Fansub Review: [Doki-Chihiro] Mashiroiro Symphony (Episode 05v2)

As Asian_InvAsian pointed out to me, my original review was based on a v1 and did not factor in the changes of the v2. Most humble apologies to Doki-Chihiro for giving the wrong impression of your subs. Here’s a fixed review.

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Fansub Review: [Oyatsu] Mashiroiro Symphony (Episode 01)

Oh god, this anime. I mean, the subs are… err… watchable. But this anime… This narrator bitch went on for 45 seconds about how red mixed with *random* equals white. I mean, what the fucking fuck? I’ll give my opinion on this shitty show later. Subs now.

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Ultimate Fall 2011 Preview Guide

Next season is the greatest season ever. Ever. Prepare yourself by reading the fuck out of this guide.

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