Meta Bullshit: Crymore Insurresurrection

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Fine, I’ll give subtitle reviews one more chance.


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Doing well so far.
Doing well so far.



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Okay, this season kinda sucks.




Shining bright~
Shining bright~

There’s not a lot of content to work with here. Understand that when I started doing this shit back in 2010/2011, fansubs were the only real option for shows, and the competition was fierce. Nowadays, that is no longer the case, not by a long shot.

Still, that was not nearly the primary reason people read my reviews, so I’m not entirely opposed to swimming in nostalgia for a bit, just to see if the water’s still warm.

No, not that kind of warm.
No, not that kind of warm.

If there’s still a niche on the internet for these kinds of reviews, we’ll find out this season. If not, then fuck it, I’ll find something else to do with this space. But I at least owe it to you to give it my ganbarre.

Don’t mind wasting a season on an experiment, so let’s see how this goes~

39 thoughts on “Meta Bullshit: Crymore Insurresurrection”

  1. I guess the fansub scene is dead enough that you might have a chance of reviewing them all now.

    By the time you get done with the disqualifications, you might have a couple left to do.

  2. your reviews are one of the most important things when i check for older shows and i have to decide which release i should watch.
    Actually, i would be really sad if you stopped doing your reviews, since they are really useful.

    Anyway, i’ll add a shitty OT question because fuck me i need it. Do you know which is the best utena release subtitle-wise? I really want to watch this show but bakabt doesn’t feel reassuring, and i was tempted to buy the offical bd from uk (shame on me).

      • Both of them use subs from anon, as stated on bakabt. I do not know how much that is reliable as a source, coming from an anonymous person.

        • From a post on BakaBT:

          “Aside from some older releases like L-E’s digital fansubs of the 3rd arc, and some even older VHS-rips (DivX3, .asf/.avi, 320×240 @ 75 MB/file), all Utena releases use the same R1 subs taken from the old CPM DVDs. Anime.fin is the only group that might’ve edited them. And according to this post, the subtitles weren’t significantly changed for the new Nozomi release, either.”

          Information I see on AniDB ( seems to confirm this. Virtually all the releases you see there are ripper groups who often don’t even have an editor/TLC.

              • Yes? I dunno, I hate Utena so I wouldn’t work on it, but at this point your only option is to go shopping till someone agrees to pick it up.

                • welp i hate yurikuma and i found mawaru a pretty good watch, so i’m really interested with utena, because a lot of people told to me that utena is the best ikuhara’s work. I’ll just wait and try to buy from amazon the usa edition of the series.

                  Anyway, ty for your answers!

                  And forgive my english skills, they sucks (even worse than commie’s!)

                  • If you want my two cents, the subtitles for Utena are watchable, if not terribly pretty. I’m no Dark_Sage, but nothing jumped out at me translation or script wise, even on a rewatch.

                    As far as Utena goes, it’s one of my favorites. If you’re used to newer shows you’re gonna want to be patient with it, as it uses a lot of repetition and low budget techniques, and takes its sweet time with the story until the final arcs when it really heats up. I took almost 6 months off of watching it my first time because I got bored by episode 13, but I don’t regret having finished it.

      • Some-Stuffs’s is lightly edited officialsub script. Bakemono’s is mostly original, but their editing on ep1 isn’t up to par at all. I’ve shot them a message with my criticism on their site; let’s see if they improve by the time the next episode is out.

            • I could name plenty of other things like their usage of “…” where it’s not needed and the lack of typesetting in some places, tl notes in releases when it should be put on the site instead or torrent page, and some poor wording. You get the drift.

  3. Why limit yourself to (~~~TERRIBLE~~~) fansubs tho? You could also point out all the errors in official Ministry of Animu-sanctioned commercial translation as offered on a Blue-Ray Disc®.

    maeks u think!?

    • Though in all honesty, why even bother? I massively enjoyed your articles in the past, but when I looked at the upcoming titles, I feel NOTHING. My downloadqueue has been empty for years and with the horrible, inane shit that’s in the pipeline, it’s likely not to get filled with anything from Not-So-Glorious-Anymore Nippon.

      What’s there to review?

    • I’ve reviewed those in the past. In fact, I’ll review some for Spookymore. Thing is, you’re not likely to find as many errors in BDs as you would in hastily slapped together simulcast subs, resulting in content I’d have to spruce up with non-subtitle commentary… which I don’t particularly think is a good habit to get into with the reviews.

  4. Personally I love reading your reviews. If you’re just looking at viewer count to gauge interest this season I’ll certainly do my part, but if you’re talking download numbers, I fear those will continue to decline. Honestly I feel like your reviews would be most appreciated for older shows or shows with a lot of subtitle options for which DLers wouldn’t have a clue what to choose. I know I personally hate downloading 6 versions of one episode of a show just to figure out if they have readable fonts or karaoke. And it would take even longer to figure out if the script is decent.

    • My focus on subtitle reviews this season is purely fanservice for the readers who’ve been here since forever. In terms of tracking whether this is a “success” or not, I never really look at view counts. If I did, this site would just be video games, porn, and extreme circlejerking, since those are consistently the most viewed types of posts.

      For old shows, we occasionally do those here. I don’t mind experimenting with doing more of them (I suppose the logical approach would be to look at popular older series with many subtitle options), but this season I’d like to focus on the currently airing shows first. Scattershot approaches might have worked when I was back in college, but I simply don’t have the free time I used to.

      • Oh, it’s not like I mind airing shows. In fact I love reviews for them too. I just figured if you’re worried about appealing to a steadily shrinking audience, or if you’re likely to burn out trying to get all of the airing stuff done, then you could do old stuff.

        In the end you do what you like, as always :)

  5. I always use you to search subgroups to see their track records and to use your opinions to inform my sub choice. It’s nice to see you back.


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