Fansub Review: [NyanTaku] Chihayafuru (Episode 06)

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NyanTaku, did your QC die or something?

Release format: MKV (8-bit, 324 MB), AVI (192 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics used… some of the time. English terminology (Mr./Ms.) used other times.

Scripts: They included two scripts with this release. Both are unlabeled, leaving the viewer to guess what the differences are. The only difference is that one cuts off the kfx for the ending which lags some computers.





They’re fine. I thought the closing was well-managed with color choice and word placement.


Well, um… that’s an interesting choice for word placement.

I guess it’s okay…

… Spoke too soon. But this is probably just an isolated incident. I’m sure they did fine on the rest…

It’s like a watermark of stupidity.

Okay, so you get it. They forgot to time their typesetting right. That says nothing for the quality of the typesetting itself though, right?

Okay, I think we’re done here.



This line zooms by way too fast. Similarly, the poems are hit-and-miss for timing. Most lines are readable within the time frame they’re given, but at other times, they’re not.

It’s not that they don’t have another font color for overlaps, it’s just that they didn’t use it here.

In the first line, she actually says “Your name is Oe Kanade-san, right?” which wouldn’t be a problem in having the honorific left out… except for the next line which has honorifics. And this is repeated over and over throughout the show. Honorifics fly all over the place and then you get to a line that refers to a “Ms. Miyauchi”. Make up your damn mind.

“only assumed”, not just “assumed”. Not only does this make these two lines flow better, it makes more sense when in the lines after this, the kimono girl starts talking about how many people interpreted the poem.

No, it’s not “We can rent one.” it’s “You can rent one.”

Context: Girl (whose family owns a traditional clothing shop) says she’ll only join the karuta club if it’s mandatory to wear some fancy garment. Chihaya and Taichi are all “But we don’t have one!” so she’s like “Just rent one then!” It’s reasonably inferred that the girl whose family owns a traditional clothing shop will not need to “rent” one from her own family’s shop. Either she has one already or she’ll just borrow it from her parents. But Chihaya and Taichi don’t have one, so they’ll just have to rent one.


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: C-

At best, the typesetting is below average. At worst, it gets in the way of the anime. Because someone didn’t shift the typesetting properly, many lines leak onto the next scene, which is quite annoying. The timing isn’t thought out for the poems, there are contextual mix-ups, and they arbitrarily decide when to use honorifics. Maybe they should look at investing in a QC because whatever they did here didn’t work.

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  1. If you bothered to investigate a bit more, you’d notice that the second track has kfx on the ending that apparently lags most machines (mine doesn’t).

    But I do agree that their typesetting is horrendous as their first couple of episodes had signs with horrible timing, and most of them don’t even fit properly. Though I do think that typesetting the karuta cards is a very hard thing to do.

    • Ah, it was for the ending, then. I only switched on/off for the opening. Figured there was SOMETHING different, but that if I couldn’t notice it by looking as an average viewer, it probably wasn’t all that relevant. I’ll update that part of the review.

      I agree with that. I wouldn’t expect any group to be typesetting the karuta cards.


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