFF.




Script Review


ZnT.mkv_snapshot_21.47_[2014.08.01_00.45.43] ZnT.mkv_snapshot_21.51_[2014.08.01_00.45.51]

Is the path stumbling magic, or is magic itself stumbling? So many questions, so many answers that I doubt FFF has.



Main Script.

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_00.16_[2014.07.25_19.24.11]

really intent? As opposed to just intent?

If you must use an adjective there, go with “truly”. “really intent” sounds like a broken composition of words you’d get from a special-ed student’s history essay — “George Washington was really intent on founding America because he knew it would become really like America and not something that really isn’t America.”

I mean, congrats for forming a sentence, but don’t expect applause for it from anyone but your mother.



Capitalize the names of departments.

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_03.52_[2014.07.25_19.38.57]

At least you didn’t call it a bento.

Box in question

Box in question

“delivery box” is a better choice of words here for those who speak English.

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_04.33_[2014.07.27_00.21.42]

There are a number of ways to write Juki Net, but this makes it seem like it’s a network made by “basic residents” rather than a registry of them.

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_08.25_[2014.07.25_19.44.10] ZnT.mkv_snapshot_08.47_[2014.08.01_00.28.19]

Capitalize the names of rivers.


Same logic here with the station’s name. FFF, y’all may be keen on recycling, but you shoulda left this editor in the garbage bin you found him in. Not everything has a use.

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_09.13_[2014.07.25_19.45.59]

Audio: [mp3t track="" play="Start audio" stop="Pause this shit" volslider="y"]

Looks like you’ve got a few syllables chromosomes too many there, FFF.

ZnT.mkv_snapshot_09.27_[2014.08.01_00.33.24] ZnT.mkv_snapshot_09.28_[2014.08.01_00.33.29]

Specify that they’re talking about the “last” riddle in that second screen. The logic doesn’t add up elsewise.

ZnT.mkv_snapshot_12.15_[2014.08.01_00.36.26] ZnT.mkv_snapshot_12.18_[2014.08.01_00.36.32]

be -> get

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_17.23_[2014.07.25_19.56.16]

is -> are

These amateur-hour errors are getting annoying, FFF.

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_17.31_[2014.07.25_19.56.35]

I’m lost. Hey, FFF, could you try translating the show next time?

[FFF] Zankyou no Terror - 03 [5BE3B540].mkv_snapshot_19.07_[2014.07.25_19.58.32]

You probably mean “hunt” rather than “hound”, unless he’s just planning to be super annoying. Unfortunately, as interesting as that sounds, it would also mean Japan actually came up with an original idea for this show… which we all know would never happen.

Sorry, guys. Try a rewrite.

ZnT.mkv_snapshot_20.10_[2014.08.01_00.42.46] ZnT.mkv_snapshot_20.14_[2014.08.01_00.42.54]

Why is there a second, comma there?





Watchability: Watchable.

Visual grade: B-

Script grade: C+

Overall grade: C+

There were a lot of annoying errors, but they thankfully didn’t much impede understanding of the show.

Not a bad choice, but there are others out there. Let’s see if I can’t review them all this weekend. (Spoilers: I probably can’t.)

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shcboomer says:

Reviews soon™

Justaway says:

What about Funi?

Fuwaa says:

Funi is never an option.

Anonymous says:

The typesetting in this release is pretty damn poor.

NexXKinn says:

well, i can help you make some webMs…
here’s one in H265 video.

FalseDawn says:

>“delivery box” is a better choice of words here for those who speak English.

That sounds more like something UPS would drop off. If its a takeout box, why not call it that? At least when googling meal box, it does come up with something that looks like box for food, whereas delivery box could just mean any parcel (and give the red herring that he’s a delivery driver, which isn’t something you want to do in a detective show or whatever this is).

Dark_Sage says:

He was cosplaying as a delivery guy.

FalseDawn says:

Well, I guess context is king in that case. Might wanna mention that bit in the review itself for people like me who read reviews without watching the shows :D

Though, you do lose the specific food reference by just saying “delivery box”. I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily equate that box with food (I think it’s a Japan-only thing to deliver in boxes like that, isn’t it?) and granted, I am nitpicking here, but the fact that it’s specifically a “bento” rather than a normal parcel could explain why it wasn’t viewed as suspicious? That might be cured in the dialogue, I don’t know, but detective shows usually hinge on little observations like that so maybe losing the ‘food’ element isn’t the best idea.

Dark_Sage says:

Err, it’s not a bento. And there is no food reference. Basically, he’s masquerading as a delivery man, and in that box he has a bomb. I couldn’t really come up with a better term for it, since there’s no real equivalent, so I just typed in various phrases to google images until I got to “food delivery box” and got a bunch of relevant pics. Since that sounds stupid, I just shortened it to “delivery box”. I think it gets across all that it needs to, more effectively than any other phrase.

Noted on the clarification. I’ll add a bit into the review.

FalseDawn says:

Oh, well, not knowing the Japanese line, I thought your comment was that bento was said in the audio and they put meal box because of that.

Though, yeah, you don’t really get food delivery like that outside of Japan, so it’s a prickly thing to try and localise :)

Dark_Sage says:

Watching the Funimation release and they used “delivery box” as well. Conclusion: I am a Funi TL.

LotusGG says:

Shame on you, D_S.

Anon says:

You probably know about as much Japanese as some of their TL’s.

Solaristics says:

>Conclusion: I am a Funi TL

Please deliver us a translation like No-rin.

LotusGG says:

Hiryuu v1?

AB says:

Do you actually know Japanese or just review the translated text?

Googol says:

Dark_Sage doesn’t know Japanese. For translation reviews, it’s mostly kokujin-kun’s posts you’re looking for.

These reviews are mostly a general impression of the quality you should expect from a given release, not for the accuracy of a given translation.

kitty says:

Maybe it’s just me, but based on what you’ve shown that’s not bad enough to warrant only a C+.

Dark_Sage says:

This may surprise you, but I’m not here to boost fansubbers’ GPAs — the average score you’ll see on Crymore (from me) is a C+.

Here’s a briefer on my grades:

Yaru says:

FFF= Fucking Fanshit-FullShit

Shade says:

You know, they didn’t even get the title of the show right. That’s kind of sad. 東京 is Tokyo, and 残響 (zankyou) means reverberation or echo. But that doesn’t even matter, because they posted it as “Zankyou no Terror”. Do you see Tokyo in the title? No, you don’t. It’s sad that you don’t even need to English to understand that this is really inconsistent.

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