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  1. >All groups [in the Cartel], with the exception of UTW, typically made cookie cutter unloved subs designed solely for downloads.
    >The three groups in the cartel … rarely sub the same shows and sub in the typical cookie cutter no-love sub style
    >As for cookie cutter no-love style, it means that the people working on the show don’t love what they do.
    >the encoder might just encode on a seedbox with the same old settings instead of actually looking at the file.
    This is Kristen on how the “Cartel” doesn’t care about their subs.

    >[Kristen] You honestly think I care enough about twintails to scene filter?
    Kristen on a show he’s subbing.

    • Impossible, now that he is part of the Cartel itself with the advent of Chihiro’s Absolute Duo receiving blue. A classic case of:

      Nyaa: No, Kristen, you ARE the Cartel.
      Kristen. NOOOOO!

      Okay, I admit I was a bit bored when I wrote this.

    • It’s apparently licensed for release by Funi so there’ll eventually be a rip when they put it out, no doubt. Or you could (and here’s a novel idea) buy it when Funi release it :D

        • It never ceases to amaze me how much some leechers act like spoilt brats. Where they get their sense of entitlement from over a *free* product, I’ll never know.

          No subber owes you anything. If you want something done, either ask a group you like *very nicely* to look into it (without any expectation of them actually doing so) or get off your ass, shut up and sort it out yourself, instead of wailing about it on an anime blog.

        • You know, I’ve always hated and been against the “sit down and shut the fuck up” attitude that some fansubbers have when people complain about delays. I mean, if there are reasons for delays, just state them clearly and say sorry; there’s no need to have a tantrum and call them all ingrates.

          All of that said, I think I understand why they do it now. It’s because of people like you. I mean, have you even asked any groups whether they would be willing to do it? If not, don’t complain that they haven’t done anything about it.

          • Say sorry? For what? It’s not like fansubbers get paid for their time, so is it really that surprising if subbers get a little testy when leechers moan about an episode being a day later than “scheduled”?

            You have to remember as well that it’s usually not just one person asking but a whole load badgering and shit-talking over really petty delays, and that wears thin *very* quickly.

            I’ve always been of a mind that if something is significantly delayed *and* someone asks nicely about how come (NOT complaining, because it’s a free service – as I say, subbers owe you nothing), I will generally give an answer – though, nine times out of ten, it’ll be “RL stuff came up” because RL comes first. If I sense a whiff of :entitlement: from them though, I don’t see why I should meet that with anything other than scorn.

            And yes, unfortunately, Gary is a fine example of why fansubbers get a bit irate with leechers sometimes xD

            • I get where you’re coming from, but hey, a little “sorry guys” even when they’re being dicks is the mature thing to do right? I respect those who keep their cool when dealing with angry whiners, and I’ll bet most fans do too.

              • If people are impatient enough they can start subbing themselves. If they don’t want to sub anything, well, then they might know how a that stalling subber feels.

              • I don’t see how that’s particularly mature. You might suggest that’s the *professional* response, but as I’ve already said, this is a hobby, not a job. Professionalism doesn’t really enter into it.

                Plus we all know that if someone’s doing something really dumb on the internet, you have a moral obligation to point it out xD

            • The kind of people who won’t do a good job unless they’re being paid are the kind of people who never do good job in the first place.

              • Speed has never (and will never) be synonymous with doing a good job. An episode being delayed has no bearing on whether a good job has been done or not – it usually just means that stuff that you *do* get paid for or real life concerns have taken precedence.

          • I don’t mind when a leecher asks nicely about a delay. It’s not my obligation to answer them, but I won’t ban them or delete their comment for it.

            What irks me is when a leecher is outright rude about it. Like this guy here, who decides to call fansubbers fags. Or when they start to call you lazy or yell about it or spam about it. The worst to me is when they post comments in irrelevant threads. Like, when I made my first Monogatari S2 post, I think the first comment was “HxH when?” It’s like, there’s a HxH thread for a reason, ask there.

  2. Hey Dark_Sage I’ve been enjoying getting back into manga and light novels and prefer series that are releasing/completely released by English publishers. So Far I’ve purchased and enjoyed GTO, and Red River. Dawn of the Arcana is on the way.

    Slowly buying the novel versions of Spice and Wolf, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, SAO, and Index. Looking forward to Log Horizon and DRRR. Also slowly buying the manga A Bride’s Story and considering slowly buying Uber Blatt and Seraph of the End as well as completing the collections of Tsubasa and XXX Holic I started when I was younger.

    Finally, I have my eye on the boxed editions of Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran Highschool Host Club, and Bakuman.

    I’ve enjoyed Basara, Nausicaa, Gin no Saji, and Ai Yori Aoshi but haven’t purchased them.

    What English published manga or light novels, or perhaps manga that has had exceptionally high quality scanlations distributed, would you say should also be on my radar?

    • I dunno man, I don’t have the time to analyze what I’ve bought. And as far as translation quality goes, in mangaland it’s only ever going to be “good enough”. English companies don’t pay enough to attract top talent anymore. And the world of scanlations is just… it’s a mess. I wouldn’t mind taking a look at the scanlation groups out there, but I have a job that takes up a significant amount of my time, and that combined with how much effort it takes to “have a life” means I hardly even have enough time for Crymore.

      • Is that why series and companies seem to do better now than they did five years ago you think? Lower translation costs?

        Oh, never mind then. I saw your massive collection of manga and assumed you had read most of it, would recognize the series I was saying I had enjoyed, and could recommend some stuff that’s similar. I didn’t mean to ask you to take up a whole new article series.

  3. So I understand that Laserdiscs vs TV vs DVD vs Blu-ray are all sources which progress in quality in that order. I understand that 480p vs 720p vs 1080p are resolutions of increasingly large sizes. I’m also vaguely aware that FLAC means good (the finest?) audio.

    But I’m not sure what it means for a show to be 8bit, 10bit, AAC, h264, Hi10p, and different levels of kbps. I’m also unclear on which is preferably when choosing between mkv, mp4, and avi.

    If this isn’t a long explanation could you lay all this out for me so I can make better archiving decisions? Or, if it is a long explanation can you consider writing a short article to explain it all?

    • I’m pretty sure those are all “googlable”, but I’ll offer one word of advice:

      Never casually mention FLAC in anime-related communites. The vultures and hyaenas will soon come to argue whether it’s “a lossless codec offering superior quality” or “just placebo, scientifically proven to be indistinguishable from high-bitrate X, Y or Z”. It’s an age-old question…

      • Yes but googling these things tends to return tech-enthusiast or professional level information on one of the specific topics, not beginner friendly articles written with the goal of explaining the differences between these different things.

    • 8bit and 10bit are ways of storing color information. Basically 10 bit lets you get more information in an overall smaller filesize. AAC is an audio codec, just one way of encoding audio. h264 is a video codec, again a way of encoding video. H10p is a synonym for 10 bit.

      Bit rate means how much data you’re willing to throw per frame to try to reproduce the original product. The lower the bit rate, the lower the quality, but the lower the file size. Of course, depending on how good an encoder you are, and what you’re trying to encode, you may be able to achieve good results with a low bit rate, or bad results with a high one. It’s not necessarily a 1:1 scale. It’s usually not something you really need to concern yourself with when picking a release though unless we’re talking in the extreme ends of bit-starved or bloated files. If you want to see bit-starved, watch any recent Tokyo MX TV encode (Dame Desu Yo has a good screenshot in one of the Tokyo Ghoul releases on their site). If you want to see bloat, go to Coalgirls and look for anything that Tenshi specifically has done.

      MKV, MP4, and AVI are all container formats. In general you want to go with MKV when available, but the most important thing is the codecs used. AVI usually means it’s a really old file and probably is encoded with something like DivX though, and should be avoided if possible. It’ll also almost certainly be hardsubbed (I don’t know off the top of my head if AVI supports softsubs, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t). These days MP4 is usually used for lower quality hardsubbed re-encodes designed to be run on TV’s, phones, and other devices with limited support for advanced features like some of the typesetting subbers do now.

      When I archive I usually care more about who subs the show than technical details. Generally I try to figure out which subs I like, then look to see who has it on BD, then just grab whatever works best. If you want it easy, the people at BakaBT care way more about the technical details than either of us and make that their primary determining factor. You’ll probably be okay just downloading whatever they pick if that’s your priority.

      • It’s not my number one priority, but having missed four years of shows I’m going back and finding that for a lot of these shows there are only one or two subgroups left floating around, but a lot of different file…formats I guess these things might be called?

        • You shouldn’t concern yourself too much with these things though, you should prioritize sub quality and if they are BDs or not, and you should avoid re-encodes unless you’re watching them on your TV or something, then it depends on how much you care about file size but honestly you’re better off taking the bigger one if it’s by someone you know and trust then going for someone you never heard of.

          • Everyone I knew and trusted was from 4+ years ago, the subscene has changed drastically.

            Ex. crunchyroll was a joke the last time I really got in depth with all this stuff.

        • It’s less compatible and doesn’t have hardware acceleration yet. It’s becoming less of a problem as it comes into general use and is more accepted, and usually on a decent computer with the right codecs it’ll playback fine. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re watching anime on a phone, for instance, but that’s why re-encode groups don’t use those settings.

  4. I’m starting to believe more and more that “good translation” is starting to become synonymous with “localize the hell out of it”.

    4kids was right all along.

    • Not really. It’s just that the best translations capture the intended meaning of the Japanese. And most of the time this means localising certain things, like jokes which would make no fucking sense if they weren’t localised.

      No one watches a release and says, “Wow, look how they translated “onii-san” as “Mister”! This is a top tier translation!” or, “Wow, they translated bento!”.

      • Indeed, but one can watch a release and say “Wow, look how they translated “baka” as “don’t be a retard”! This is a top tier translation!”

        • Judging by the way it’s used I’ve come to believe that “dumbass” would be a better localization in a lot of cases. It’s not often I hear anyone over the age of like six call someone an idiot.

          • People who by nature don’t like swearing will commonly call someone an idiot or a moron. And to be honest, with all the respect of Japanese culture, as well as the fact that most of the time characters are in a high school, I don’t see them swearing as legit.

            • Moron sounds good too. Idiot sounds childish. Any of the three could be the right translation, depends on the character speaking.

              People who don’t like to swear probably don’t like to be rude in general. They wouldn’t be calling anyone anything.

              • Japan is perfect country with perfect children who never use foul language, unlike you pig-disgusting Westerners who don’t discipline your children enough and teach them that foul language brings shame on them and their family.

              • Swearing in most schools is an offense. When I was in high school, it carried a penalty of 3 demerits. At 10 demerits, an automatic in school suspension was given to the student.

                Outside of the school? Sure, some people might (though in my experiences it was pretty rare. Then again, I was in the band so we were a more mellow crowd). But inside the school, you’d have to be someone trying to be a real tough guy.

                • Your school seems rather different to mine (and most others, I gather). Swearing at teachers was a massive offense, sure, but randomly swearing here or there was quite the norm, and since it didn’t really hurt anyone, teachers generally just dismissed it as teens being teens. Except maybe if you were really loud and indiscreet you might get told off.

                  • Well, our teachers usually would warn students who they hear swearing. After about 2 warnings, they’d start to write them up. Swearing at a teacher was an automatic 10 demerits and an ISS.

                    The other matter was who exactly it was that was talking. If it was a burnout you could expect swears all the time and disrespect for the rules. The jocks would swear in their circles, but not abrasively. The band kids, asians (our school didn’t have nerds, we just had a clic of asians), preps, and unpopular kids rarely really ever swore.

                • Fucking lol. Your high school must’ve been a massive exception then, because highschoolers swear all the time. I’ve literally never met a highschooler who didn’t say “fuck” in casual speech.

                  Hell, I went to a private school and even our teachers swore.

    • I guess? I prefer dubs more than subs if the voices fit the characters and work. Mainly because I don’t have to read the subs. For example, all new Gundam shows (Usually by ova) aka “Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn” and the new “Gundam Origins” has Dub + Sub and sells it at the same time as it does in Japan. They sell a lotttt too. I’m sure they wouldn’t do dubs if there was no market for it.

    • There are second graders who don’t get this wrong. FUNi, are you just trying to make everyone hate you?

      This is why every time I hear someone say “I’m so glad FUNi’s simulcasting this!”, I have the urge to commit murder.

        • It’s good for the simulcast scene, more competition, and I gotta agree, hard to compete with FUNi here, many couldn’t do a worse job even if they tried.

        • For some reason people on Reddit gobble simulcasts up. And I’ve heard a few people see they’re glad someone’s giving Crunchy competition, so maybe that’s a reason but this…really isn’t competition.

        • People get excited when things get simulcasts for two reasons.

          1. They don’t give a shit about quality. They will literally take what ever is fastest (which is almost always simulcasts). And even if they do care about quality, a lot of people seem to think that professional release = best quality.

          2. People think by watching simulcast, they’re “supporting” the anime industry. In reality, they’re only supporting terrible companies like Funi.

      • Hm, latest rant… I got one!

        So, I am in a baking and pastry class this semester. So far we’ve made lots goodies like pretzels, donuts, pound cake, and cinnamon rolls. This week, however, was the date I had circled on my calendar since the start of the semester – Cookies.
        Well, it would seem my community college has absolutely no spine. Wednesday night, we had a grand total of 1 inch of snow on the ground. 1 inch! Not only that, but Thursday was predicted to be warm, so it’d all be melted by like 10 in the morning! Did they hold school? Nope. Did they even delay it? Nope. They cancelled the entire day’s worth of classes. For 1 inch.
        So now I have no cookies. Stupid south needs to learn what salting a road is.

  5. saenai-subs stops releasing saekano the same time D_S disappears.
    D_S reluctant to review saenai-subs.
    Probably just all in my head.

  6. It’s now been a month since the last Dark_Sage post. We’re just a couple weeks away from breaking the previous drought record (when died).

  7. Was exploring the truths about the evil Jewish regime on #Evetaku, and how happy I am that the Holocaust happened.

    Sadly, people took offense to it and got all butthurt like the Jews they are.

    Then Neibs got pissed like Christian Weston Chandler did and banned me not because I was anti-semitic, but because I interrupted her conversation about her favorite game that I don’t give two fucks about.

    In simple terms:
    1. Neibs was talking about her shitty game to 4 other niggers on the channel.

    2. Suddenly I pop up and talk about how gay Jews are and why I’m happy that the holocaust happened.

    3. Jewfags get butthurt over what I said and tries to prove me wrong that Jews aren’t bad people.

    4. Neiibs get’s pissed that people are not talking about her game and are arguing with Switches instead.

    5. Neibs bans me.

    You know what’s really ironic? What Neibs did is very similar to what Modern Feminist cunts do. When things don’t go their way, they use whatever means possible to ban whatever they don’t like…

    So I suspect Neibs is a fucking Jew Feminist. What a disgrace.

    Kikes be Kikes. Jews be Jews. Feminists be Feminist.

    Welcome to the internet you fucking Jews. Offended by what you hear and/or see? IT’S THE INTERNET, WELCOME. Even I learned how to grow the fuck up after several years of getting butthurt over little things! Man the fuck up! /facepalm

    • You shouldn’t hurt jew’s butts, cuz it’s usually hurt enough already for them to not feel anything and then steam off on you.
      Just so you know, I am a Christian so I’m not butthurt for what you said. Just let them be, they’re not doing harm to anyone or anything. Why religious people are always so stupid? Why stupid people + religion are, like, always super stupid?

      • A wild Jew appears!

        Select the following choices:
        a) Purge him to hell!
        b) Kill the infidel!
        c) Run away!

        Switches selects:
        a) Purge him to hell!

      • I never really understood what “bait” meant when people used it in the way you wrote it.

        If I’m not mistaken, it ain’t bait, more on the lines of Neibs is a POS female scumbag.

        I’m simply informing people on how Jew she is on #Evetaku’s channel.


        Instant ban.

        Plz, grow the fuck up, Neibs.

          • Neibs was talking about her favorite game with 4 other faggots on IRC. Then I said some Jew jokes out loud. Things got escalated when I mentioned how glad I am that the holocaust happened. Then Aryllos got really upset over what I said because he’s apparently a legit Jew. And Neibs tried to kick me 5 times because apparently, she’s a Jew as well and was offended. Confirmed: Kikes get their feelings hurt too easily.

            I found the situation hilarious and amusing, so I continued to troll my way through and Aryllos continued to get butthurt over what I said, and took what I said REALLY seriously.

            Seeing how the whole conversation is about arguing with Switches, Neibs was unhappy that she could no longer talk about her pathetic little game. So what’s the best way to vent her anger and make her e-feelings better? Kick ban Switches.

            I talked to Neibs over PM and this is what she had to say about the ban:
            [01:17] Switch – you know I don’t feel one bit sorry about jews that get their e-emotions getting hurt
            [01:17] Neibs – i dont really but i dont want to come to irc and not be able to talk about my favorite part of this game because everyone is arguing
            [01:17] Switch – oh so suddenly this is all about you.
            [01:17] Neibs – of course it is
            [01:17] Switch – ADMIN ABUSE!
            [01:17] Neibs – when is it not

            Also confirmed: #Evetaku is a channel where everything is about Neibs, and Neibs alone. Jews make me sick.

            • You use christianism as an excuse to ‘purge’ jews, but just from what you heard from someone, forgeting that Jesus never ordered anyone to hunt down a human being, but much otherwise: he taught to love everyone, to have compassion; be it your enemy or someone that doesn’t follow him.

                • Rude. You think I’m fucking trolling here? You know what kind of people I hate the most? Motherfuckers who abuse their admin powers to fucking mess with me. That’s what.

                    • Mess with a channel? Please.

                      More like “people aren’t talking about my subject so I must get to the root cause of this anomaly by banning the person responsible for changing the topic.”

                      Kill yourself.

                    • Hey, if some random guy started spouting bullshit in a channel I was a mod for, I would poke fun at him, laugh for a bit, then promptly remove him.

                      Your reaction only makes it even better. You’re like a 5-year old who got kicked out from a playground for having a tantrum, and now are having a fit elsewhere. Meanwhile, everyone in the playground is just laughing behind your back.

                    • It’s an IRC channel. Who cares? I think most ops would’ve banned you for stirring up trouble anyway. I know I would have. Group channels aren’t your little soapbox, regardless of the subject.

                    • @QQwerty
                      What tantrum, you fucking Jew? So, suddenly I’m not allowed to point out how much of a cumbucket peace of scat Neibs is? And I’m also not allowed to explain to the others who don’t understand what I’m talking about?

                      You know, there’s a reason why Hitler hated the Jews and why the holocaust happened. Now you made me understand why the holocaust was needed in the first place. You make me sick.

                      Yea, I got kicked from the playground, but who wouldn’t want to take action from it? I never really liked Neibs to begin with, but her past mentality coupled with her recent actions are the very idea of modern feminism. Feminists like her must be purged and murdered in the most horrible way possible. Obviously the risks involved in doing that is not worth it, but I wouldn’t mind coming to her funeral to get a laugh or two while everyone cries in tears over her death.

                      When did a channel ever become my soapbox? If I was discussing some normal topic, then am I soapboxing as well? Suddenly, discussion of taboo topics = soapboxing? What kind of Jew argument is that? How fucking retarded are you?

                      Suddenly, the whole world is becoming full of Jews. Nazi Germany should have won WWII instead. I’m disappointed.

                    • Oh, I am going to need more popcorn for this.

                      Have you tried saying this stuff out loud? Like in front of friends and family? You may yet realise how stupid you’re acting.

                    • @FalseDawn
                      You think it’s ever easy for me to take things easily? It ain’t easy to take things easily.

                      So what are you, a Jew sympathizer? Plz… And yes, I had. Apparently, it’s illegal and it’s considered “hate speech” in the land of the north. Canada is kind of oppressive when it comes to these things.

                    • Btw, did you wait 2 months to moan about this or have you just made it all up? Rizon tells me you haven’t logged in since Jan 14th ^__^

                    • Oh I went off the “logs” he posted. Wonder why he dropped the -kun from his nick in them. Oh well, question retracted then :)

                      And from those screencaps, looks like my earlier summary was right (Obligatory >Newfag detected/this is the cancer ruining [insert number here]-chan).

              • I don’t remember ever using Christianity as an “excuse” to purge Jews, and I never tried to hunt down anybody. WTF man.

                And yes, we must love dirty Jews and have compassion towards them. Fucking great.

              • You sound like those dirty Jews crying as they get choked to death as the gas comes out from the showers…

                Seriously, are you new to trolling or something? How butthurt can you be?

                • Switch-kun, do not bother returning to Chihiro – you are no longer welcome. Your antisemitic views are not acceptable, and will not be tolerated. I sincerely hope you’ll realize soon that not only in fansubbing, but in real life jobs and other opportunities, such views expressed will result in immediate termination.

                  • Then I guess I’ll only talk about it in places like 8chan.

                    Gotta love the amount of people getting baited here. This is really funny.

                    • Did I ever say it was? 8chan is only one tiny, microscopic part of the internet. Please, KKK, are you for real?

                    • Well, I had assumed it was what you meant since you said “meanwhile the general Internet continues to hate on Muslims.” a little while ago yet you just now said you’d stick to sites like 8chan for jew/musim/race bashing. What sites consist of the “general internet” that apparently openly hate muslims?

    • > Offended by what you hear and/or see? IT’S THE INTERNET, WELCOME.
      Your access to the channel isn’t a right, you know. We banned Mish for being racist too, I’m pretty sure. Your autism is really showing. I’d stop while you’re ahead but it’s too late for that.

      btw, nibs is Vietnamese, not Jewish. I don’t think you know what the words you’re using mean.

      • Nope, Mish was still there before I got banned.

        Don’t care what nationality Neibs is. What’s wrong with calling someone a dirty kike?

        Everyone is against what I’m saying only because of WWII. That’s what’s shielding the Jews from the atrocities of today.

        Meanwhile, the general internet continues to hate Muslims as we speak…

        • >Nope, Mish was still there before I got banned.
          Oh, well we kb’d him a couple times then nibs removed his voice so he couldn’t continue to spout racist nonsense and then he pmed lyger to get it back. Lyger didn’t know he was being an asshat or he wouldn’t have done it. He doesn’t come around anymore tho. I’m assuming because he knows everyone hates him.

          >Don’t care what nationality Neibs is. What’s wrong with calling someone a dirty kike?
          >>>What’s wrong with calling someone a dirty kike?
          Are you seriously /this/ autistic to not know what’s wrong with that? Holy shit and I thought /I/ was autistic.

          >Everyone is against what I’m saying only because of WWII. That’s what’s shielding the Jews from the atrocities of today.
          I don’t follow wars or history or anything, so I have no idea what you’re talking about. Hating on /anyone/ because of race or color whatnot is deemed wrong in this day in age. It’s called a hate crime. Google it. It’s a social deviance and stuff, mate.

          >Meanwhile, the general internet continues to hate Muslims as we speak…
          Who does this /openly/ besides maybe /b/ and perhaps /pol/ or other shitholes of the Internet where people are blatantly racist? This honestly sounds like you took what was meant to be satire on /pol/ and interpreted it as something that people actually do because you’re so goddamn autistic that you can’t tell the difference.

  8. I’m having a hard time deciding who’s dumber – the obvious troll fella, or you guys feeding him.

    Oops, now I’m on this train as well…

    • Look at the Jewish Regime of today. They’re nothing but corrupt, corrupt since Year 2001. You think I’m trolling? And I’m talking about the country, Israel, and their corrupt government.

        • Which is clearly why people continue to be ignorant about the Jews today.

          If the Jews were not purged during WWII, people would understand the dirty things Jews are doing in the 21st century.

  9. Shut the fuck up already, Switch. Wanna know why I can’t stand you? First reason is you don’t finish a god damn thing you say you’re gonna finish. This is the second reason. You have no reason to hate Jews, and no reason to go around to different websites and IRC channels spouting this nonsense. Somebody has convinced you of something, and you’re going around repeating it like a retarded parrot. It’s just like when you joined our IRC channel and started calling anybody you didn’t agree with a nigger. We got you to stop doing that stupid shit, and now you start with this. You’re just making yourself look like an ignorant jackass.

    • 20th or 21st Century events in the Middle East:

      -Israel fucks up Palestine into a shit whole, causing mass murder and damage to cities
      -Israel illegally increases their national borders
      -Jewish politicians who oppose US alliance are kicked out of office
      -America has said several years ago that they would invade and attack 7 countries in the Middle East within 5 years, and finish with Iran. Israel and America continue to work together for their own dirty political agenda.

      And I only barely scratched the surface.

      This is the only “website” that I’ve gone to to talk about it. Neibs continues to talk about her favorite games like a retarded parrot. Why doesn’t anyone care about that? The only difference between me and Neibs is that the topics I choose are highly taboo. That’s about it.

      About the nigger stuff, that was then, this is now. Sometimes it’s consistent and sometimes it’s not.

      However, one thing’s for sure is that you’re getting baited, like pretty much everyone else here. Hilarious shit, to be honest.

      • >Neibs continues to talk about her favorite games like a retarded parrot. Why doesn’t anyone care about that?
        Because this offends no one. You come into a public channel and spout racist bullshit to (presumably) stir up trouble. The Internet may be a place you can discuss anything, but an IRC channel has its norms and its own sense of what’s ok to talk about. Go out into the mall and spout racist shit and let’s see how fast you get arrested or “kb’ed” from the mall. Use common sense, mate.

        >However, one thing’s for sure is that you’re getting baited, like pretty much everyone else here. Hilarious shit, to be honest.
        That’s the thing, though. Everyone here knows you’re retarded enough to have been serious then say you’re trolling when you realized no one was on your side. Pls go and stay go.

      • There you go again just repeating what somebody else said without having a clue what it means. You have no clue what “baited” means or why other people are saying it. Your last statement makes absolutely no sense.

        Condemning everybody of a certain background because of the actions of the government of the country/countries they happen to live in is just stupid. There are a lot of people that aren’t Jewish. Why aren’t you saying anything about them? And what does any of what you said have to do with the Holocaust? You’re just spouting BS that somebody else said without having any idea what you’re talking about.

        And I know he’s not trolling. He honestly believes he has a valid point.

        • @KKK
          The 2nd part: Okay, but I don’t see it that way.

          First part. Yes, I chose the wrong word. Should have chosen another word instead.

          And it’s my choice to be racist or not. I don’t think it should really matter to you nor you should care about me. I’ll keep what you said in mind, though.

    • You had that much time to compile the “best moment of Switches” together? I have to say, your compilation is impressive. It’s regrettable, but it doesn’t bother me. What happened 1-2 years ago is all in the past.

      I rather concentrate my time in College next year than to “express myself” on IRC.

            • Plz Puddi, using a dead website that hasn’t been updated for almost half a decade now isn’t going to work.

              The whole conversation changed into complete trolling, with everyone getting butthurt at around 1/3 of the conversation.

            • Switches, you come off to me as a normal human being (for your age at time posts were written) in those posts, honestly. Kinda curious what happened for you to turn out how you are now fast forward some years later.

              • You mean Puddi’s compilation? How on earth can you call that “normal.” Reading it again, it sounded really autistic to me.

                And it’s really easy. Get too fascinated with 8chan’s /pol/ and /k/ and you turn out like this. You could say it only applies to me because I’m easy to be manipulated.

                Anyways, 6 days of getting butthurt and attempting to troll has been fun. I’ve learned a lot from it. Thanks to you all for participating. If this was in real life, I’d be fucked for sure and possibly charged for “hate crime,” considering how gay Canadian law can be.

                Surely, I’ll stop being anti-semitic, and the people who pointed out how wrong I am, are absolutely right. I don’t really have the right to misuse the world, Jew, unless I research the topic more and find a trending behavior among the Jewish populace. And then Perhaps I can call them a “dirty Jew” just like how people would often call straight people, “gay” for doing things they agree with.

                You all known I’m prone to making ridiculous mistakes and you’ve seen it all on IRC. It’s a good thing this drama happened before I entered college next year, otherwise I could have been kicked out from the program.

                Finally, Chihiro Subs have zero ties with me. I simply lurk on their staff chan and I haven’t done anything for them since 2 years ago.

                Special thanks to FalseDown, QQwerty, LotusGG, and KKK for their continued help in making me a better person as well as educating me.

                Also special thanks to Kristen and Fanofde4ever for correcting my behavior.

                At least I’m fast to apologize and realize my mistakes. Good to know I won’t be ending up like Christian Weston Chandler did.

                I’ll be booking an appointment with the psychiatrist within the month to further rehabilitate myself.

                  • Nah, more like I realized it ain’t worth it to be a Jew hater. I don’t have to like the Jews, I can stay away from them, but I shouldn’t spout hate on them to agitate people or stir up hate. If I do know more about the Jewish people, their history, and mentality, I can use it as an example to tell people not to behave in such a way or repeat their mistakes in history.

                    I got too into 8chan’s /pol/ and /k/. Their mentality is very different from the rest of the internet and provides information not well known among the general communities of the internet.

                    I’m raising the white flag not because I want forgiveness, but because I don’t want to go down the path of Christian Weston Chandler. If you don’t know who he is, please Google him and watch his 1 hour documentary created by Sachumo. The problem with Chandler is that he doesn’t admit his mistakes, he blame others for his mistakes, and don’t get the help he needs. Because of that, he is always targeted by trolls and lived a very shitty life.

                    Do I want to be like him? Definitely not, so I believe apologizing my mistakes as early as possible is the best course of action. So long as I don’t make the same mistake again, but like Fanof4ever said, I believe I had a Nigger episode in the past, making this the second time I’ve gone racist/anti-semitic on others.

                    For now, I’m just going to lay low and not use IRC for a long while, probably not for half a year.

                    Some may have enjoyed the drama, but I apologize to those I’ve caused trouble to. Like Kristen said, at least this shit didn’t happen next year in College, otherwise I’d be fucked for life, correct?

                    Again, thanks for educating me.

                    • Nah, I’m pretty sure that you’re trolling. But what I fail to understand is you’re mad being banned by acting like a total ass in someone else’s IRC which is; most of us will agree, a sane thing to do.

                    • Your wording is weird. If you’re trying to say anyone, whether or not it’s Neibs would ban me for anti-Semitic, you might be right… in 90-99% of the cases. I thought Neibs was acting like a Feminist from past experiences with her. But I didn’t realize there was more to that.

                      It’s an error on my part.

                      I’m going to see if I can start a mini-blog to see if anyone in the fansub community can help me out in their spare time to help decide different approaches in life I should take.

                      I’ll post it here within 24-48 hours.

                      And yea, I still have butthurt feelings towards Neibs, I still think Aryllos’s reaction to my anti-Semiticism was funny, but I’ll be sure to think more rationally from now on. If emotional suppression pills exist, I’d take them until I get better. I’ll be contacting the Hospital’s psychiatrist within the week for any kinds of pills that would:

                      1. Suppress emotion
                      2. Further suppress anger (if option 1 doesn’t exist)

                      Further more, I’ll look into any type of after-school centers that would help me with life skills and organizing priorities with translation work and school work.

                      I think this is the right time to restructure myself and get shit straight before I enter college.

                      My parent’s funds to support college and university is dwindling, I need to set my priorities straight as there are no second chances.

                      I think my ban on Chihiro Subs was also a good sign. Removing guilt of backlogs I had with that group have forced me to restructure my lifestyle and provide new goals in life.

                      I’ll provide more details once I make my blog.

                      Please look forward to it.

                    • It’s not a matter of whether you being anti-Semitic or Neibs being a feminist. The fact that you struck a nerve of her badly that time (for what I believe actually happened), whatever the reason is (probably you know), that forced her to ban you is just. As for what you have discovered about her is for yours to keep, we won’t benefit from it. That’s what I mean about you acting like an ass. Good thing you finally realized your wrong-doings. What you gonna do after this is all up to you, but yes, you can ask for life advice from anyone here. But don’t expect everyone will take it seriously.

                • >You mean Puddi’s compilation?
                  Nah, I meant the club penguin posts. Seriously, you sounded like the average human being your age there. In other words: normal.

                  Neat that you at least acknowledge that you did something wrong although I don’t agree with one thing said, but whatever. Good enough. Good man.

          • Hmmm… actually this is a good time for me to say something about trolling and people (read: shitty trolls) using the term incorrectly. You see, trolling is by no means an exact science, so it can be hard to distinguish from shitposting, but I’m of the view that proper trolling has to actually divide the community and basically be somewhat self-sustaining, allowing the troll to slink back into lurking and watch the chaos ensue. Like a political assassination or act of sabotage.

            When all you do is unite the community with your idiotic posts, that really can’t be called trolling. Well, unless you consider achieving the opposite effect still “trolling”.

          • It’s hard to tell that you’re “trolling” when you consistently act the same way over years (using more than a small amount of time and effort) and multiple methods of internet communication (IRC, blog comments).

            So congratulations, here’s the attention you wanted.

    • You can always count on us fans to keep this site interesting!

      *winks, flashes a toothy smile and gives a solid thumbs up

  10. So, Switches drama over now? Too bad…

    If someone wants to start a new one and happens to care about a random persons preferences:
    I’d like an anime or japan related drama. Some Fansub drama would be best.

    Although, having Dead_Sage come back to life would be even better… maybe?

    • >help Switch rehabilitate and make him a better man.

      My question is why you need to put a tank on the background? I got a feeling that this goes for worse.

      • The Mitsubishi Type-10 is my favorite tank of all times. My dream is to become an engineer to design and build weapons for the Japanese military. I already got accepted to the college of my first choice to do mechanical engineering drafting and design.

      • What does that have to do with anything? It doesn’t excuse the piss-poor attempt at translating, editing, and typesetting.

          • It’s not hard to understand. He’s butthurt that someone was able to translate and typeset a sign they thought was too hard and didn’t even bother to do. All because either their translator is shit or their typesetter is shit, most likely both, and he’s simply the first to open the damage control guide and start shitposting as per protocol.

            Not that the group our shitposting friend is failing to defend even put any effort into their release anyway. They just ran the script through their honorific killer, used a thesaurus for the words they didn’t understand with their 3rd grade English skills, inserted a meme here-and-there, and called it a day. Heck, they won’t even admit they were wrong about the native resolution of the first movie, probably because their encoding script couldn’t handle a 1080p movie.

            Maybe he gets a cut of RHE’s Thailand ladyboy sex tour fund, which they call “donations”, if he shitposts enough.

            • It takes a special kind of retard to interpret “What does that have to do with anything?”, an appropriate response to an attempt to downplay the faults of one’s own release by comparing them with those of another, as defending or thinking I even give a damn about a release of a movie I have no plans of watching.

              • “It takes a special kind of retard…”. Another play straight from the damage control handbook. Although all you’ve done is tell everyone you have no comeback so you’re resorting to insults.

                If you had no plans to watch it, what are you even doing starting this shit? You’re only trying to create controversy because a release came along, one where the group actually put some effort into it, and it’s turned out to be superior to yours. At least you were honest enough to admit you were making “an attempt to downplay the faults of one’s own release”, but for some reason you don’t see that as either defending nor giving “a damn”. It’s plainly obvious that you are defending and giving a damn, you’ve made multiple posts about this already. And I bet you retort to this also.

                This is what I heard when I read your previous response, and it speaks volumes about the work ethics of you and your group:
                “No effort is better than some effort.”
                – duplex 2015

                If that’s the case HorribleSubs have the best damn releases out there. No wait, Ohys has the best damn releases.

                Actually, you may be right after all, because I’d rather watch raws than anything you’ve been involved with.

                • I wonder why a new poster, one who is seemingly versed in the processes of fansubbing and technical details of the movie, is using aggressive trolling tactics to distract from the issue at hand.

                  Whose hand is under this sockpuppet?

                  >one where the group actually put some effort into it

                  The screenshot I’ve posted clearly demonstrates otherwise. :)

                    • Yeah that broken mask and totally properly perspective’d text means that the sign isn’t broken and shittily done, it’s all about personal taste.

                    • >broken

                      Well, that explains a lot about you Govna. I’ve been wondering who you are to have suddenly appeared from nowhere with such vitriol towards me for a while now. But I know of only one person who called things he didn’t like as “broken”.

                      So, hi Daiz!

                    • I do. I think it could be better. But I’m not about to make this on a personal level and say that the group just didn’t care or didn’t put effort into it. Criticize the work, don’t criticize the person.

            • Where the fuck are you guys seeing Duplex defending Commie? Cos I sure as hell can’t find it. If DDY fucked up, then DDY fucked up, simple as that.

              Man, this reminds me of the time I posted DDY’s Maria “must of” and damn, some people got angry. Crymore is where all fansubs are laid bare for honest criticism, and nothing’s changed.

              Maybe it takes a non-fansubber with zero affiliation to any group to say this, but damn, stop being so defensive about your own group’s releases and quick to attack others. If you wanna give criticism, be prepared to take it too. Just because here we don’t pat each other on the back and say patronising shit like “Oh, don’t worry, you’ll do better next time I’m sure” doesn’t mean the criticism is any less valid.

              A little humility goes a long way.

              • “Where the fuck are you guys seeing Duplex defending Commie?” duplex himself said he was making “an attempt to downplay the faults of one’s own release by comparing them with those of another”, if that isn’t defending than what is?

                “If you wanna give criticism, be prepared to take it too.” duplex isn’t immune to this either. He’s dishing out the criticism, but he’s resorting to insults when people are asking what his group did for the exact same release. He’s the only one I can see that is dishing it out while trying to hide from the backlash.

                True, duplex is from a rival group to begna112 above, but he failed to check their own release before trying to start some controversy. The simple fact is that Commie didn’t even attempt the sign in question, which by his own admission, he is trying to downplay.

                • You need to learn to read, my foolish friend. Duplex was paraphrasing begna as the person downplaying the faults of DDY’s release by comparing it to Commie’s.

    • This is fansubbing. In the past 7 years, I only remember 2 times when everyone agreed on something. One was about 2 weeks ago with Switch-kun and his antisemitic statements being stupid, ignorant, hateful, and just plain wrong. The second was in fall 2009 when Exias scammed the entire fansub scene, as well the rizon itself, out of thousands of dollars. And this isn’t like a RHExcelion/archdeco scam, this was a literal scam that resulted in calls to the police.

      • >and just plain wrong

        I wonder if Kristen knows… actually, I’m going to keep this a secret.

        Ah well, I can always join other groups. Can’t wait for April, I’m resuming Japanese classes starting that month.

              • No thanks. If you’re talking about Kantai’s then that was an odd one. I honestly don’t remember which other groups I applied for, unless you can shed some light to it.

                Resuming Japanese classes should strengthen my Japanese.

                • I’d recommend putting an effort in yourself instead. most of the tls I know self-studied and/or went way out of their way to learn outside of the normal classroom curriculum.

                  edit: oh, or were just born in japan and grew up with the language, but those are a rarity i think

                  edit2: oh, i remembered you applied to red hawk way back in the day and failed. that was a /scanlation/ group and one of the higher quality ones.

                  • I’m a technical person. I’m not good with self study. I learn better in a class/1-1 environment. It motivates me more.

                    I was born in Canada but moved to Japan when I was 1 years old. Parents made the mistake of sending me back to Canada when I was 6 instead of at the age of 12.

                    I applied to Redhawk because I enjoyed Kaminomi. Admin got infuriated and thought I was trying to steal his TL position when I did a rough half-assed TL for one or two bonus page(s) which I probably asked you or someone in RedHawk to help tl one or two kanjis. He then went dipshit and told me if I bothered any of the staff (even for a minute) for the rest of my life, he’d ban me from the site and the IRC. I was still young at that time, so I kind of freaked out. It was quite the threat. I then went on IRC to tell him I’m sorry or something, and he was like, “that’s it, you’re banned.”

                    The end.

                    I doubt I can ever do scanlation since most mangas have kanjis with no furigana. I do have a chance with fansubbing, I just need to be more serious about it. People may think I’m half-assing, but I think I’m doing pretty well in real life with homework and what not, where else I procrastinated with homework pre-2015.

    • I compared the 864p and 720p with madvr up-converting to my 1440p screen and the 864p actually looks worse (compared Vivid’s 720p with DDY’s 864p). Makes sense since 720p up-converts cleanly to 1440p but 864p doesn’t up-convert cleanly to -any- standard resolution. The only way to get that ‘native’ 1536 horizontal using a standard resolution is to go grab an old CRT that does QXGA and rig it up portrait mode. I’m still puzzled as to how exactly they came up with that value for native res…

      • There are two ways. The first is using filters that can closely approximate the native resolution of a video. The other is by looking at anibin, a site known for getting exact native resolutions of anime. Here is Seraph’s:

        Notice the actual listed native resolution is 857 pixels vertically.
        If you look at true 16:9 resolutions however you find that this fits between two of them:
        1520 855
        1536 864 <– this being the resolution we chose.

        Theoretically, your video player should have no more trouble upscaling to 1440p from 864p than it would 720p unless the resizer is optimized for standard HD resolutions (which is not outside of the realm of possibility). Otherwise, being a true 16:9 resolution, it should fit perfectly on to your 1440p monitor, like it does mine, without any of the adjustments you suggested. The purpose of a native resolution encode is to attempt to avoid detail loss due to downscaling.

        The difference you might see between our video and Vivid's is because of the video source, rather than the resolution. The intention of releasing a higher resolution version was simply because we wanted to. Not because we deemed it better than Vivid's or anything. We simply did not want to be bottlenecked waiting for BS11 for viewers that would prefer an earlier release but we also didnt want to sacrifice quality to a worse channel, so we will be doing a 720p v0 release with MBS on Saturdays and the 864p release on Mondays with BS11.

        Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

          • You’re making a flawed argument. Funi’s level of detail is different from BS11’s. You cannot compare them at that level and expect meaningful results. What I said was relative to the source we used and never did I state or imply that it was in comparison to Vivid’s.

            • >Funi’s level of detail is different from BS11’s. You cannot compare them at that level and expect meaningful results.

              In that case, the comparison demonstrates that BS11 is a blurrier source, which makes encoding at 864p pretty much pointless.

              • So you’re arguing no one should bother encoding at the highest resolution short of becoming an upscale?
                Are you summoning the return of 30MB 320×200 .rm rips, because screw releasing at higher resolutions? Or are you just stupid?

              • It does not however make the actual reason we did the higher resolution encode useless as the decision was made without consideration of Vivid’s Funi encode. As I said before:

                >The purpose of a native resolution encode is to attempt to avoid detail loss due to downscaling

                You are in fact trying to fault us for trying to compensate for having a somewhat worse source. By that logic, we should instead release unfiltered MX .ts with subs slapped on them simply because “no TV source can compare to funi’s amazing encode!”

                You also purposefully ignore the fact that never has BS11 been considered a bad source when hardsubbed Funi was the alternative. Good for Vivid for finding a way to mask the subtitles. That still does not make BS11 a bad source and our encode using it is, I believe, quite good.

                • I have no idea where you’re going with this, so I’ll just spell it out for you.

                  Encoding at 864p saves almost no detail compared to standard 720p regardless of the source.

                • begna, you’re not exactly doing your group’s reputation a favor by rambling about encoding at length. Or anything, really.

                  >You are in fact trying to fault us for trying to compensate for having a somewhat worse source.

                  The justification for using >720p is pretty much mooted by the fact that there isn’t much improvement over 720p, given how blurry the BS11 airing is. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the “native” resolution or not.

                  Besides, if the decision to make an 864p release was made without considering Vivid’s release, this clearly wasn’t an attempt at compensating for anything at all.

                  And while BS11 has never been considered a bad TV source, CR/Funi’s streams (assuming they don’t receive broken sources) easily win in terms of video quality.

                  • >given how blurry the BS11 airing is.

                    Actually, from what I can tell, BS11 isn’t all that much blurrier than Funi in terms of edge/high-variance detail.

                    There are a couple reasons why 864p hardly looks any better than 720p, ranging from the “native resolution” being incorrect, a lack of inverse-kernel resize, or the fact that shots are composed of raster images at who knows what resolution.

                    DDY’s 864p encode is a big bunch of bloated blurry bullshit, and the fact that they even thought to try to retain detail on a source that already has significant low-variance detail loss is mind-boggling.

                  • Exactly. We never said that it was better than Funi. So what are you arguing about? My entire point is that you’re all making a big hullabaloo about nothing. In normal circumstances, BS11 would be the best source available to fansubbers. Good job to Helltilt for overcoming that barrier.

                    As for it being worth it or not, next week once we start using MBS for the 720p, it most likely will be very much so. In fact, here is a quick comparison. even on a still frame, the BS11 864p is much clearer. You are correct, however, the BS11 and MBS 720p’s aren’t much different. This is the reason that we decided to do the 864p.

    • Commie was fine. Haven’t checked FFF though. Only thing I didn’t like in their 1st episode was the “hit the US” joke, which I doubt was said and was added to be over liberal. But hey, I’m no TL so maybe it is, but I doubt it.

    • You want watch something with commie? You must really like mems… On side note, I wonder how it is possible that they got blue on Nyaa.

      • You act like blue has any significance beyond who’s sucking whose dick. There’s a reason all the decisions on it are made behind closed doors, and there’s a reason why blue doesn’t have a noticeable impact on download count anymore — it’s an irrelevant metric and you’d be better off going to MyAnimeList than trusting in a color scheme on a site that the fanbase doesn’t even know exists anymore.

      • I just feel bad for Commie being branded as ‘meme subs’. Sure, they’ve done that but they’ve also put up decent releases. Maybe a part of their staff should be blamed for it.

        • I mean why didn’t they wait for CR to release it and then edit them like the majority of their release? Is CR translation for yahari this time unsalvagable?

          • It’s like your assuming that fansubbers can’t actually translate at all. Like what they say, they edit CR subs to minimize their workload. And if you release faster, the better.

              • They subbed it before they knew how good CR was going to be.

                The point is that downloads are currency in the fansubbing scene, and you get more downloads the quicker you release. FFF made the decision to release before HorribleSubs because they figured they’d get more downloads from it.

                Presumably this is a unique situation for episode 1, as with episode 1 a lot of shows have a forced delaycast. So I imagine FFF is going to weigh their options here and opt for an officialsubs edit route if the official release happens quickly after the Japanese release. If not, then they will likely expend the translator’s time in exchange for being first to market and getting those sweet, sweet downloads.

                Haven’t bothered checking up on FFF or even if Zoku episode 2’s been released yet, but this is standard operating procedure for most groups that have TLs to spare.

              • Can’t tell since I have no plans not watched CR. Your choice, CR is usually good since fansubbers choose to edit their scripts rather than translating from scratch. You could download the three (Commie, FFF or CR) and decide.


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