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Dark_Sage says:

You win the stealth launch prize.

Solaristics says:

Caly w/ the stealth posting.

Calyrica says:

Aww yeah! I have nothing better to do with my life. Except work, gf, animu, and games.

Speaking of games, SMTIV-A 10/10.

Black Shads says:

Anyone read the manga Dead Tube? The latest chapter made me physically sick; it’s glorious.
Couldn’t figure out the BBC, so here:

Dark_Sage says:

Wait, what is this shit, a death game? Oh fuck, I am in.

Dark_Sage says:

Ch 3 spoilers


lol, went from “plz protect senpai” to “I hope it’s painful”

Ch 5

w o w

Ch 6

stop my penis can only get so erect

Ch 11


Ch 26

oh come on now

Ch 27

more please :)
Black Shads says:

Damn, did you just catch up in 18 minutes?

The cliffhangers are always pretty intense, especially in 27 with so many unanswered questions.

I do feel Machiya undereacted to his dad possibly getting chopped up and made into curry, but then again, maybe he liked it….

Great manga, though it could never get animated. That’s okay though, some things are better non-mainstream.

I’m pumped to finally have someone to chat about this one with, everyone else is currently addicted to Jojo and it makes me sick. :(

Dark_Sage says:

No, I edited my comment as I was reading through. Took me… a couple hours I think? Had to stop to fap to a lot of it.

I dunno if it’s intense, shit got kinda boring. The plot of this arc can’t be interesting at all — amnesia bullshit plus lots of “oh wow can you guess what happened” is nothing but lazy writing.
Black Shads says:

By amnesia do you mean the fact that Machiya can’t remember Mashiro from before the series started? I agree with that, but I trust the author will have a legitimate explanation beyond “it was so long ago”.

By no measure are twins high tier mystery writing, either.

I have high expectations for this arc, though. I’m hoping for a “Mashiro, I’ll do /anything/ if you help” development, and a scene at her house.

At this point, I’m also antipating that George Lucas has made Machiya’s sister an SS officer of the elementary school deathsquad.

PP says:

herkz back to deleting comments that just slightly imply he’s shitting on other groups because Commie is doing the show. Even deleted comments related to those comments. At least he’s good at being a little bitch.

flipr says:

I finally did it. I finally paid for physical weeb shit for the first time. I couldn’t wait for a No Game No Life season 2, so I bought the fourth light novel. Will I ever be the same again?

Dark_Sage says:

If you buy on LN, well, makes sense to have the whole set, right? And if you’ve got a full set already, might as well add another series, yeah?

Shit’s gonna spiral out of control until the only place you have left to sleep is on piles of manga and branded animu panties. Get out while you still can. ;_;

flipr says:

Well, after finishing it in a day, I was saved by the next LN not being officially translated yet. We’ll consider that to be a bullet dodged and see what happens when I dive into the terrifying world of scanlations (or whatever you call a fan LN translation).

slackzy says:

So, what does everyone think of the meidocafe youtube channel?

10/10, amirite?

Dark_Sage says:

If I was born half a decade ago I suppose I’d find the shtick funny.

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