Ragnarok Odyssey – This game sucks. No, really. It’s terrible.

This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.


Jesus Christ, why the fuck did I buy this? Oh, right, because some importfags lied and said it was good. Guess that’s the last time I listen to waps for game advice.

Ragnarok Odyssey

The good parts!

My character. I always roll badass.

Does she look cool? Great, I just saved you 40 bucks. Character customization is the only thing the game did right, and even that’s more limited than something like Phantasy Star Online.

This is honestly the only good thing about the game, I’m not even joking.



Ragnarok Odyssey is simply a bad game.

I haven’t even played a Monster Hunter game for more than five minutes and I already know that series is better. Ragnarok Odyssey sets the bar so low even a quadriplegic could jump over it.

Let’s bitch.



Fuck you. I do what I want.

When you get swarmed, you die. Don’t like getting crammed in a corner by twenty wolves as floaty stone faces shoot lasers at you? Too bad, restart. Don’t like getting hit by a flamethrower that locks you in place as another one burns you from behind? Too bad, restart. The best is when you get caught in a narrow corridor or room as dozens of enemies teleport in.

Fuck this game.



Seina may or may not be posing for the photo.

Fuck these motherfuckers, especially the giants. I have no doubt the majority of people who played this game quit after Grendel (the chapter 3 boss in a game of 9 chapters). The difficulty has nothing to do with memorizing patterns and everything to do with broken hitboxes, underpowered characters, broken hitboxes, and faulty game mechanics in general.

Seriously, these bosses have unblockable, undodgeable attacks where your only means of survival is getting hit and hoping that your character doesn’t recover fast enough because if they do, they’ll be hit again.


Class choice.

You have one class choice for this game: Assassin. It’s the only class with high enough survivability and DPS to allow you to solo the game. Every other class is literally trash if you want to solo, because only Assassins have enough agility to dodge the fucking bosses’ attacks.

“Mage looks cool. Can I be that?”

Oh, you wanted to be a mage? Thought you could cast spells from afar? Sucks to be you; that’s a melee class. Well then what about a Ranger (aka Archer)? Well, fuck you. That’s also a melee class. Yes, you’re forced to drop your bow and stab your enemies with arrows because any distance that doesn’t involve you massaging monsters’ crotches results in 1 DPS.

Class options become more viable if you head online, but you have no choice if you want to play the game and not have someone else play it for you.


Loot and upgrades.

To upgrade this weapon, I need to beat one of the strongest bosses in the game six times and hope that loot piece drops each time. This is when I decided to quit the game.

For a game based around loot, the loot system is shit. Items you need for high-level items are found in boring, ten-minute slogs through lower levels, the economy is terrible, and the items you get are almost always worthless. To upgrade your armor and weapons (the only things that loot is used for), you’ll need various items. And how do you find what you need? Well, you’d better head over to the GameFAQs messageboards because the game sure as fuck doesn’t want you to know.



I’m gonna stop right here because my list of complaints goes on and on. I wasted 30 hours of my time, time that I could have spent masturbating to kawaii anime girls.

Ultimately, the game isn’t fun. It’s an incompetent attempt at an Action-Adventure RPG and a pathetically obvious cash grab for a system that hardly has any games worth playing yet. If you’re desperate for something to play (like I was), just buy P3P for your Vita (assuming you’ve already played FES) and prepare yourself for Persona 4 Golden.


Rating: 3/10.

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      • Its still all down to his own opinion and everyone being entitled to their own. Me being an RPG lover did not find fun in this game. If you’re into the pointless feeling grinding and repetitive EVERYTHING then by all means play the fucking game.. But if you’re into feeling like you’re accomplishing something by putting time into it and having some story, play anything else on the Vita. That’s my opinion.

      • lol. ur right. He is such a baby, who does not know how to play games. That’s why we have a stupid guy posting stupid things here.

  1. Was thinking about getting this since MH3U isn’t coming fast enough, but I guess I won’t after hearing all of these bad reviews.

  2. Hmm. Game with Ragnarok in the title? Money called zeny? OH MY GOD. This game is made by the same people that made Ragnarok Online isn’t it? If so I could have told you right away it would be a steaming pile of shit.

    • Hahaha I knew it. I looked it up and it’s based on Ragnarok Online. Hoo boy I can’t believe these people are still allowed to make games.

      Ragnarok Online was the first MMO I ever played and frankly probably the worst, but since it was also first I didn’t know it at the time and the novelty kept me playing it for several months. Man what a shameful waste of time, you think your 30 hours into this one were bad, I probably spent 200 easy.

        • I can’t say anything about what they’ve done on the PSP or Vita or whatever as I don’t own any portable consoles, but I though the original Lunar games were not that bad. Yes, they were full of overused tropes and fairly predictable, but they came out in the early 90’s and are, after all, jrpgs, so expectations should not be high. Now of course these won’t have aged well by today’s standards so it’s fair to consider GungHo Online’s PSP remake crappy, this is a game that in all likelihood did not need to be remade.

          The rest of their track record is also unspeakably bad. How many games based on the shitty Ragnarok Online do we need? That game was terrible and everyone responsible for making it should feel terrible about it. Most of their games appear to consist of shitty remakes and spinoffs of games that weren’t good enough the first time to warrant the treatment. Might I recommend to you, good sir, memorizing this companies name and never buying one of their products again? I think you’ll be a lot happier in the long run.

  3. Just get yourself Disgaea 3 for your Vita and try to level your way up to 9999. It’ll tide you over til P4 Golden’s out, with at least 9001 levels to spare, most likely.

  4. You pretty much summed up how I feel about the game (Though I do like it to some degree) But everything you said pretty much is right on the mark… :/ Chapter 8 is unbearable.

  5. first off you hate it cause u suck at video games and life in general. this is a game that will put hair on your balls so pony up!! it takes skills to play these types of games which a lot of people dont have cause they are either playin first person shooters or your standard mindless hack n slash dungeon crawler. And it is possible to beat any mission with any class i have done it many a time, they wouldnt just make five po dunk classes for shits and giggles. another thing i have been very disappointed by the releases for the vita so far but when i got this game it was like a ray of sunshine after being in the dark for six months of shit for games besides uncharted. so go ahead and say how much you hate the game but the truth is you just cant handle it because your a pussy ass bitch who has no skill at allwhen it comes to games where you need it.

    • I agree to you on this, some lazy ass-shit-no-skill gamers would just whine forever coz they have no skill in finishing even one level of this game. Skill, hand-to-eye coordination, thinking, reflexes are some of what a gamer need here, sadly they don’t have it. So for those who complain, just STFU and play the game. If you, by any chance, ain’t skill in this type of games, then just go back to those hack-and-slash kiddie pixelated games that you’re playing.

    • I agree with you and the guy who agreed with you. This guy whines that monster hunter is easily a much superior game, only to state that all his complaints are the standards of monster hunting games, widespread by Monster Hunter.

      Cussing aside, this guys just a whiny idiot.

  6. Guy he was right Jus got this game from gamestop whick recommended me to buy this game cuz i wanted to play a gud rpg game….to me monster hunter suck n to see a game thats worst smh….the combos suck…..refining a weapon takes foreva to find thr right materials….they lock u ina area wit bullshyt monsters….no limit breaks…onli special powers u hav drains ya health plus states u gain health from defeatin monsters which drains ya health faster then u gain…..this game fuckin sucks n trust me im going to gamestop today n ima curse dis motherfucker out….im very dissappointed..

  7. Oh thank god for this review, i seriously thought i was the only one, sure i thought it was tough at first, and i just sucked cos i was a noob at playing it, but no this game is just all of the problems above, i deeply regret buying this game.

  8. This game has almost had me throw my fucking Vita at a wall too many times… Its not that the game is hard, the battle mechanics ar soe just so fucking irritating.. And fuck bosses… My square button is almost dead from all the dodging.. You cant, or atleast I havent been able to pull off a full combo on a boss. Its just get 2 hits in dodge, run back 2 hits dodge… Fucking boring..

    • i love ragnarok online, thats why i bought this game then when i played this game, it freak me out, i said what the fuck is this mage it mellee, spells are in the end of the combo, i think of it and continue playing until i got to the boss and fight it. i tried a combo but i cant do it. so i end up smashing it using staff, mages has useless spells..

  9. I played the demo missions. Didn’t enjoy it. The gameplay isn’t interesting or fun at all. Obvious cashgrab is obvious. Don’t waste your money. Check out Soul Sacrifice videos (comes out this spring). At least that has some interesting sounding mechanics.

  10. i have to say i do like this game, but seriously it is incredibly difficult. I never expected this game to be this hard. the level up system is bad at best. And leveling up your weapons, which would really help with tougher bosses, is horrible. Im stuck on this game. I like the graphics and the story, but damn it the bosses need to be toned down just a bit or the level up needs to be fixed.

    • You like the story? lol

      Find another grind. If you want a shitty game like this, just play Monster Hunter (which also has issues, but far fewer than RO). I’m terribly unexcited for Ace.

      • I’m playing this game and I have no problems whit the game I’m so strong I do 2800 to 3750 damage to any monste it’s all about the weapons you get after a battle and farming the weapon for the cards

  11. @Dark_Sage

    You are simply noob gamer thats it. Go play your Mario and bomberman next time. :D
    You hate it cause you suck at video games thats all nothings wrong with the game. :D

      • Platinum won’t tell anything that you are good with this game enough. You can get help from neared and other ppl to get platinum.
        I even platinum with all epic gold weapon card on my char and have a plenty of stuff left to spare, which can’t be neared like your platinum.
        Know your place platinum-only weakling. :D

          • Oh ? Lost in game argument and try to harassing me ? You might still be underage to have such a low temperature. :D

            Anyway i don’t mind weakling that can’t even play a game probably anyway. Ciao ~

            • Ugh… Dude youre first comment was harassing someone else… You’re not the only person that knows how to play the game… Its not a hard game at all… Dodge, attack attack dodge attack attack dodge.. wooow what a pro you must be… Get out of here no one is impressed that you can play the game.. Its an easy boring game.. and that’s what’s wrong with it…

              • LoL !! Wat ? i think i saw someone whining that game is too hard to enjoy and i didn’t call for your name in anyway , did i ? Are you Dark_Sage’s slave or Hero of justice ?

                I make my point at the very beginning and who are you to make a fuss and stupid opinion ? and now you chase me out of here since you haven’t really play this game. :D

                Ahem… Mr.borrowed-platinum no one would brag about 1 years old game with platinum trophy and by your said “Dodge, attack attack dodge attack attack dodge” i am now understand that you didn’t actually know this game so you can’t really argue at me about the game so you try to change the topic :D

                Anyway you seems to be miss the point here , as Dark_Sage says “Ragnarok Odyssey is simply a bad game” and he/she judge it by the difficult of this game. He clearly says boss and item grinding stuff is to hard for him.

                It just too stupid to me for that kind (your kind maybe ? that’s why you get angry over my comment ) that judge the game that they can’t play to be a bad game. :D

                Simply put , ” simply noob gamer kind ”
                You hate it cause you suck at video games thats all. Nothings is wrong with the game. :D

                Do i need to repeat it ? :D

                There is a lot example on many site if you want to know those whose enjoy the game.
                This game might be too hard for a noob gamer though. :D

                • Dude you got a bad internet attitude… You’re calling the majority of people who played this game and have a negative opinion about it, stupid.. I don’t know who DarkSage is and don’t care.. YOURE the one who comes onto a year old games review bashing the MAJORITY of people who know this game sucks… You make it sound like you’re the only one who knows how to play the game when in reality you’re just mad because youre the only one who plays the game… The game was bad for A Ragnarok title… If it was just called “MonsterBeaterClone” with no expectations then sure… Its a decent game.. But coming from a supposed “noob” who’s put countless hours in earlier Ragnarok games and enjoyed every second of it, this game was ass…

                  Now go ahead and call me more poo poo head names…

                  • This game called “Ragnarok Odyssey” not “Ragnarok Online”. Do you expect it to be a mmorpg the sames as that “Ragnarok” Of yours ?

                    And well , you have your point but it is not “MAJORITY” people that think this game sucks , maybe only in this site that you can calls ” majority ” it even have Ace which is mean first one make a profit and to have a good sell many gamer must have bought it and enjoy it too :D ( they can check the static on online playing ) and even right now there is still some ppl start with odyssey.

                    So , what is your majority ? if you mean this site , sure !!

                    And i didn’t say that i am a really professional at this game at very first , did i ?

                    I might need to repeat it but “You hate it cause you suck at video games thats all. Nothings is wrong with the game.” You just can’t handle it because you has no skill at this kind of game at all , but it doesn’t mean the game is sucks , or does it ?

                    Either way your countless hours might not be able to compare with others whose really playing this game. I doubt you even have a playable set without neared symbol anyway.

                    So ? will you say Dark souls , Demon souls , etc games that very difficult is a bad game too ? while other people in the world enjoy it :D
                    Or is it just you have no skill to endure and playing the game ?

                    • Ok kid you’re not making any sense now.. All I could understand was blah blah stupid noon blah blah bad at video games blah blah poo poo head.. Come to me when you have a valid argument of why the game is good rather than just saying “Banana poo poo you’re just mad cause you’re bad fag”

                    • Logii. You are such a kid….

                      Judging from your comment i mean.

                      Game is not bad for me. I played and its fun at the beginning and all but oh well the later part is worst like what the guy who wrote the review said. I had fun playing the game for awhile. Anyway Logii…. Don’t be such a spoiled kid. XD

                    • NoobGamer, why do you keep making new accounts just to troll?… Dont you have a life? I know youre NoobGamer/I am Noob and ZiPe… Get a life kid and get over the fact that no one cares about this game anymore and youre still trying to defend it… Go get Ys for the Vita… Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than this shit.. And only $10 more.. Why RO is still 29.99 I’ll never know.

  12. I can’ reply old post but well , it seems you just don’t want to accept it that is why you can only understand “blah blah bad at video games”. I gotta admit it that i thought you could be smarter than this.

    Its the truth fact and you just can’t accept it that you are sucks with video games thats why you are a noobish :D

    Seems you think you are very smart to trying to avoid my topic every single time and can’t answer it directly.

    “Come to me when you have a valid argument” is the word i need to use not you :D You haven’t get to the point at any post of yours. You always try to change the subject like i am a idiotic kid , game is bad and didn’t explain anything and some dumbass majority of yours. Nothing you says is really about game at all , don’t you think ?

    I will says it directly. You are a pussy ass bitch who has no skill at all and thus all those who is saying the game ( i mean any games in general ) is bad while haven’t even play it too.

    Lastly since this is an anime about site i would suggest you to watch some Kamen rider Kiva , why ? Because he always says “Wake up” before kick ass.
    And also if you don’t mind “do your homework” first before starting an argument with something you don’t even have a single knowledge of.

    Best regards :D

    • I think you winning that argument , but acts little trollish also, don’t you think ?!

      Maybe he/she really is sucks in game , but he/she didn’t want to hurts because of argument get too aggressive , right ?

      But its the truth fact really that he called you noob at the first so I think you are defending realy and not aggressive :D
      But I read “You are a pussy ass bitch” and “before kick ass.” and I think what I say in beginning my post!

      And also why you’re name NoobGamer ? Maybe he called you noob because of name and joked..
      No , I don’t think really :D

    • Blah blah blah insult insult insult blah blah blah noob noob noob blah blah blah you suck youre bad you’re gay… All I’m going to say since you’re the grand wizard of gaming, how is this game so great? When you give an example I’ll counter argue why its not.

      • Sure !! but beforehand i never say that this game is so great or the best of the best.

        I will start with borrow some of this thread information then.

        First “Stunlock” , Dark_Sage says that when you get swarmed or mobbed you are died and he/she can’t stand it. Which is not exactly right. It is more like the player is too rookie to evading and attacking back at the same times , many action games require it anyway this game is not the first , furthermore this game have many helping hand that you can use while in action ( buff skill , potion , card skill , etc… ). How can it be a bad game out of this ?

        Second “Bosses” , He mention about Grendel(first met at 3-9 mission but you didn’t need to kill it LoL. You just need to farm the item in that stage and the stage is clear , but this got nothing to do with our arguement).

        Every bosses attacks in this game is dodgeable if you time it correctly. Only newbie will find it hard because they haven’t fight it before. Even Grendel itself can be beaten with a junkie item set.( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Jx8zihM4Og ) Bosses fighting stuffs is all about player skill himself/herself. So , how can this be point out that game is a bad game ?

        Third “Class choice” , The logic of playing choice is only Assassin is not true and it doesn’t make any senses at all. Player sucks doesn’t mean that class is sucks too.
        When you are fighting Grendel its true that assassin is a easiest way but when you change it to other bosses like Surt blacksmith is more easier to be play with it , also with Loki. While magician is also badass with Surt too.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAOjHKah65c) >>> And i didn’t even mention about support build in this game <<< Hunter class can 100% freeze or paralyze down many boss and let the other attacking it too , hunter can freeze it to dead and keep attacking since bosses can't attack you back anyway with status support build. You can play a lot of different styles with all the class. So , player sucks at either class meaning game is bad ?

        Fourth , "Loot and upgrades" this game is semi-rpg as it is action-rpg so i can't really explains anything about this one. Why would you play rpg game if you don't like grinding. It is truth fact that drop rate in this game is more than insane but it is a part of the game :D

        Well , think about it. Is it game problem or player problem ?

        • You didn’t give any valid arguments of why the game is good… You just responded to each of his problems with calling him a noob or he sucks ass.. I never said the game is hard. The poster may have but this review was also written when the game first came out, of course he didn’t know all of what you know now a year after the games release. The game is easy.. Like I said in my previous post “Dodge attack attack dodge attack attack” That is the basis of this game. if you can time your dodges right then you’re golden… With such annoying simplistic gameplay along with a bad “leveling/loot” system, no real ranged classes (A mage can do some ranged attacks but you’ll be spending most time meleeing because its more effective/logical) The game is fun I’m not going to lie, but its only fun in short sittings which shouldn’t be for an RPG of any kind be it action/puzzle/adventure etc. Only real good I can say about the game is its one of the best looking games on the Vita.

          • I think everything about the game is good , except for item drops rate and poorly online system.

            Now you mention about “dodge attack” again which is why i can tell where is your level of this game at. Its true that “dodge and attack” is wise way to play this game , but is veteran of this game play it that way ? Please look at this easy example ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f3SUqnU9qg ) and this is not even hammersmith final form. There is more stronger hammersmith that can sky dive Loki with 1 ~ 2 hammer dive. Also at the boss stage 8-10 Mokkurkalfe player didn’t need to dodge it at all. Just attack his left or right arm. At Surt player didn’t concentrate on dodging but in fact they try to floating up from the lava floor and kill Surt as fast as they can by attack it weak point which is also it blind spot too. You see , there is many many ways to be play at this game.

            Also you mention about “leveling/loot” system which this one i cannot deny. It is very difficult to grinding and upgrade your own equipment , but it still the part of the game so it is not the game problem.

            Real ranged classes do exits in this game and it is Hunter class. Hunter damage get reduce if you are too far away from the targets but there is an abilities from card and weapon that can help you fix this weak point. Also when you fight against Skoll and Hati Hunter class work like a charm since these two monsters only have 2 ranged attack types. While other malee class need to dodging and get in again to attack , this can explain how close ranged malee and ranged class really work in this game.

            This kind of game is not full RPG so it will be a short run but the game point is about farming and grinding (with your pal maybe ? so you don’t get boring fast or maybe try to challenge the game with soloing all the quest and see if you can get it done alone and be satisfied) After you end the game there is a lot more to explore and farming ( i’d say ALOT )

            If you just aim to end the game fast and got nothing to do afterward it is still not the game bad point. There is still harder quest and other items to be farming afterward but you just didn’t feel like to do it.

            • I bought this game at launch. We didn’t have access to whatever broken mechanics you’re talking about now. My article was from the perspective of an early adopter who got screwed.

              I’m glad the game opened up for you when you put a lot of time into it (I assume far post-launch?). That’s great. But my experience with it was not positive. I gave it a fair shot and found my time wasted.

              After this, I ended up playing Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate which was a better example of this genre. It also has crippling problems, but not near what this game had. This is a poor MonHun clone and I didn’t enjoy it even though I really wanted to. I gave my honest opinion and if it doesn’t match your opinion perfectly, you probably need to re-evaluate your life and then kill yourself because you suck at living.

              I don’t mean to offend you, just giving some good advice.

              • Thanks for your advice.

                I would like to give you one too !!

                Good review is not best on single person personal opinion but it best on the things they review too.

                For example when you have to explain some of the book you had read to the others. You don’t complain on how its boring or how bad it is but you tell how that book is. That is what call review.

                Not like this noob shit game review of yours. :D

                • That’s not a review; that’s a summary. A review is meant to get across the sentiment you felt during the game and after — it’s supposed to inform prospective consumers with an honest depiction of how you felt the game was.

                  I thought it sucked, so I wrote a post that said as much. Please lock yourself in a room, slit your wrists, and then starve to death.

                  Thank you.

                  • Do i need to do as you say ? Better keep your complain or any stupid advice to yourself :D

                    And what you do is still now a kind of review. It is some kind of noob complaining that they can’t play this game is too hard for them.

                    How do you call this review anyway ? It just a complaining of yours overall the thread.

                    Well , just curious

                    • No,you idiot,first of all go kill yourself, plus this is not a review!!!, it a damn summary, talking about someone’s personal though and feeling about the game!
                      While your here talking about unknown shit,you should try to study the meaning of things….. AND KNOW HOW TO WRITE A SENTENCES WITHOUT THAT SMILE ALWAYS AT THE END!!

  13. I like how Logii and NoobGamer are just going at it while all the regulars to the site pay no attention to it. I think most of the regulars know about D_S’s rather sarcastic writing style.

      • This is nothing to do with our argue but there is still a thread like ” is this game worth buying ? ” or ” is this game good ? ” in many website other than this ( for example Gamefaq ) and some people says this game is bad because drop rate is insane or the game is too hard , which those kind of people didn’t really play the game. They just test it like 5 minute ? 1 hour ? and stop , after that “this game is bad”. For some case they didn’t even know the game >.>

        So i just says it to “Dark_Sage” here at my first post

        “You hate it because you sucks at video games thats all , nothings wrong with the game.”

        Which is also true and i really dislike rookie that make a mistake review like a professor.

        I don’t know why it make you angry but i will not talk about it here and return to our arguement.

        • Based on your poor English I take it Ragnarok Odyssey is the only game you could afford for the Vita. I’m glad you enjoy it so much then.

          • Based on your poor review i take it Ragnarok Odyssey is the only action-rpg game you have every play on the Vita.
            I’m so sorry you find it hard on an rookie action game and complain about it this much.

            • There are only two other action-RPGs on the Vita — Soul Sacrifice and Muramasa. I own the latter and am waiting for the former to hit PS+. Though I’m not exactly seeing why that would factor in at all.

              Seriously, dude. If you spent as much time being autistic as you did at learning English, I might consider your life worthwhile. As-is, I’m afraid I can’t. Please kill yourself.

              • You really miss out a lot.

                There is not only Soul sacrifice and muramasa the demon blade.

                Listen , there is tales of series that remade to Vita as well. Conception II is also action-rpg , Dragon’s Crown , SRW , Valhalla Knights 3 , One Piece , and more.

                You didn’t need to know but your base game experience is too few to make an official review like this. It is more like complain not a review.

                • Sure, let me know when Conception, SRW, One Piece, and VH3 are released in the States. I already played Dragon’s Crown and it was aight. 7/10 after 60 hours. It’s really honestly a 6/10, but I gave them a bonus point for having hot chicks that pissed feminazis off.

              • You are one of mean people i have every see in websites , i think!

                I still like to reads your review and comment..

                I think i am bad person right now :D
                (you really *could* be overly mean, though… ;-))

                • Nah, you’re good people. As am I, but don’t let anyone know that behind this gruff, sagey exterior is a sagey heart of sage.

      • A significant subset of Crymore readers also read the comments rather religiously. People have actually checked into this thread with notable numbers with all the comments flying back and forth.

        The reason nobody’s commenting is because
        A. Crymore has a LOT of lurkers.
        B. Regular commenters have nothing to pipe in with since nobody really bought this piece of crap game.

  14. Bad review. The game doesn’t suck, it’s just more challenging than most games because if you mindlessly hack and slash you’ll probably get ganked and die.

    Yeah I agree some bosses are extremely frustrating to solo, but isn’t that the fun part? Also I have yet to met a boss “unblockable, undodgeable attacks”, you’re just bad at dodging probably lols.

    The only part I can agree with you is the Loot System >_>

  15. I play most games with a friend coop style and I found this one of the funnest games in recent gaming history. Bosses are several times tougher in coop so we had an incredible challenge. I live for overcoming intense difficulties and challenges, nothing makes me more satisfied than overcoming a ridiculous challenge. It took us 9 hours of attempts to beat 5-9 Grendel but when we won, we broke out the beer! Also we run Mage and hunter….very fun.

    Everyone had their own experience but ours was awesome. For anyone playing with a friend, I cannot recommend this enough. If you are considering this game, definitely check it out first hand before passing judgment.

    • Okay, before I respond, serious question: how did you find this article? Cuz I’ve been getting a lot of new comments to it, when it’s not exactly something I’d expect for that to happen to.

    • I dunno man, I think there are quite a few better co-op experiences out there. And I say this as someone who realllllly loves co-op (since I play with my little bros).

      Monster Hunter, for example, is a lot more enjoyable. Hell, I’m even having fun with Xillia co-op. This game just didn’t rub me the right way since I couldn’t find enjoyment past the character creation screen. Maybe if I bought like two more Vitas I could’ve enjoyed it more, but I wasn’t gonna take that $600 bet when the game came out.

  16. Surprisingly this article popped up quite often during my search for specific things related to Ragnarok Odyssey.

    Such as when I tried to find info on mage buffs, or how to use Cleric’s ultimate attack correctly without being interrupted. Also when I beat Grendel, I tried to see how others fared and this popped up near the top of the page too.

  17. Such wow.

    I haven’t really played the original RagOd, but I’m playing ACE right now, and for starters. I do know that all your points are valid, like seriously, specially the loot system. It gets really frustrating when you can’t seem to find or actually KNOW who drops certain pcs of shit.

    And that mobbing the fck up from monsters gets really tiresome , not to mention the merc system on normal (non-tavern) quests is fcking dumb: the AI is horribly stupid and will sometimes mess sub-objectives a lot (such as ‘not getting hit’ valkyrie sub-quests on Ygg Tower) and are most of the time just there as distractions.

    But I dunno, I kinda feel this urge to just overcome the quirks of this damn frustrating game. Chapters are pointless, the ‘fun’ starts at YGG and sograt, for me. I dunno if it’s the inner masochist in me that talks right now.

    Anyway, lol this post in on G’s 1st page so I got dragged here. Cool blog bro, definitely gonna check your posts from time to time.

  18. READ THIS…………..

    Everything in that article is correct. I bought this game and played it all the way to the end and beating all the missions and all extra quests. I put 100 HRs in and It is literally impossible to beat the high end missions without co-op with “pro”(?) people who were lucky to get gold and epic weapons like sun-swords and traitor cards etc etc. Not to mention you have to be ridiculously lucky to even get them without grinding the same damn mission crushing blow over and over and over. To add even more frustration, you have to even SECONDLY even more lucky to even get the damn STATS you want (CRITCAL POWER +5 CRITCAL ATTACK 5+) HOW?????! because most of the time

    The game is fun but it wayyyyy too repetitive and you’re literally fighting the same monsters on the same damn maps with DIFFERENT mission objectives only? WHEN WILL THEY FUCKING DIE ALREADY?!

    The only thing turn me off is the luck of getting the epic gold weapons AND THE LUCK of wanting with the powerful stats.
    Takes 2 LUCKS to get what you want.

    Im done. Bye

  19. Just like a chocobo always go in Final Fantasy, any Ragnarok game should have MVP system and monsters dropping their cards (good card designs) rebirth to Transcendent (Advanced) Job Quest, Prontera, porings, gears and stuff featured in Ragnarok only. instead of making justice to Ragnarok universe Odyssey is more like a spin-off… way too different system, all the fun is lost in the process.

  20. Sage, maybe you really SHOULD try to get into games a bit more(though it sounds like you are doing just that.) Your Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate review was pretty spot-on, a lot of people think the series went to shit around 3.

    But I’ve heard universal praise for this game and Ace is/was pretty hyped due to that, and a lot of people who’ve read your reviews of shit relating to video games that I personally know have been like “lol dude’s just bad” (To be fair, they are also fucking bad.)

    Maybe try going a bit more in-depth? Like cover the multiplayer if doing the game solo is a complete “this is the opposite of fun” fest. Or something like that. Would be helpful.

    On a semi-related note: any chance you’re going to grab this for your Vita?(link just to show the existence of it): http://www.amazon.com/Playstation-Vita-Phantasy-Special-Package-PS/dp/B00ABA7OK8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395017448&sr=8-1&keywords=Phantasy+Star+Online+2+Deluxe+Package

    (Since it’s never getting localized and everything is translated, also a translation and item patch on the PC client. As well as Cirnopedia and a chrome extension with links to everything for gaijin.)

    • I’m way into games. Hell, I’m even up to date on the western trash — beat Stick of Truth this morning and have been playing Titanfall.

      Ragnarok Odyssey was a shit experience when I played it. Maybe the patches made it better. I don’t know, but the experience I got while playing the game didn’t make me want to give it another shot. And “it seems popular” isn’t a good enough argument for me to blow $40 on Ace.

      And for Phantasy Star… no. I’m not playing that shit in Japanese again. Had a hard enough time when I played Phantasy Star Portable 2 to turn me off of anything in that series that ain’t localized.

      • From what I’ve read, the PSO2 English patch translates everything in the game except for the story, so if you play it on pc you should be okay.

        Also, how did you like Stick of Truth? I was honestly surprised by some of the shit they pulled in that game and I’ve been watching the show since the first episode.

        • I definitely enjoyed it. Well, everything but the gameplay, that is. There was certainly a lot of love put into it from a creative standpoint, and it went a long way toward making a quality experience.

      • Yeah, I was aware of my argument being argumentum ad populum , still thought I’d voice it because I pretty much have literally nothing better to do. Also because I’m fucking stupid.

        I already knew you were pretty into video games from me sperging at you at Youmacon(Chrono Trigger is definitely very dated) I /have/ noticed shit like this in your video game reviews: “It’s like Demon’s Souls in that it was made to sell strategy guides.”(can’t find the exact quote because the site isn’t working well for me right now) Which is pretty much outright false on Demon’s Souls’ end, some niggling things sure but almost literally anyone can get through the game just fine without a strategy guide with no major problems, it was included in pre-orders of the special edition, etc.

        Though that could be just be missing the satirical vibe in that part of that review.

        But really, I guess I’ll just wait for any possible future vidja reviews by you to say anything else. Still, going a bit more in-depth with those doesn’t seem like a bad thing to me.

        By the way, got anything planned on that end?

        • Demon’s/Dark Souls don’t require FAQs/wikis/guides for completion, but they do require them for full understanding of the game world. I stand by that statement.

          And no, I tend to stay away from video game reviews. I don’t consider Japanesey games outside the self-imposed anime blog scope of the site, but doing them properly requires too large of a time investment for too little of a payoff.

  21. I agree in some of the points in this post. Yeah the lock system is awful. The game is repetitive and basic but despite that there is still a sense of enjoyment. One of the things that I really disagree with this post is Grendel. Seriously? I was expecting him to be hard but turns out he was easy and beat him with a hammersmith.

  22. Don’t bitch about a game just because you suck at it. Tht would e your fault, not the programmers’. I agree with a few things, yes, the hunter is mildly annoying because of distance issues and the assassin is a GREAT starting class, but I have absolutely no issue using a Mage to solo the game. Sure, if you don’t know how to use one, it’s hard but why don’t you take some time to figure it out before you label them useless?

    • I’ve already beat all the levels of Ace and my opinion on the first game hasn’t changed.

      Actually, maybe it’s time to write that damned Ace review.

  23. I enjoyed playing this game at the start. But as it progressed it became very repetitive. Not to mention some frustrations encountered along the way: Some bosses are cheap (Really they are) and then the ridiculous time limit( Seriously why the hell would they give us solo players 20m for killing 100 Giants? and then 15m for a boss with 250k hp given we don’t have the strongest equipments yet). I kinda regret buying this.

  24. Years later, people still need to let you know you’re a whiny failure of a gamer. It’s okay if you don’t like a game, but to try and talk shit about a game by saying it performs as a game in it’s genre should; that was just ridiculous.

    I hope you’ve learned since then.

    • I’ve put 60 hours into Ace and am waiting for the update to hit before I post my next impressions, but *spoiler alert* my sentiments didn’t change with the expansion. Shit still sux.

      • Well then stop sucking shit at it.
        Also, how messed up do you have to be to play through the original, and Ace, and say it’s crap.

        I mean investing over 100 hours in a game you can’t stand because of it’s genre.

        Loot is easier to get than in Monster Hunter, Stunlock isn’t any easier, the bosses are less erratic than in Monster Hunter, and this has a mage class which (SHOCK!) is great for fighting at a distance.

        This is like playing a sports game and flipping out at how crap it is because penalties exist or that the COM players might use a play that beats yours.

        People can say this game sucks, and they can bring up very valid or even glaring points. You, you just really suck at Monster Hunting games; or you only post after getting your ass kicked by one of the tougher bosses.

  25. Just wanted to comment to point out that if you went into your inventory, and looked at the different drops you had, it plainly tells you which monster/boss drops it.

  26. He’s got a point regarding the RO ACE game, White knight chronicles 2 was far superior but Sony let the servers shut down on that one. If WKC2 had better loot system and customizations on gear it would have been nearly perfect. RO ACE fails too on the can only equip 3 skills on melee classes, 4 on range class if you can call them that, and the only powerful characters in the game are pretty much sword class with those shock waves and high crit dps cards, all the other classes are lame and occasionally you might need help from a cleric and then its all about grinding annoying bosses just to get the new gear and rare mats. Such a disappointing game Ragnarok odyssey Ace is nothing in comparison to Ragnarok online back in the old days even for a point and click game, and trust me I prefer Action based games for these type of video games.

    • Nuh uh. Have you even seen a fully built DS MAGE? Rapes the yggdrasil dragon in less than 9secs. Ergo, you argument is invalid bitch

  27. Forgot to mention only 2 classes in the whole game can block how pathetic, really stupid in fact how also assassin classes have limited attack range, hammer smith’s are so bloody slow and their dps isn’t as high as a fast sword warrior which the knight class can block as well. Hunters are so slow when performing all attacks your guaranteed to get hit by strong enemies, Mage classes have a stupid 1 angle spell, and their most powerful takes nearly 5-10 minutes till its ready and does about 5k damage, while in that time other classes can spam out more than 50k damage in the time it takes for a mage to gather the spell seriously? I actually agree with pretty much everything this guy says.

    • GG noob comment. Your comment only proves that you dont even research on game builds before you talk shit. With the FREE DLC OUTFITS you can easily build a beginner DS MAGE build which can pretty much rape anything except prison bosses which would require an advanced build

  28. Yes, it is very difficult, it lacks a lot of variety in terms of areas and monsters and you have to farm a lot. That beeing said, the combat system is just one of the best ones if seen so far. Its not only fast paced, its also very smooth and the boss battles are very intense. This game doesnt suck. It has its flaws, but its highly rewarding. Just find your playstyle and you should be fine. Grendel is a hard boss? Hell no. Memorizing patterns? YES, every attack is announced by the way the monster/boss acts, sometimes its just hard because you have to react very quickly. Sry dude but if you say the combat system is shit then the game is just to hard for you.

  29. Well obviously the creator of this “review”(which sucks cock) sucks at this game. Its so easy even on tavern difficulty. If I can beat the game and farm almost all the gold cards why can’t you? Don’t blame the game if you are bad at it and give such a lousy score. I bet you didnt equip the right cards. So do more research before you fuck about the game bitch

  30. Goddamn, I was just looking up info on how to play a Mage properly and I find THIS.

    Personally, I kinda like the game. I don’t mind grinding all that much, and yes, while I admit I’m not quite familiar with the genre and therefore I’m quite bad at the game, it has a certain charm in the way it plays.

    Either that or the game IS complete shit and I’m just a masochist.

    But whatever, you have your thoughts, I have mine, everyone has their own, really it comes down to personal opinion, like almost all things do.

  31. The game is in fact really good, and despite the comments above it’s based on the longest running rpg to date, with more players than any game nowadays, the MMORPG was just as brutal, but it gets harder, chapter 5 grendle sucks… Doubt he’s beatable at all <.< but it's definitely a good game, was what monster Hunter should have been. I have odyssey and ace, and it's totally worth the money, the only issue odyseey has is it lacked character skills, but other than that I like it.

  32. this game based by memorizing enemy attack patern and how long you play. if you take a rush complete each quest without preparation by grinding level gain lot and zeny then you’re the brainless person who dont know how to play this game. u cant play the game is not because this game suck because ur the idiot. case closed

  33. I like this game really,but I rather play monster hunters instead
    I only play this game because it kinda remind me of monster hunter…well not the jumping up in the air stuff, hitting large blue giant thingy man, and a “broken”_ gorilla thingy (Grendel)

  34. well to bad i like ur compliment im playing ragnarok odyssey(old) yeah first time kind a worst but i keep playing n earn a startegy for this rpg,so as far i played only sword,assasssin and hunter/archer, i made this char def,hp,attack and some good card,but well it was pretty good even hunter/archer was really weak,but my hunter/archer got kick them ass for nothing good like a boss,man for the rest char…i have no comment cause u know that right…ツ

    • It’s like you’re using an off-brand of Google Translate. “I’ll play with your ass!” “I’ll suck your balls!”

      Like, Christ, how clear do I have to make it that I’m just not that interested?

    • Like holy shit, learn how to use the reply button. You’re giving me something to do while I’m watching shitty anime movies, but if you’re just gonna leave a mess in the comments, that’s no fun for anyone.


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