Fansub Review: [Hadena] Love Lab (Episode 08)

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Hablena, we talked about this. Please.

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Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (229 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Dishonorable to their ancestors.

English style: American English.

Encoding details

Speed: Slow (>48 hours)

Chapters: None. I don’t know why. I thought they figured these things out by now.


External links.

Group website

IRC channel: #[email protected]



Visual Review


[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_01.48_[2013.09.14_00.16.03] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_01.35_[2013.09.14_00.15.38]

Opening. It’s fucking cute and it complements the OP extremely well. I have nothing but applause to give.

Rating: Great.

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_22.47_[2013.09.14_01.06.28] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_23.13_[2013.09.14_01.07.37]

Ending. Similar to the OP, it fits quite well. Here, it’s mainly because it matches the credits rather than taking a theme and running with it.

Rating: Good.




Spoilered to prevent the scrolly bar from getting too small.

Spoiler for
[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_00.11_[2013.09.14_00.11.28] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_01.12_[2013.09.14_00.13.15] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_02.53_[2013.09.14_00.17.22] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_02.54_[2013.09.14_00.17.29] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_04.21_[2013.09.14_00.25.13] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_04.29_[2013.09.14_00.25.26] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_07.48_[2013.09.14_00.38.38] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_09.34_[2013.09.14_00.42.46] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_10.04_[2013.09.14_00.43.31] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_10.42_[2013.09.14_00.44.25] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_10.43_[2013.09.14_00.44.29] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_13.12_[2013.09.14_00.47.59] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_15.58_[2013.09.14_00.52.12] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_16.08_[2013.09.14_00.52.30] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_17.27_[2013.09.14_00.54.31] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_20.18_[2013.09.14_00.58.22] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_20.20_[2013.09.14_00.58.30] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_22.14_[2013.09.14_01.05.30] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_23.58_[2013.09.14_01.18.26] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_24.08_[2013.09.14_01.18.41]

The typesetting switches between good and bad like it has MPD.



[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_08.14_[2013.09.14_00.39.25]

I’m not sure they watched their subs before releasing them.



Script Review


[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_01.48_[2013.09.14_00.16.03]

I keyboard flipped my fucking laptop.

I wasn’t even watching this release on that laptop, but I knew I had to flip something.

Fucking goddamn, Hadena. I thought you improved. You were supposed to be fansubbing’s phoenix, but you were more like its week-old turkey that someone forgot to refrigerate and now everyone has to suffer. :(

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_22.47_[2013.09.14_01.06.28]

You had 8 episodes to fix this karaoke. Did no one fucking tell you this was wrong? I mean, you’re averaging 2,250 viewers per episode so at least someone had to notice.



Main Script.

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_00.18_[2013.09.14_00.11.40]

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_00.20_[2013.09.14_00.11.47]

You may not be able to see them, but there are tears on my face.

I didn’t put them there, Hadena. You did. :(

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_03.23_[2013.09.14_00.23.32]

What in the honest…

Hadena, this is what translators are for. Use them.

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_04.30_[2013.09.14_00.25.33]

That’s not good.

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_05.51_[2013.09.14_00.27.34]

Unexcuse, Hadena. I’m so disappointed right now. I had a banner made for the A-tier I thought you’d be getting. I FUCKING MADE YOU A FUCKING BANNER.

Crymore Banner 09

What the fuck am I gonna do with it now? I can’t sell it. And I certainly can’t barter it for a blowjob at my local asian massage parlor.

Three hours wasted…

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_06.20_[2013.09.14_00.34.24] [Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_06.23_[2013.09.14_00.34.32]

What exactly is being let down other than Dark_Sage?

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_06.31_[2013.09.14_00.36.10]

Tip of the month: If you suck at English, don’t.

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_07.19_[2013.09.14_00.37.48]

There is a line, and you have crossed it.

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_08.37_[2013.09.14_00.40.46]

I really need to start doing this on a livestream. Upon reading this sentence, I heard combinations of letters and bestial grunts come from my mouth that I don’t believe have ever been uttered before in humanity’s long history.

tl;dr: If Buffy becomes a reality, you can blame me for that one. My bad.

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_10.54_[2013.09.14_00.44.45]

This sentence could win a long-distance marathon.

Spoiler for
Because it’s a run-on sentence.

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_14.43_[2013.09.14_00.49.43]

Functional? Like what, only two had motor control? Was there a third just spazzing out in the corner like a Hadena editor?

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_15.20_[2013.09.14_00.50.51]

There are only two people who can forgive you, Hadena: God and me. And since I don’t forgive you, and God doesn’t exist, I’m afraid you’re SOL.

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_17.20_[2013.09.14_00.53.54]

hadena, we’ve been over this. sentences start with capital letters.

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_18.06_[2013.09.14_00.55.17]

I doubt your brother will ever happy again. :/

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_19.59_[2013.09.14_00.57.44]

You mean “Senpai’s date”?

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_20.37_[2013.09.14_00.58.56]

Wait a second…

You guys~ You didn’t have to do this.

You knew it was my birthday and you thought you’d release a really bad episode so I could mock it and entertain my readers by putting ESL/special ed kids down.

I mean, today’s not really my birthday, and the day you released this wasn’t either, but it’s the thought that counts. So, thank you. And people say that love is over in fansubbing~~

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_20.44_[2013.09.14_01.00.03]

You’re not quite using “grope” right (in either of its definitions).

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_21.23_[2013.09.14_01.00.48]

I daresay they doesn’t.

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_21.36_[2013.09.14_01.01.34]

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_21.40_[2013.09.14_01.01.45]

Friday the 13th. Such unluck day.

(Future readers, so you don’t miss out on the topical humor, that’s the day I started writing this. Trust me, it’s great humor.)

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_22.14_[2013.09.14_01.05.30]

That’s not how math works, Hadena.

[Hadena] Love Lab - 08 [720p] [AF9C419C].mkv_snapshot_23.58_[2013.09.14_01.18.26]

If only you knew.




Watchability: Unwatchable.

Visual grade: C+

Script grade: F

Overall grade: F

This release had so many mistakes, there’s no way I could fit them all in one episode’s review space. I wasn’t sure whether to be embarrassed on behalf of Hadena or mad on behalf of everyone too bad at English to understand just how worse at it they’d get by reading these subs.

Hadena, you know that IPS song “Don’t Stop”? Yeah, I want you to do the opposite of that. You really have no excuse at this point.

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24 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [Hadena] Love Lab (Episode 08)”

  1. Maybe, just maybe, Hadena is a commentary on the state of the internet. I’m not certain about the timing, but in my mind they started to get better around the time that the internet banded together to fight off a common enemylegisation. Now that that’s done, and it turns out the whole thing was a plot by the NSA anyway, they’re back to their usual wankery.

    But let’s look even further. Take their little equation:

    How can you have a negative letter? Clearly it’s an indication that the t’s is actually supposed to be rot13. That makes the equation come out to le=le+g’f. If we take the apostrophe to be an omitted ‘i’, then we’ve revealed Hadena’s master prediction: the future of shitty memes is animooted images.

  2. hi guys, i was just wondering if someone is still working on Zettai Karen Children!
    I alrey watched it from horriblesubs but i didn’t quite enjoyed it, i like more your subs.
    so maybe you guy can pull of some kind of effort into finishing it?
    —There are only a few eps left!!—


    ^ On the right, my face when watching Hadena (or other crappy subs like Subdesu or Commie).

    Poka-Poka! Poka, Hadena!

    > How about that question about being heavy question?
    > Flower-san, I need a good idea!

    Hadena-san, I got a good idea! How about you learn how to English?

    > They only had two functional members.

    They only had two functional brain cells. (Notice past tense.)


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