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  1. Are you gonna watch free tomorrow Dark_Sage ?? Me and Jenny are gonna watch it together. if you lived in the holy land too maybe you could have watched it with us….

    • A night of stimulation with two high school girls, huh? Tempting offer, but I need to use that time to catch up on Naruto Shippuden.

      What kind of jutsus will Naruto use next episode? Shadow Clones? Rasengan? Both at once? You just don’t get suspense of that caliber with other series.

    • Come now. Commie is a very respectable anime entertainment group with members who have value as human beings and subtitlers. Surely they would not phone it in for a series aimed at a gender they have much experience in interacting with outside of their notably branched family trees.

  2. Oh man, you’ve gotta review Watakushi’s first ep of Rail Wars, D_S. The first sign alone in it is pure hilarity (I deleted the ep before the first minute was up) :D

  3. Guys which is grammatically wrong (I just took an english test and there was this section where you need to pick an underlined sentence that is gramatically wrong)

    “From childhood into adolescence”
    “What more, bla3…”

    I chose the second one but people are sayi g that the first one is wrong (it should be from childhood to adolescence)

    • Isn’t it the second one? It should be “What’s more, …”

      Well, as long as I’m interpreting it correctly.

    • I’d need the full sentences to be sure, but you’re probably right. “From childhood to adolescence” is, in most contexts, better than using “into”, but I wouldn’t say using “into” is necessarily “wrong”.

      But again, I’d need to see the full sentences for context.

      • Thanks guys! Yeah I guess what more is wronger than from x into y.

        Last two I’m unsure of:

        1.The conflict between those two country was almost ____
        a. Discrepant b. Flippant c. Feasible d. Tangible

        I looked up the dictionary and I’m torn between a and b (I chose flippant)

        2. Basically I couldn’t spot any grammatical error in this one. Only spelling error (I think) that is traveling->travelling. Is this legit enough to be considered a “grammatical error”?

        This is from a japanese scholarship test (monbukagakusho)

        I just want to know wheter I did good or not in english since math was a lost cause. The announcement is on 12 august so I can be more at ease if I know that I got almost 100% of the english right (I’m sure I got the rest of them right. Those three are the only questions I’m not too sure of)

        Well, I’ve half-given up already since the math was a total failure and I’m competing with 1400+ others so my chance of getting in is really slim but one can still hope.

        • 1 is tangible.
          2 would not be an error unless you were specifically told to use either American English or British English.

          I can elaborate more on the first one when I get access to a keyboard. (Mobile typing is less than ideal for explaining things.)

            • For the first one, honestly, you could argue for “flippant”. But the way the sentence is set up, “tangible” makes more sense. And I figure this is one of those stupid “Choose the BEST answer” kind of tests.

              If something’s tangible, that means you can “feel” it. It’s often used with “almost” as a way of enhancing a description.

              For example, “The sexual attraction most humans feel toward Dark_Sage is almost tangible.” Like, you can almost feel just how badly people want to fuck me.

              I’m not quite sure how well that translates over to Japanese sentiments, if at all, but the idea is that when an emotion or sentiment gets super strong, and super forceful… then you can almost, just almost, sense it for yourself.

              I can explain more in depth if you have a specific question on it. That problem was rather tricky.

        • Probably the TV station. They have to encode too before airing and most TV stations pretty much suck at it. That’s why you always saw certain stations being used back in the day like BS, etc, because they had more of an idea of what they were doing.

        • Tokyo MX cut their bitrate drastically a couple seasons ago so they could air another channel alongside their HD content at all times (instead of either one HD show or two SD shows like they were previously doing). So, pretty much everything on it looks like shit now.

          Unfortunately the options aren’t good with Akame. You have MX which is full of artifacting, CR which has fucked up colours, audio, and is banded beyond repair, and MBS and BS11 which are a day and a week late, respectively. MX ends up being the least bad option for same-day releases as its issues are more fixable than CR’s.

          If only the show wasn’t licensed by Sentai it might have actually had usable CR video. Sure would be good if Sentai would just die already.

    • Not really.

      That’s the unfixable banding I talked about from the CR raw, and it looks a lot worse in motion too (see the bit at 17:20 where he reels back as Akame swings at him, or the last bit of the OP)

      The good news is that we (Vivid-Asenshi) are switching to MBS as of next episode, which is a day late but should hopefully have the best of both worlds.

  4. Dark_Sage watch the rest of the free episodes currently out! They are really entertaining. Especially ep. 3!
    Also Jenny says that if we became lesbians she would be the top but I think I would be the top. We decided to let you choose. So, whats our verdict? (its me right?)

    • That’s what the weekend’s for. Gotta have something to look forward to.

      And there’s no room for debate. Even if Jenny dropped that nice girl act, how’s she gonna compete with pure, unbridled fujoshi power? No contest, you’d be a vacuum if you ever decided to clean rug. And yes, that’s supposed to be a compliment.

          • Go to DDY’s Hanamonogatari episode 1 release. It’s mainly just Commie upset that another group released something before them resulting in a lost trusted status. I’d be interested to get a translation review to see if there is any merit to what they’re saying. As far as typesetting and the script goes I didn’t think it was bad.

            • Nah, it’s apparently because the release is horribly fucked and poorly translated. Fnord even went so far as to call it Hadena tier.

              • Stop kidding yourself. It’s obvious why the torrent was removed from trusted status – it was released before Commie. Same reason why nyaa deleted that torrent that released before UTW, and marked CGi’s Monogatari Second Season red.

                It’s nothing more than butthurt, and they try to make excuses with absurd rules that they pull out of their asses or make up as they go along.

                  • He said the TL part, D_S can’t do much about that. No matter what you toss at them they’ll just go “we said about the TL not the editing/typesetting/everything else” and then spout more autism.

                  • What? D_S admitted he doesn’t know Japanese. His review would be worthless to evaluate the translation. Unless, of course, all you need to evaluate a translation is to see whether the English is good, which makes no sense here.

                • Thing I really have to wonder – what is so untrusted about the DDY release? It fits their exact rule – torrents submitted by a user with trusted status. We can trust that it is a legit release, not a troll. We also can trust that DDY released it.

                  Nyaa really needs to either update their rules or rename their classifications, or we’re just going to keep calling them out on their crap.

                  • If over 90% of the TL is potentially wrong, there’s just cause for their actions.

                    It’s still in the process of being verified by other TLs also, but the samples I’ve seen don’t seem promising.

                    • Not just “Cartel TLs”, and believe it or not, a lot of those “Cartel TLs” are some of the best in the scene.

                      Obviously there are good TLs outside of that sect too, but to discount them for the groups they choose to work for is silly.

                    • I don’t understand what your implying. How exactly would you know if they are the best unless you are a TL yourself?

                    • Just because they are good, Fyurie, doesn’t mean that they aren’t biased.

                      Also, I highly doubt that they only got 30/300 lines right in the entire script.

                    • Once you’re around this scene long enough, you see the different TLs and the products they put out, and from there, you see the peer-reviews going about too.

                      Basically, they’re tried and tested. Once you’ve been around long enough, you don’t need to be a TL in the scene to know who the good guys are.

                    • @Kristen
                      90% is more of an exaggeration, but the point I’m trying to make is that out of the samples I’ve seen so far, there’s an obvious disconnect in meaning between what several TLs are pushing, and what DDY are pushing.

                      Someone’s gotta be wrong.

                    • Peer reviews is one thing however my reply was towards your claim. I’ll just take it as empty since your no TL you cannot write the best as your recommendation. You cannot know if there’s any bias going on as Kristen wrote.

                      I had to roll my eyes at the good guys part. No offense to you but that was a bit too much sugarcoating.

                      I just have to wonder why your writing is positive and no negative thus far. Trying to scoot closer to their pack? Or simply being honest?

                    • I’m being honest. I trust the TLs claiming these wrongdoings more than the nameless TL credited for DDY’s, unfortunately.

                      Utax’s record isn’t even spectacular. He was kicked from a project of D_S’s, even, under a different alias. (FFFine’s Medaka Box – http://puu.sh/aXZlo.png – see 8th’s TL review.)

                    • I looked at what you’ve submitted however I don’t know how that’s graded and based on the amount of lines in the script. -9 major mistakes out of what exactly? 200-300 or so lines of actual dialogue? If that’s what to expect for a review I find that ridiculous. Am I to expect MAL type of reviews?

                      I notice Kokujin-kun does the same thing for this website. Several lines are chosen and discussed but it falls short on the amount of lines that were correct. Perhaps I don’t remember correctly on this with Kokujin-kun’s review but there needs to be differences between a CR and an original TL on the amount of correct lines.

                    • @anon – There’s a difference between knowing that something’s wrong and identifying something to be wrong.

                      Say I have a friend who’s a real big cheese expert. He tells me that this specific brand of gouda cheese is a scam. I trust him – he’s a cheese expert. So I tell my friends, and they don’t trust me. That’s fine, but the fact that I’m not a cheese expert does not inherently invalidate my claim that this brand of gouda cheese is a scam. In fact, the source I got that information from was a cheese expert – I’m just relaying that information.

                      Mm, cheese. I’m hungry now.

                    • @Fyurie Thanks for the link. The breakdown given by that website is better detailed.

                      @Xythar Do you actually believe -9 mistakes are valid claims over 150-300 actual dialogue to be worth a downgrade in evaluation? I don’t. I would see that perhaps it is the accumulation of minor mistakes the cause for such a grade. It’s not like it cannot be fixed if said group releases a version two down the line.

                      @puddi You lost me on that cheese analogy. Cheese scam? I guess it’s because I don’t buy cheese like that but from a regular store. Unlike cheese which you can sample yourself by your taste buds you cannot sample a TL if you do not know the language yourself and ensure there’s no bias going on.

                  • Trusted users were always reviewed for a bare minimum of TL accuracy (at much lower standards than applied here or on 8ths blog).

                    If making an account and not submitting trolls were enough, Hadena would have gotten trusted. Do they have trusted? They do not.

                    I’d like to point out that I specifically said anybody who wishes to argue that DDY’s release is accurate is welcome to do so. I’m available on IRC and have been since I made this decision.

                    Nobody has talked to me.

                    • Yet at the same time, Doremi’s Precure releases have trusted. Dealing with them when I did BDs of Suite, I can tell you that they are definitely Hadena-tier.

                      You tell me. \o/

                    • Doremi was allowed trusted because, while bad, it’s still sort of possible to understand what’s going on.

                      Like I said, the standards are very low.

                    • I guess Kristen has a point. They making it up as they go. Nyaa needs to update the rules to better clarify or better yet get rid of these mods.

                    • Yes fnord, that’s because it’s a magical girl show. You can watch it raw and understand what’s going on. Bad guy, transform, sparkle, dead.

                      Also, concerning Hadena not having releases trusted, that’s because it’s expressly written in the rules. Your rules page simply states that a green torrent is a torrent from a trusted user. That’s it. Hadena isn’t a trusted user, so of course it’d be white. DDY is a trusted user. No torrent that I can recall has ever had its status change from trusted to untrusted for any reason.

                      But honestly, let’s pretend for a moment you’re right, and this release is the spawn of satan. Is it really worth all the flack you’re getting over it? It’d have harmed nobody keeping it as is, there’d be no calls of “Nyaa is biased”, and people who want to download Commie would download them anyways.

                      Honestly, it’s just autism. All of it.

                    • Further, I have yet to see anyone outside a nyaa moderator or commie fanboys say that the DDY release is even close to bad. Lots of compliments for it. Hell, I even see a nomination for A+.

                    • @Kristen’s comment about no one outside of commie fanboys and nyaa mods (couldn’t see a reply button. I’m assuming thread’s too deep)
                      Who would you be ok with checking out the script? I’m genuinely curious. Don’t just say “anyone who’s not a nyaa mod” or “anyone who’s not a fan of Commie.” I want actual/exact/specific names.

                    • @Kristen, so you’d rather trust compliments of leechers who probably have no idea of what is wrong or right?

                      TL mistakes are hard to catch unless you actually, “really” know Japanese.

                    • Which is why they chose to pretend the TL is horribly bad, Solaristics. By choosing an aspect that they can dismiss most arguments as “you don’t know Japanese”, they can maneuver their way out of a lot of criticism with their nameless translators verifying the claims.

                    • Oh, stop crying for attention. Do you know how many questions get bombarded at me that I have to answer?

                      As for names, there aren’t really any because most of the translators have been gobbled up by cartel groups. You could ask someone in Doki, but that’d be biased the other way. Regardless, as I mentioned elsewhere, the reason why translation was chosen as a griping point was because nobody could dispute it since nobody was qualified to do so. If they chose editing or encoding, many other people could.

                      It wasn’t about a bad translation. It was about releasing before Commie, and trying to find something that nobody could dispute.

                    • Ah, thanks. I got want I wanted out of this. But uh, what if there was nothing wrong with the editing or encode? I’m not trying to like, challenge you or anything. I don’t like to get involved in all this drama stuff. I’m just curious.

  5. Welp, there goes Nyaa abusing their power again. Removing trusted status and then disabling comments because they knew the kind of backlash they’d get for it and didn’t want anyone to point out they’re fucktards.

    Trusted status at Nyaa has nothing to do with a release. It’s suppose to be whether or not the account is trustworthy like any other torrent site. Once a user has been validated to prove their not a bot and not uploading virus infested or troll torrents then they should get trusted.

    Removing it because you disagree with a release is clearly not a valid reason.

    Maybe groups like DDY would stop bending over for the retards running this so called “cartel” and move on to better managed trackers that aren’t trying to control the masses and forcibly point users only to their own shitty products.

      • So I assume Nyaa reviews every episode of every release from trusted groups to ensure they’re correct, right? Couldn’t just be that this happens to be a show commie are subbing.

        • I’m not saying I agree with Nyaa mods way of doing things, but if their release truly had so many errors that it’s hadena tier translation, I’d take away trusted status for a show. It’s better than removing the trusted status of the group as a whole.

          As for your question, no, they probably don’t check every release. But if I was a TL, and I was releasing the same show for a different group and some other group releases first, who has never had success in original translations, I’d check their TL—especially for a monogatari series which has been highly said as being a hard show to dialogue/tl right.

    • I feel like that’s not that what trusted should be about, you should only get trusted if you’re trustworthy to provide quality content to people, what would be the point of being trusted then? None.

    • From what I see; the last two seasons DDY has been pretty consistently reviewed as either being the definite choice to go with or a close call on the shows they do. So I find it pretty questionable that they’re suddenly called out on being Hadena-tier by this ‘fnord’, who happens to be associated with Commie.

      So excuse me for being skeptical when it just seems like some Commiefag being a little bitch because DDY beat them at something they wanted to do.

      We’ve yet to see any evidence to support the claims being made either. fnord pretty much took things into his own hands and deemed it shit without ever justifying any actions he took. Typical behavior from the Nyaa staff.

      • You can go and ask him what’s wrong and the big problem here is that this is an original translation, lately they have only been doing Funi/CR edits, you can’t really compare, all they do is edit some lines to fix the English or whatever, you could do that yourself.

      • That’s because they were called Hadena-tier when they did original translations and never had editors. DDY has improved since then and have found reliable editors. As for the tls, I can’t say much for that. Their original TLs have never been good. They got trusted status when they started improving.

        • It’s funny that the only time Nyaa has an issue with any release is when it’s not a release done by one of their staff and it’s in direct competition with one of theirs.

          How come there isn’t a single instance of this happening on shows that aren’t also done by a Cartel?

          Or even on a Cartel release, considering they’re known for spitting out shit releases pretty often. Underwater for example was utterly terrible this last season.

          See what I’m getting at here? It’s pretty obvious.

          • Their translations are absolutely terrible from what I’ve heard.

            Who cares if it isn’t done on any other show? I already know what you’re trying to get at, but honestly who gives a fuck? Well, you guys sure do, and it’s pretty funny to say the least.

            >Underwater for example was utterly terrible this last season.

            Not really. Are you judging this solely on one episode reviews? UW was nowhere near as bad as you’re trying to point it out to be. At least nowhere near as bad as a mistranslated episode on a show that is probably the hardest to TL in terms of dialogue.

            I find it funny how people who know nothing about Japanese try to spout their logic about knowing what’s right and what’s wrong. And of course, that goes for me too, but I’m just judging by from what I’ve seen or heard from other subbers.

            • The fact is, this shit only happens when Cartel gets mad about a release competing with them and they decide to change the rules to suit their wants. It happened with CoalGirls and now it’s happening with DDY.

              Basically it’s coming to a point where if a Cartel group picks something up then no other group better bother with it or risk action taken against them at Nyaa for it if they happen to spit out a release first.

              The best course of action at this point would be for all non-Cartel groups to simply drop support of Nyaa. Unfortunately no one seems willing to take a stand.

              • I honestly can’t think of any other recent cases where a trusted account released a translation as bad as this. If you know of them, feel free to flag.

                • It’s just that there is nothing in the rules that mention anything along the lines of “trusted groups can lose their trusted status for releases for poor translations.” When mods start enforcing rules that aren’t written anywhere, it’s very easy to see why people might be making accusations.

                  Just think of it from the average leecher’s point of view.
                  >DDY releases Hanamonogatari (Commie was the only group that did Second Season and the only group to specifically state they were Hana)
                  >DDY’s release, to anyone who doesn’t understand Japanese, looked really good (typesetting, editing, etc)
                  >fnord (translator for Commie) says the translation sucks and removes trusted
                  >no more information is given
                  >no rule states that a group can lose trusted on a release based on poor translation

                  It’s not the first time something like this has happened. Nyaa mods are always enforcing rules that are not written anywhere. That’s where the whole issue stems from — there is no clarity regarding the rules or the Trusted, A+, re-encode tags. If all this shit is supposedly in the rules, write it down so we can actually see that it’s there. But this just comes across as Commie being frustrated that a group released something before them.

                • If Commie really wanted to be first, they’d release the episodes individually in the same way. As far as I know at least two or three (out of five) episodes had been translated at that point.

                  I believe there was talk about making it more clear in the rules that trusted accounts are subject to (very lenient) minimum standards of competence, possibly with specific guidelines, but I’ve been kind of busy these last few days so I’m not sure what’s happening with that.

                  I would have liked to see specific evidence posted when the torrent was untrusted originally, but that’s kind of out of my hands. People who aren’t willing to take fnord’s word for it would probably find conspiracy theories to make either way.

                  • I’m not disputing that Commie could’ve released it quicker. All I’m saying is it’s understandable how people could jump to conclusions.

                    And again, it’s not the first time there has been a lot of drama as a result of no clarification of the rules from the moderation staff. One would almost think that you people enjoy drama since you do this so often.

                    >People who aren’t willing to take fnord’s word for it would probably find conspiracy theories to make either way.
                    You’re assuming as much as the people you’re accusing. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting clarification from the moderation team. DDY has significantly upped their game. Watching Hanamonogatari as a leecher who doesn’t understand Japanese, the release seemed very good. So then to go as far as remove trusted status and claim the release is Hadena tier is insane without providing specific examples.

                    The reaction from leechers was completely justified. (btw, we still have no had any word from TLs a to the issues with the release, bar the one line you pointed out).

                    • Xythar, I asked you on ask.fm if DDY would lose their trusted over this release (before they actually lost their trusted). Guess how I knew they would lose their trusted.

                      Nyaa’s moderation team is a fucking joke, lol.

            • As for your statement about UW; Did you even watch their last season? In one specific episode of Black Bullet they basically decided to troll edit. The result? Worse than if you tried to watch Hadena. Did anyone make a big deal about it? No.

              • I watched their Black Bullet and I didn’t see any troll edit? Maybe I missed it.

                >The best course of action at this point would be for all non-Cartel groups to simply drop support of Nyaa. Unfortunately no one seems willing to take a stand.

                Why bother? Where else you gonna go, TT—or rather, the groups gonna take up Piratebay/anime-index? Nyaa is the best place to get anime. No one will ever drop it, and I don’t see a need to.

                >Basically it’s coming to a point where if a Cartel group picks something up then no other group better bother with it

                What? No it isn’t. More like people don’t wanna do the show. I’ve seen tons of groups still pick a show when “cartel” groups do it.

                • > Why bother? Nyaa is the best place to get anime. No one will ever drop it, and I don’t see a need to.

                  -_- Apparently you didn’t even read what you quoted.

                  > What? No it isn’t. More like people don’t wanna do the show. I’ve seen tons of groups still pick a show when “cartel” groups do it.

                  Yep, you either didn’t read or didn’t understand. Maybe English isn’t your forte?

                  I specifically said “or risk action taken against them at Nyaa for it if they happen to spit out a release first.” No where in there did I say or infer what you apparently thought you understood, otherwise your comment just doesn’t make any sense and has nothing to do with what I said.

                  • I read your post, bro. Maybe you didn’t. “Why would anyone bother to taking a stand against Nyaa when every other alternative is shit.” Also, there’s no point in taking a stand. All you leechers cry everyday.

                    Tbh, I couldn’t care less if I read your post wrong, It’s late and your crying like all the Nyaa leechers. I had a few good laughs reading your whining.

                    • While I’m at it, now that I’ve read your post.

                      >Basically it’s coming to a point where if a Cartel group picks something up then no other group better bother with it or risk action taken against them at Nyaa for it if they happen to spit out a release first.

                      Lol. You’re an idiot. You bring up 2 or less examples and then use that as your argument? Yeah, cause the Nyaa mods are taking action against EVERY other show they did, right? Are you retarded?

                    • Just because you consider alternatives “shit” doesn’t mean people should continue to put up with shitty biased control freaks.

                      I’m also not a Nyaa leecher, thank you. I don’t even bother with that site much as I have no need to. Other options are just fine with me and everything posted on Nyaa is found elsewhere just as easily.

                      I find it hilarious how you keep dodging the point and resorting to attacks like a 12 year old. If you’re not capable of keeping up, I have no reason to waste any more text on you.

                    • Your so called “points” are garbage. Whatever makes you sleep at night, bud.

                      >I’m also not a Nyaa leecher, thank you.

                      You’re still a leech nonetheless.

          • I lol’ed. If they’re competing with each other, since Nyaa mods are mostly(?) Commie, they should have deleted it there. Logic.

            And since when fansubbing became a competition? Its just in your mindset.

            • Let’s put this simply: As an end-user, I am free to download and watch anything that’s on Nyaa, regardless if its A+, Trusted, Red/Yellow, etc. If the TL of a release that I watched suits up my taste, regardless if a mod saying that its remarkably bad, why would I care? In my point of view, I perfectly understand the show even there were slight errors and so. Now, if that release loses its trusted status, still the hell I care. It’s not Nyaa totally banning that release, I can still download it there. Else, I could get it on the fansubber’s site anyway. Hence, this is not a case unless I’m a fanboy.

              • The thing is, if you ask any of those leechers, most of them wouldn’t even know what’s the difference between a trusted “green” torrent from a non-trusted one. Yes, only a small part of the leechers actually cares about recognitions given to groups, and whatnot.

                DDY is still going to get its downloads. The release wasn’t banned, it’s still there. Now they even put out a v2.

                Some people simply care too much. Who cares which release gets A+? When there are multiple versions of a the same content from different “reputable” groups, I would check them out first, before deciding what to keep.

  6. The way I see it, we really need the opinion of TLs who aren’t associated with the so-called “Cartel” in a public review.

    Surely there’s at least one interested TL out there who fits the criteria.

  7. Not to rain on the circlejerk here, but yes, the translation really is that bad. They apparently don’t even know what stuff like より means so you get lines like:

    translated as:
    “Suruga, your life is nothing more than a burden on others.”

    Basically, what the hell, DDY? Just about every line in the intro is mistranslated somehow, to say nothing about the rest of the episode.

      • You don’t need to be a Japanese expert to know what that line means.

        The worst part is that either DDY’s translator knows even less Japanese than me, or they let a bunch of editors go to town on the script and rewrite a bunch of lines to completely the wrong meaning with no oversight. Neither paints a very flattering picture.

      • You really don’t see the difference between “you will lead a more troublesome life than other people” and “you will be a burden on others”?

        One implies that things in Suruga’s life will cause trouble for her. The other suggests that she will cause trouble for other people.

        The meaning is pretty much the opposite.

          • Yes, actually, it is. The entire excerpt quoted in the comparison is completely backwards in meaning and tone. I’m actually not sure how they could have translated it any worse.

            • Massive and unacceptable would be something that fucks up the story or your understanding of what’s happening in the episode. This translation mistake, though bad, did not do that. There is absolutely no reason to make such a fuss over a mistake like that. Fnord is clearly acting on his own bias. Besides, given Kanbaru’s situation, she is a burden on others. Again, the translation mistake doesn’t really affect the story in anyway.

              And don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending poor translations. No one wants bad translations. The thing is, the translations were not nearly as bad as fnord made them out to be. The mere fact that he watched less than 5 minutes of a release and concluded it was so flawed (when really, it wasn’t THAT different from Commie’s http://privatepaste.com/d78057845d ) that the torrent deserved it’s trusted status revoked and every leecher on Nyaa to “know how terrible this release is” shows how biased fnord is.

              Translation errors like these aren’t that uncommon, yet this is the first time a group has ever lost it’s trusted status for a release over a translation error.

              • If those are the standards you wish to hold translations too, feel free to ignore trusted status entirely. I expect translators to understand and translate the Japanese line rather than recognising a couple of words and making up a line that seems to fit. The last line in the comparison is especially damning – it’s akin to translating a line that means “I hope you won’t waste your life” as “You will never amount to anything”. If that’s not a serious error to you, I would hate to imagine what is.

                Groups such as Watakushi have been refused trusted status in the past for the same reason, and other uploaders like Final8 have also lost trusted status for incompetence. In this case, it was only removed from the release, but if DDY put out more original translations of this quality, I would probably want to re-evaluate their account as a whole.

                It’s a shame, because they’ve been doing a solid job with their simulcast edits. It’s just original translations where they fall over, but unfortunately those are the most important to get right.

                • It’s fnord’s outrageous claims. Two translations errors which do not have an effect on your understanding of the plot or the episode itself do not warrant an entire release losing its trusted status or a “this is Hadena-tier.” Watakushi as an entire group is shit — all of their releases, from translations, to timing, to typesetting, to encoding: it’s all terrible. I’ve never, ever seen a single release lose its trusted status because of two minor translation errors. And yes, minor, because these do no have any actual impact to the meaning or your understanding of the episode as a whole.

                  And it also comes down to a lack of clarity from the moderation team. For starters:
                  >Green entries: Torrents uploaded by trusted users are green in the torrent lists.
                  This is not very explanatory. What is trusted? Does it mean you can trust you are not getting troll subs or viruses from the download? Because if so, DDY’s Hanamonogatari is certainly a trustworthy release.

                  • To be honest, Nyaa’s rules were never really clearly mentioned on the site. Well, not that you can possibly think them all when making the site. Some rules are thought and put in place as times goes on. I’d like to seem written somewhere too though.

                    • That’s the point. Rules change and are written all the fucking time. And this is almost always done in Commie’s favour or to downplay another group’s release. This the the main issue I have with everything that’s transpired.

                    • Your full of it nyaa mod. The same conclusions can be made when comparing a CR script and fake subs such as your group by subtle changes such as those you’ve posted. Your deep defending your spoon buddies.

                    • “Thou art full of it, Nyaamod. When one a Crunchrollscript with fakesubs (such as those thy fansubband makes) compares can the same endthought be reached, if one slight shifts, like the ones thou hast upput, makes. Thou sees deep out, when thou thy spoonfriends forshieldest.”

                    • I am literally not the same Anon as this retard that doesn’t speak English properly. I’m sure D_S or some other mod or something could attest since they can probably see the email you post with.

                      And just for the record, I’m not trying to upset Xythar. I actually really respect Xythar for being the ONLY mod on Nyaa who ever has the decency to try and explain any of the decisions made by the Nyaa moderation team. Though I don’t agree with what he’s saying, at least he tries to justify their decisions.

                    • @Abunja: Have you really heard “I am an unsame Anonymous as the one whose upputting Xythar a clearspeaking for-asked.” over and over again? That’s a little… hard to believe.

                    • Late to look at this, but I’d also call bs on begna statement. The phrasing and TLC changes make a huge difference in the lines that were changed and it would definitely effect the way I interpret these lines.

                    • IRC doesn’t really work that way and the Anons complaining on /a/ aren’t smart enough to all get the same name, or even use IRC in the first place.

                    • But on IRC you can’t just call yourself Anonymous and share the name with a bunch of other people, there they can single you out and call you out on your stupidity, which turns people off from going there.

        • I didn’t say I didn’t see an issue with the line as a whole. I simply pointed out that it wasn’t really a translation error. The line is problematic due to phrasing.

          For example, They could have just as easily said:
          “Suruga, compared to others, your life is full of burden”

          Or phrased it any other way you can think of.

          • That’s what I’d call a translation error. You can have everything right, but if you mess up the construction of the sentence to mean something completely different, you can’t really deny that the mistake is in the translation itself. They thought it was correct that way, hence the mistake.

              • It is a translation error. The meaning of the original line was changed to the opposite. The fact that they didn’t realise the error means that they either have issues with English (and I doubt that), or they thought there were no mistakes, which of course leads to a completely wrong interpretation.

                Call it what you will, it was a TL mistake regarless.

                • Phrasing can make or break a translation.

                  I consider phrasing part of the translation process, because it is; but that’s exactly it. It’s part of it, not the whole thing. I consider a phrasing error an error that breaks meaning due to phrasing; while I consider a translation error to be just that, an error in translating a word to a similar word. I’m probably not vocalizing what I mean correctly, but this is what I was trying to convey.

                  Either way, it was still not the point of my comment, which you’ve still ignored.

                  • I don’t see what else is to read in that comment. You’re just providing some alternative way to phrase the correct sentence.

                    You say phrasing is part of the translation process. I agree on that. In fact, that’s the reason why that it is a translation mistake. Their wrong construction of the line lead to a completely different meaning. Frankly speaking, I don’t see how anyone could mess it up like that despite knowing the original meaning. I still believe they just didn’t realise they were translating it erroneously. Hence, it isn’t a mistake due to awkward phrasing, but due to a wrong interpretation of the Japanese line.

              • It is a translation error. The meaning of the original line was changed to the opposite. The fact that they didn’t realise the error means that they either have issues with English (and I doubt that), or they thought there were no mistakes, which of course leads to a completely wrong interpretation.

                Call it what you will, it was a TL mistake regardless.

          • No, it’s a translation error. The meaning of the translation is different to the meaning of what’s being said. Quite different, in fact. Though this translation error is no where near enough to warrant such an outrageous claim by fnord.

      • Incorrect translations are okay if you’re trolling and are Commie. It helps if your entire group consists of Nyaa moderators.

        Here’s the funny thing. That release deserved to be revoked of trusted status for two reasons: firstly, following fnord’s logic, bad translations like that warrant a revoked trusted; secondly, troll subs aren’t allowed, and that’s clearly what Commie was doing with the release.

        Of course, the people who worked on that release were all Nyaa mods, so what does it matter?

      • I was totally OK with this because I wasn’t watching this for plot. I don’t get why anyone would. I will never understand why people take a show seriously when it doesn’t even take /itself/ seriously. I’m perfectly fine and would even prefer “troll” subs in this case. When a show doesn’t take itself seriously, why the hell not watch subs that don’t take it seriously?

        • Maybe some of us just wanted the humor of the show, and not the “le top kek XDDDD” Commie hilarity.

          Face it, nyaa wouldn’t have tolerated subs like that coming from any group that their staff weren’t associated with.

    • “From the sole piece of evidence provided in herkz’ privatepaste, the most evident difference is that of the tone of Suruga’s mother toward her, which was intentional, and some editing differences.”


      “From the perspective of “What will I get from the release?”, it is our position that you will get the same in the v1 as the v2 as the core of it has not changed.”


    • fnord watched the first 5 minutes and concluded that it was Hadena-tier. From the pastebin, DDY’s first 2 lines were a lot better than Commie’s, and while the rest was certainly different, the meaning was pretty similar.

      It’s pretty obvious that this is just fnord being a gigantic faggot because someone else put Hanamonogatari out before Commie. it’s pretty fucking sad.

  8. It would be nice if all of Commie’s releases were subjected to the same treatment and given TL reviews as well. Of course, I’m sure anyone they did get to review them would also work for Commie.

    Another shining example of how biased and terrible Nyaa is. The sooner there’s a viable alternative, the better.

    I bet DDY thought they’d be able to avoid this kind of treatment by sucking Daiz’s dick during his anti-TT tirade. I guess no one gave them the message that Monogatari is a Commie-exclusive show.

  9. On the bright side, thanks to all this drama Commie’s translation will have to be the best fansub ever! –I bet they’re even reviving cartel corpses to contribute to the effort.

    I wonder what shade of blue the torrent page –after some lengthy debate and evaluation– will be awarded? Hopefully they’ve been holding back some special kind of electric pulsating blue for just such an emergency.

    –Ah, sorry fnord. No pressure. No ticking clock either.

  10. Here’s the sad part of all this.

    Nyaa continues to pull this crap. UTW and deleting the group that released before them for Suisei. Flagging CGi’s Monogatari as red for 5% usage of Commie. Untrusting DDY over minor translation inaccuracies. All which can also be read as “getting more DLs for the nyaa mods groups”.

    Yet with all that, groups don’t leave for better trackers like anirena or minglong. Why? Greed for download numbers.

    And the fact that cartel groups like Commie who make cookie cutter releases of shows they don’t care about have already snuffed out most of the non-cartel groups.

    • >UTW and deleting the group that released before them for Suisei.

      Never head about it. Could you mind give details on this?

      >Flagging CGi’s Monogatari as red for 5% usage of Commie. Untrusting DDY over minor translation inaccuracies.

      Not that I couldn’t download those on Nyaa. Anyway, DDY’s v2 is up on Nyaa as trusted release. And I guess they got the right TL now, because that’s what being trusted is all about, right?

      >Yet with all that, groups don’t leave for better trackers like anirena or minglong. Why? Greed for download numbers.

      What benefit do fansubbers get if they had a lot of downloads on their release? Are they gaining profit?

      • Nyaa Mods:
        Deleting about 50% of the comments (on the v1 release)
        Disable to comment on the v1 and v2 release
        ◔ ◡ ◔

        • I get why they do that, what are being mods for if don’t exercise their authority? You know, its a house rule. Strictly follow and don’t do anything that’s unnecessary.

      • In Suisei, Horriblesubs delayed their releases so that UTW could release first. One week, a group released Himado with legit subs. It was deleted by nyaa for being a “Himado upscale”.

        For being able to download, sure. You could download anything from nyaa still. But many people go to nyaa and are like “I don’t want this mp4 re-encode crap, search trusted only”. Guess what happens? The best version of Monogatari S2 is hidden, and people download the other version.

        And as for downloads, many fansubbers care about epeen on the interwebs. I for one don’t, which is why I don’t try to artificially boost my download counts by submitting to nyaa with CGi torrents. But some fansubbers, such as Commie and Horriblesubs, actually do sub for profit by underreporting income and pretending they have a lot of outcome in donations

        • It’s true that we leechers care about torrents not being red, since that’s become associated with DeadFish etc, but I don’t think anybody pays attention to white/green/blue. Most don’t even know what those means.

          If there’s anything that advantages Commie over smaller groups, it’s brand recognition – we’ve been seeing them for years and older groups are assumed to be more experiences, ergo better.

        • >In Suisei, Horriblesubs delayed their releases so that UTW could release first. One week, a group released Himado with legit subs. It was deleted by nyaa for being a “Himado upscale”.

          I’m pretty sure upscaling isn’t allowed on Nyaa.

          >But many people go to nyaa and are like “I don’t want this mp4 re-encode crap, search trusted only”.

          Me, for one, doesn’t want re-encodes. So knowing what to download comes to play, not by being trusted or not.

          >The best version of Monogatari S2 is hidden

          What’s your basis here? If this is a re-encode, I won’t believe you.

          >And as for downloads, many fansubbers care about epeen on the interwebs.

          This is only a problem if you’re somewhat insecure of your own. (F**k if bbcodes won’t work)

          >such as Commie and Horriblesubs, actually do sub for profit by underreporting income and pretending they have a lot of outcome in donations

          Don’t just put such statements without facts that support your claim. It’s very unprofessional.

          >I don’t try to artificially boost my download counts by submitting to nyaa

          And with your claim here, does Nyaa directly help whatever group increase their donations? I don’t see any “Donate” button on any torrent released there.

          • You obviously don’t have the brainpower to think independently, so I’m going to just let you believe whatever crap you’re fed to by the cartel groups.

              • Here, you want explanations?

                Upscaling isn’t allowed, but neither is a lot of crap that the cartel groups do. They selectively enforce their rules, hence the bias.

                Also, the best version of Monogatari is CGi. It was marked a re-encode because it used modified Node subs, an original BD encode, and Commie’s typesetting as a base (aka, all typesetting was redone to be consistent with past seasons as better). Search trusted only, you wouldn’t find it.

                Also, I’ve talked to people from those groups who privately admitted to me to pocketing a lot of the donations to help pay for school or games. Doesn’t take a genius to see that if a little group like CGi can easily raise 200 a month with donations (when we tried like 3 years ago), a big group like Commie easily can raise close to 1000. And let me tell you, Chihiro’s required outflow, when it was big, was $30 a month.

                But again, you’re not willing to think on your own. All of these things could easily be thought of logically. But you don’t seem to have the brain capacity for it, so stop talking to me. I’m done with you.

                • Except that node’s translation was terrible, not to mention he never even finished it. That alone disqualifies your version as the best one.

                  >Also, I’ve talked to people from those groups who privately admitted to me to pocketing a lot of the donations to help pay for school or games.

                  Proof or it never happened.

                  • Says archdeco, who doesn’t know a lick of Japanese.

                    And no, I’m not going to rat out someone I consider a friend. Hide behind the velvet veil if you want, but it should be pretty obvious that if a group with a few thousand downloads per show can raise $200 in a month, a group with a couple HUNDRED thousand downloads raises a lot more.

                    But this entire thing is based on the stupidity of people, isn’t it? After all, how believable is it that the first time nyaa has ever changed a release from trusted to untrusted, it happened to be the biggest show Commie was working on?

                    • Yeah. It’s not like monogatari shows are very well known for be hard to translate even before commie picked it up…

                    • >Says archdeco, who doesn’t know a lick of Japanese.

                      Two can play that game. You claim that node is better, yet your knowledge of Japanese is as good as mine.

                      8thsin reviewed both versions. Believe it or not, he gave a nod to Commie’s version. And kokujin failed node on this very blog for making CR’s script worse. If that’s not enough of a proof for you, then I’m not gonna bother arguing with you anymore.

                      >And no, I’m not going to rat out someone I consider a friend. Hide behind the velvet veil if you want, but it should be pretty obvious that if a group with a few thousand downloads per show can raise $200 in a month, a group with a couple HUNDRED thousand downloads raises a lot more.

                      Now I’m interested even more. Please elaborate on your friend and that filthy group that pockets more than 200$ every month.

                    • 8thsin I have always said is biased. I don’t believe a lick of what he says. But sure, stop arguing with me. That’s your prerogative.

                      As for the donations, you misread what I wrote, as you often do. CGi occasionally will open up donations to buy BDs, which we then do (you can see the results on our sites). We’ve gotten $200 a lick before. We then resell the BDs at discounts, and use those proceeds to buy more BDs, or things to further benefit our group (such as hardware, server expenses, etc), and continue this cycle until nothing is left. With this, we are able to keep income very low, even though the potential exists for much more.
                      The dirty group pocketing money is those that cannot account for outflows in any reasonable way, even though mathematically they should be making close to $1000 a month. AKA, the cartel groups.

                    • This might come as a shock for you, but 8thsin isn’t fond of Commie himself. And I’ve never heard of any group making $1000 a month. The most would be 200-250$. Going by your delusions, I should be typing those words from my shiny, new PC. Meanwhile, I’m using an old toaster bought back in 2003… Maybe it’s time to actually pocket some money for a new PC!

                    • Also, it isn’t hard for a friend to go to another friend and be like “Hey, can you give this group a good review, and this group a bad one?” Don’t give me the crap about you guys all hating each other – there’s a reason why all you pile on at the most obscure sites any time anyone says anything against any of you.

                    • According to Commie’s Gittip they get $93 a week. This is not counting their Bitcoin donations or other methods.

                      So it’s a pretty safe assumption they likely get $500-700 a month.

                  • I’d like to note that a decent server with unlimited bandwidth, 32 GB ram, quad-core CPU @ 3.6 GHz, 4TB hard drive, while on a 1gigabit line only runs me $50 a month.

                    You can’t honestly expect me to believe they need 14x that for whatever possible server they claim they need. They could run their seedbox, xdcc bot, and website off a server of that caliber; while also doing some of their encoding on it.

                • >Upscaling isn’t allowed, but neither is a lot of crap that the cartel groups do.

                  I would love the see some evidence here.

                  >Also, the best version of Monogatari is CGi. It was marked a re-encode because it used modified Node subs

                  I heard Node subs failed in TL review here. Also, I am quite confused what is considered remake or re-encode in Nyaa, so this case of CGi not being trusted is still debatable.

                  >Also, I’ve talked to people from those groups who privately admitted to me to pocketing a lot of the donations to help pay for school or games.

                  Since AFAIK, money that came from donations are supposed to be used to buy BDs. If its true, then, why not make a campaign against it? Its not the matter of how much money you got from donations, but on how you used it.

                  >But again, you’re not willing to think on your own. All of these things could easily be thought of logically. But you don’t seem to have the brain capacity for it, so stop talking to me. I’m done with you.

                  Oh, you’re running away again? Is this really your style if you can’t handle such questioning? And with a parting insult, nonetheless? And you honestly believe that thinking all things logically such as these are acceptable to court? I’m no lawyer, but I don’t believe so.

            • >You obviously don’t have the brainpower to think independently

              I don’t see this as an insult, since I know what my brain is capable of. Am I hurting your e-peen for making such a reply?

              >many fansubbers care about epeen on the interwebs. I for one don’t


    • >Yet with all that, groups don’t leave for better trackers like anirena or minglong. Why?

      Because they suck.

      >Untrusting DDY over minor translation inaccuracies.

      But they weren’t “minor.”

      >The best version of Monogatari S2 is hidden, and people download the other version.

      Node was shit though

      • >Node was shit though
        I like node’s tlc as a person. He’s a chill guy. But uh, he learned his Japanese exclusively from anime. I have logs if you want them. He said he couldn’t tl anime and could only tlc. How does one tlc anime without at least being able to shitily tl? Sounds to me like “That’s not what’s said!” and changes it, but Iunno. I’ve never worked with him. He’s a real chill dude though. Also, node failed koku’s tl review.

          • Even if it were just “shitily tl,” would you trust that person to have more knowledge than a “professional” translator at crunchyroll? When you tlc, you are expected to have more knowledge and know the language more than the person who originally tled it, or do I have the wrong idea of this whole tlc thing? when people tlced my shitty manga tls, they had better have known more JP than me.

            • Also, the Japanese in a -monogatari series is insanely hard, from what I’ve heard and seen. People talk about how hard “correctly” tling a -monogatari series is all the time, don’t they?

              • I remember watching Bakemonogatari raw before my N5 (immersion etc), so it can’t be THAT hard. I always thought it’s the kind of show that’s hard to translate, but not necessarily because the language is obscure.

                Or maybe it depends on how you learned the language. I find the Japanese in Urobuchi shows really damn hard.

            • Not really, it depends.

              For example, the tlc might be better at English than the tl, so they check that the translation actually says what the tl thinks it says.

              A tlc is also useful to catch minor mistakes. When you translate, it’s natural to make mistakes – afaik, anime tls aren’t professionals and shouldn’t be held to that standard. Since you’re working from an audio, mishearing stuff should also be common.

              Ofc, you can also use a better translator with less time to vet translations from a worse translator with more time. But I think this decision is something groups do on a show-by-show basis.

      • Node was Horriblesubs with a bit of TLC and honorifics. Commie was Horriblesubs made worse. Neither is ideal, but I’d take Node over Commie any day.

      • Since you like going off reviews, let’s go off D_S + TL Review.



        They made the script worse. Who knows if they improved in the later episodes, but I watched an episode of their release and found it terrible.

        >But uh, he learned his Japanese exclusively from anime.

        That brings my faith in a TLC even lower. Exclusively from anime? Might as well as let anyone TLC then…

          • >I suppose if you need to wait for karaoke improvements, and prefer the HorribleSubs translation to the Commie effort, you’d want to get this release

            Sadly, I don’t prefer HorribleSubs terrible dialogue/TL, so D_S recommendation for you to pick HS/Node is a big lol.

          • >Node was Horriblesubs with a bit of TLC and honorifics. Commie was Horriblesubs made worse.

            a) Node’s “TLC” made already bad CR’s script even worse.
            b) Commie’s version was an original TL.
            c) I’m not sure you’ve realized this, but D_S gives recommendations based on editing, not TL quality.

            • And editing is what everyone sees archdeco. TL quality is what 5% of people who don’t even need subs see. Not to say that node was worse than Commie in either department.

                • Where did I ever say that? It’s a factor, but nowhere near as big of a factor as editing.

                  A good editor can make a crappy translation seem like gold. Why do you think Coalguys had so many fans for its C->E translations?

                  • >And editing is what everyone sees archdeco. TL quality is what 5% of people who don’t even need subs see.

                    You’re basically saying that editing is more important that TL quality simply because people don’t understand Japanese? Time to start scriptwriting I guess…

                    And that comment about C->E… it’s just so doki/doremi level…

  11. Something I’ve noticed about Nyaa is that they don’t do the PR side of things very well. I’ve recently been on the wrong end of some comments from a particular Nyaa mod (I’m not going into any more detail as the situation was resolved and it’s all water under the bridge – and it was more his opinion than that of Nyaa anyway), but it seems to me that a lot of the shouts of bias and so forth are down to their own making.

    For instance, this whole thing could have been avoided if, before revoking the Green status of a torrent, one of the Nyaa mods had informed DDY of their translation mishaps. It’s not like we don’t all use IRC, and DDY are a fairly well-known group – I think a heads-up would have been a better way to go, with the caveat that they’d risk their Green status if they didn’t put out a v2 to correct their errors. I think if the scale of the issue was made aware to them *before* their Green status was pulled, DDY would probably have pulled the torrent themselves while they sorted out extra TLC (which is what they’ve done).

    As they say, you get a more favourable reaction with honey than with a stick. Especially if you’re already accused of bias to start with – you need to try that little bit harder/be a little more transparent to try to dispel that idea, rather than playing straight into the naysayers hands.

    • This is the truth. Definitely a huge PR failure. It made it look like bias regardless if it really was or not. I think a little more respect towards well-known groups who have a good history would go a long way.

      • Where did I say it only affected leechers? As far as I can tell, most of the people commenting on this slice of dorama have been fansubbers themselves.

          • Not entirely. Most people dismiss Kristen’s POV out of hand these days, but you’ll notice that this wasn’t started by her (she just brought her axe to grind in the knife fight). Anyway, I think it’s a valid point for discussion on the whole, even if you agree with their decision or not.

            • If their POV was more than just “cartel members have told me my stuff was shit before so that means they’re shit.” I think more people would take what they said seriously.

              • I’m a liberal-minded type – if someone feels they want to refer to and identify themselves as another gender to the one they physically are, then who am I to say otherwise? It’s a free country/world/internet, amirite?

              • I am whatever you want to believe me to be physically. You want to believe what a disgruntled roommate of mine (who I let freeload with my for 3 months and then decided to backstab me) told Kusion, who then told the internet? Fine.

                But whether or not you believe it, in everything I do, I am female. I think female, act female, and am a female in every way I can be. Only thing missing, if you believe my ex-roommate, is the physical aspect.

                  • If that’s what you want to believe.

                    I’m always willing to tell you the truth, but you can believe either:

                    1. I am a true female.
                    2. I a a male who wants a sex change to become a female to match the personality.

                    • Wait, which are you actually? Not what Kusion said. Were you BORN a girl? Because if not, you are not — and never will be — a girl.

  12. Oh, look, Commie just released, and without any review at all or waiting for other groups to release, A+’d it.

    Unbiased my ass.

  13. So in the end, its all about hate for Commie. I feel sorry for these guys, on how they waste so much time for nothing. If you can change the way the game is played, then I can take my words back.

  14. Do fansubbers actually think that they’re better than regular viewers just because they’re fansubbers, or is that supposed to be some sort of satire?

    • Well it varies based on the individual but a number of them do have a lot of e-peen.

      The high number of illiterate and “retarded” leechers also doesn’t help us judge the audience’s intellectual level.

      Of course, the satire also exists.

    • Fansubbers tend to have disdain for leechers (hence the term) because a lot of them (typically the more vocal ones) are whiny and demanding despite contributing nothing at all and more often than not having no idea what they’re talking about. Include honorifics? Leechers complain. Remove honorifics? Leechers complain. Use terminology that doesn’t match the manga/LN/VN fan translation? Leechers complain, even if the original translation was wrong. Etc, etc.

      In light of this, fansubbers generally think very little of the opinions of leechers unless you demonstrate the capacity for reasonable dialogue and critical thinking.

      • Isn’t the whole purpose of fansubbing to make content accessible to those who don’t know Japanese? I fail to see why fansubbers sometimes treat their intended audience as the enemy, like teachers who hate kids. Yeah, some of them whine and shit, but that’s a given whenever you do anything. Ignore them and move on; don’t have a little temper tantrum about how you’re so unappreciated (*cough* Underwater’s announcement *cough*).

        Maybe it really has devolved into a battle between groups rather than volunteer work aimed to help viewers. Crying shame, really.

        • The problem is what leechers perceive fansubbers as. Some of the smarter ones believe that fansubbers are human beings, and thank them for their time, have patience, and are understanding in decisions. The less smart ones believe that fansubbers are slaves, and are required to do everything and anything they want as they want it.

          I try to treat my leechers with respect, but I let them know that I do things how I like to do them, and that not every show I do is made for them to enjoy. But many other groups just throw them under the bus.

        • >like teachers who hate kids.

          Imagine the kids decided to tell you you were doing your job wrong, you should have used X teaching method instead of Y because the student prefers it but you don’t.
          It’s the same, yes you can bitch at them that they removed honorifics and even provide good arguments that defend their usage but it’s really up to the fansubs to decide wether or not to use them, it’s not like they’re going to be wrong by not using them, it’s mostly preference, Commie isn’t wrong for localizing their subs, you might not like it but that doesn’t mean they are wrong. That’s mostly why fansubs don’t give a crap about the leecher.
          Bottom line is: is someone doing something wrong? Complain about it. Is someone doing something that you don’t like? Shut up and pick another group.

          >Maybe it really has devolved into a battle between groups rather than volunteer work aimed to help viewers.

          Maybe, but fansubbing isn’t a charity, most of them aren’t willing to put up with whiny bitches.

          • You’re missing my point. I’m not saying what the leechers are doing is right, I’m saying fansubbers should at least try to be the better man and not respond aggressively to a small minority of whiners. Pretty sure that’s a basic social skill.

            And about that teacher analogy, there definitely are bratty kids who do that. But which would you respect more, a teacher who responded by calling the kid (or even the entire class, as some fansub posts seem to like grouping all leechers) an ungrateful whiner, or one who dealt with the matter more patiently and politely? I know which one I would choose, but some fansubbers’ egos don’t appear to allow them to do that.

            • Most fansubbers stop caring after a certain point really.
              It’s understandable though, especially at the start, you just made this for people to enjoy for free and someone comes and complains about it? Especially when it’s just that basic stuff with no backup arguments.
              And it’s like Daiz said, people only remember the bad stuff, and like I said, fansubbing isn’t a charity.
              Maybe it’s their ego, maybe they are just tired, maybe it’s both, both sides are wrong more often than not, leechers tend to be more wrong though.

        • Fansubbing’s a hobby, and fansubbers don’t owe you anything. Yes, the goal is to provide English subtitles for an audience that doesn’t speak Japanese, but when that audience turns hostile and throws temper tantrums for stupid reasons, fansubbers don’t have to put up with it.

          I think most fansubbers are open to civil discussions/criticism about what they release, but the onus is on the viewer to demonstrate basic human compassion first. There’s a world of difference between “Hey, I caught this mistake in your subs,” and “you guys are fucking retarded.”

          • Except most viewers ARE like “Hey, I caught a mistake in your subs”. Hell, I’d even go so far and say most viewers are like “Thank you [X fansub group] for your release! Great job as always!”

            The problem is some fansubbers see a few loud and rude people and have little hissy fits, and kind of forget that 90% of their audience still really like their subs (whether or not they’re good, but that’s a separate issue).

            I’m sure anyone who has read Daiz’s post on Underwater knows what I’m talking about. Damn, he was bitter and defensive. It was hilarious, because while it was clearly aimed at those who were bitching about UW delaying for weeks, you can bet that plenty of people who were reading (and probably had been waiting for) that announcement were big fans of UW.

            • I think part of the reason for that is there’s no substance to a simple thanks. It’s nice and all, but you typically don’t give it a second glance. As content providers, fansubbers care about the feedback they get (whether they’re willing to admit it or not), so when the only meaty comments they get are the rude complaints or “when are you releasing X?” (especially when the people working on X have nothing to do with this release) it becomes difficult not to belittle leechers as a whole. It’s also partly why fansubbers usually care much more about the feedback of other fansubbers and consider that their opinions trump those of “whiny” leechers.

              • Also, for the love of god refrain from doing shit like this: http://puu.sh/b0zAt/832ce75e54.png

                If your Japanese credentials are “I’ve watched a lot of anime and took one semester of Japanese,” you are not qualified to judge a translation. Leechers who get upset because they recognized one word and you didn’t translate it literally are a cancer.

            • Not if you visit /a/.

              And it goes both ways, people only remember the bad things, do you think Commie is happy with all the praise they are getting with this drama? Yeah, I bet.
              And in their mind they did nothing wrong, how dare they want you to download a better release, cartel scum.

  15. So Commie have effectively monopolized all ‘monogatari releases?

    It’s already been proven that:
    If a group other than Commie releases a BD version of Monogatari S2+ and later, it’ll be marked red on Nyaa.

    If any group other than Commie releases a monogatari release through Nyaa, Commie/Nyaa staff will remove the group’s trusted status for that release and go out of their way to discredit it.

    Commie will instantly get blue for all monogatari they release on Nyaa, and they will not allow for any kind of open discourse regarding this process on Nyaa.

    • >Commie will instantly get blue for all monogatari they release on Nyaa, and they will not allow for any kind of open discourse regarding this process on Nyaa.
      This is actually consistent with how the A+ status has always worked regarding prequels. Anime-Koi (a non-Cartel group), for instance, has been given A+ on a few of their releases this season because they had A+ on the first season of the show.

      Since Commie had A+ on Monogatari SS (well deserved, their releases were good), they automatically got it for Hanamonogatari.

      >If a group other than Commie releases a BD version of Monogatari S2+ and later, it’ll be marked red on Nyaa.
      This is very true.

      >If any group other than Commie releases a monogatari release through Nyaa, Commie/Nyaa staff will remove the group’s trusted status
      I really like DDY and I think most of their releases are very good, but their Hanamonogatari release wasn’t. They brought this upon themselves, really.

      >and go out of their way to discredit it.
      This is true.

      • It started with Nisemonogatari which they did a shitty job on since CMS was better. Once UTW released the BD on Nisemonogatari they received a blue.

        Now with Nekomonogatari Kuro and neither UTW or Commie received A+. It wasn’t until BD for Kuro that trash subs receive a A+. So their rules are changing when it suits them who are in the circle, consistency has nothing to do with this as that’s merely a ruse used today for Hana.

        • You’re probably right. I just wanted to point out that in other instances they did give non-Cartel groups A+ if said group had A+ status on previous seasons.

          • And in the instance of Neko Kuro, if they followed their own rule they would have auto-A+’d UTW. It was an OVA of Nisemonogatari just as much as Hana is an OVA of this.

    • You also forgot about how Commie will whine until they get their way on other sites, going so far as to asking people to discredit their own releases like they did with __ar and Nekomonogatari.

            • Doesn’t take much brainpower to understand the reason why __ar would do that. Hint – It’s not that he legit thought Commie was better.

              It’s the same reason why you were nowhere to be found when I was defending FFF’s release for Nisekoi. You’d rather trash your own release than agree with me. Honestly, it’s rather petty of you, but I guess that’s to be expected of the person who wanted to put in the time and effort to sub an entire show just to piss me off.

              • You know, I could bother to paste you logs, but since your denial is so strong, I’m sure you would accuse me of tampering with them (or even writing my own logs just to prove my point). So in all seriousness, fuck you. Talking with you is a waste of time. I don’t see the point in going around and screaming how FFF’s Nisekoi is great, fucking awesome, and all that. I’m sure later episodes were better (since certain person quit the project after episode 1), but unlike you, I’m not gonna advertise it everywhere. Oh, and you can be sure that the person leaking our logs to you will be dealt with.

                • Funny, because you’ll go around screaming about how other shows are great when you can disagree with me. I mean, hell, look at the irony of it where in the same comment stack you defend Commie’s Neko and then say “I don’t go around defending releases because I don’t see the point”.

                  As for logs, good luck, because I found it on a pastebin while searching google.

                  • >“I don’t go around defending releases because I don’t see the point”.

                    >I don’t see the point in going around and screaming how FFF’s Nisekoi is great, fucking awesome, and all that.

                    Clearly you cannot read. I’m not defending/advertising FFF releases, unlike you.

                    >As for logs, good luck, because I found it on a pastebin while searching google.

                    Clearly you’re lying because your leak doesn’t have access to the channel where it happened.

                    • No, it’s just stupid to say that you don’t defend your own releases when you defended locodol like just a week ago.

                    • Yeah, I investigated into the encode. It was funny because the IVTC was fine. The only problem was that FFF was too lazy to work with the better TBS stream and used CR instead, which has no scrolling ads.

                      Also, asking people to make your releases on nyaa blue is very much shouting “we’re the best!”

                    • >Also, asking people to make your releases on nyaa blue is very much shouting “we’re the best!”

                      In the same manner you did when you asked nyaa mods to blue your Mangaka release? (Hey, I can throw out false/baseless accusations too).

                      Stop watching chuunibyou shows because you can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy anymore. Or better yet, just kill yourself.

                    • First off, I was in the lovely world of Aion when that decision was made. Notice how I disappeared until like mid-February? Yeah, don’t know how I could have requested Mangaka to be A+ when I wasn’t even online.

                      Second off, as I said before, I still believe Mangaka was only made as A+ to have a counter-example in the nyaa A+ bias arguments. It was a show with no cartel groups doing it, and Kristen wasn’t associated with it, so why not? Though it is funny how even more obvious A+ material stuff has been denied since then.

                      Third, you seem to forget that CGi was at one time on good terms with Nyaa. I know how A+ works, because it happened with me too. Nyaa himself asked me what shows I wanted A+ that weren’t, so I told him DtB S2 (my most recent show at the time), so he told me to flag it. Upon flagging it, it was immediately granted A+.
                      I have little reason to believe that anything else happens now.

                    • Though it’s funny how just a few posts after
                      “Oh, look. Someone is resorting to insults because he ran out of arguments.
                      But don’t worry. I will never be able to reach your level.”
                      you resort to insults yourself. Hell, even your original post is ironic, seeing how you insulted me by calling me “he” in the first place.

                    • I don’t think mistaking someone’s gender (am I?) is an insult. If anything, I should feel insulted due to you reporting my posts on bakabt as “bias”, “personal attacks”, “etc”.

                      Just to show you that I’m not lying…

                      I thought about covering your email, but that would give you the option of disproving my claim, so… Enjoy. (  ゚‿ ゚)

                      Btw, I’m not gonna bother responding to another delusional reply. Run off your mouth all you want. I don’t care anymore.

                    • Furzee, I highly doubt that.

                      However, calling encodes like this, Usagi, and Locodol terrible is exactly what I was talking about with bias. You find tiny issues, some which don’t even exist and you’re just pretending they are, and blow them up to seem like the encoder used deen().awarpsharp().undot(). In the meantime, you ignore larger issues in the release that your mark A+.
                      It is things like this that make me feel that you are either totally incompetent in regards to video quality, or that you are like Daiz and will become a person who promises a great many things and never does them as you try to find the perfect crf for each scene.

                      archdeco – While I did make those reports (and do make multiple reports due to a warning and advise I got), that isn’t my e-mail. I had deleted that e-mail years ago. You probably could try to send an e-mail there, I think it’d bounce back.
                      Though if you have no legitimate response to say to my points, then we’re done here. Keep up the farce of A+ being unbiased and not designed to promote the cartel groups, I’m sure many people outside of cartel members believe in it.

                    • Forget the A+, removing the bunnies from the GochiUsa karaoke would’ve been enough to justify banning you from the site completely, imo

                    • Primarily FFF, Commie, Vivid, and Anime-Koi.

                      The original cartel was Commie, Underwater, gg, Ryuumaru, and UTW, because they shared many of the same staff and very rarely overlapped their shows, which they then would hivemind defend anywhere it was criticized, be it here, bakabt, or a random website that nobody visited.

                      Groups change, of course, so the new cartel isn’t as clearly defined, but it is still able to be called it because they are groups that still share the same staff and rarely overlap on shows.

                    • Oh, and the reason “cartel” groups rarely overlap on shows is because they share a lot of staff, and doing the same show for two different groups is retarded. If Xythar decides to do Y show in Vivid, it’s not going to be easy to find the right set of people to do the same show in FFF because anyone who’s interested will already be doing it for Vivid. Not to mention, why would I bother subbing a show that someone I trust to do a good job is already working on? Oversubbing a show seems pretty pointless.

                    • Encoding a show off a source that is full of detail loss, huge dancing banding and combed scenes is not a smart idea. (You could’ve used, y’know, BS11 or even Tokyo MX since filtering out the MPEG2 crap isn’t really hard and Mangaka isn’t an action-heavy show.)

                      Regarding Gochiusa, you didn’t fix the banding and it’s pretty damn noticeable. Also, learn to crop.

                      By the way, CR is a much better source for Locodol than TBS and it doesn’t have the annoying scrolling text which you also couldn’t properly IVTC.

                      Judging by all of this, I’d say you are the incompetent one here.

                    • furzee, you kinda remind me of the guy who did http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=568691 by adding far too much grain for things that nobody could see (btw, the grain is very noticeable in comparison), while at the same time bloating up the size and taking eons to produce it. All at the same time claiming placebo with audio and refusing to increase the filesize by a mere 2.8% for FLAC.

                      In other words, a person who makes something out of nothing and blows it up creating a horrible product in return.

                      @Xythar – Thought you weren’t talking to me anymore. But since you’re an editor without the slightest knowledge about encoding, why don’t I tell you something. The scenes you chose (obviously handpicked. Probably took you quite a while to find them), are the result of high bitrate demands on scene changes. They happen in every TV broadcast and show up for 1 frame (0.04 seconds roundabout). You could go tryhard and freezeframe them all. Or you could say “TV,” and just leave them be.
                      They are in no way representative of the quality of the encode at all.
                      The TBS stream for the other 99% of the show is crisper and cleaner than the CR stream. FFF simply got lazy though.

                      Then again, you’re not really one to whine about video quality, seeing how you A+’d your Gochiusa which was grossly undercropped (http://postimg.org/image/k109jzz9n/)

                    • Believe it or not, scene change “imprints” (for lack of a better word) are very noticeable and distracting if they’re bad enough (see: anything on Tokyo MX). If the video’s available on CR, it’s a better choice in 90% of cases unless they’ve royally fucked it up (or you’re using a good station like BS11).

                    • @Kristen

                      Not even close, bby.

                      Also, I don’t think anyone actually cares about your gender, perceived or real. Being called “he” on the Internet is hardly an insult.

                    • furzee, it may be my monitor (I’ve been on a crappy laptop since the 5th and ending Saturday), but the Chihiro looks sharper and clearer. The PSG is totally relevant, because it reminds me of you and your mountains out of molehills.

                      Also, you’re the one who called me out, so why don’t you fuck off instead?

                      Nevreen – You’ll find those on BS11, BS-J, and hell, even NHK-E. It’s a TV artifact and it always exists, and it’s rarely ever noticeable unless you’re looking for it.

                    • I know they’re on every channel, but they’re not as noticeable on better channels. BS11 is just one of the rare channels to often have better video quality than CR while not having cancer-tier TV artifacts (unfortunately, they’re usually later to broadcast). On shit channels, said artifacts are often very noticeable and distracting and not worth dealing with unless CR’s video has terrible banding, was incorrectly IVTC’d, or just fucked up the colors.

                    • What I find odd is the comparison Xythar made happened to make Chihiro look like shit. However the comparison furzee did both groups were a lot closer to be the same. The only big differences was FFF was less cropped and didn’t have station watermark. That being the case; I’d have to say FFF won on video. As for subs, that’s a different ball park.

                    • Yeah Koby, you know how I mention bias here and there? That’s one way it is done. I’m sure if someone really wanted to try, they could find screenshots that make FFF look like shit too.

                      As for cropping, it’s more about the source. TBS has a lot of edgenoise and stuff, CR gets to cheat and keep it clean. So it’s not that Chihiro overcropped, it’s a source thing.

                    • Koby, both sets of comparisons were prepared by furzee. I just happened to post the first one.

                      I do think it’s funny that Kristen automatically retaliates by calling everyone else a terrible encoder. Probably still upset that my own no-effort TWGOK encodes still ended up being better than Chihiro’s. I guess by the same logic, encoders aren’t allowed to weigh in on editing!

                  • Yet Commie and FFF are doing SAO II. Commie and Vivid are doing Aldnoah, etc. “Cartel” wouldn’t even be the correct term here. Kristen “termed” many coins though.

    • Watching people get this worked up about something that’s really pretty inconsequential is more entertaining than the anime itself this season, so I hope it doesn’t actually stop.

  16. So considering that kokujin-kun TLC’d DDY Hana v1
    and thought it was good enough I’m not sure I can take any of his reviews seriously anymore.

          • Anonymous, since WordPress/Akismet sucks with comments, I need to manually approve every comment that just contains “Anonymous” as the name. If you wanna add a fake email, then once I approve one comment with that fake email, I shouldn’t have to manually approve everything you post. I do suggest grabbing a Gravatar or something, but whatever works best for you should suffice. I only say this cuz I’m going to sleep soon and I don’t wanna leave you hanging all night with your comments in the spam queue, if you decide to get into a protracted discussion or something.

            (And I’ve only been vaguely following this drama, so I can’t speak one way or the other to what you mentioned. I’m sure you’ll get some response on it though.)

            • Like I said it was there the only evidence I have is that screenshot that could be easily faked. So again feel free to accuse me of lying it’s not like I can provide anymore evidence anyway.

        • Yes. No one TLC the episode.

          Edit2: we’ve gotten a chance to talk to fnord and we’ve come to an understanding on the lines in question. It was my fault for not waiting for TLC on this. Please go back to your boring, drama free lives.

          From their site.

          • They did say on that same post “We’ve now finished the process of re-TLCing”, you can’t re-TLC something that was never TLC’d to begin with. So they either lied or made a mistake, my money is on a mistake considering how open they have been about everything else.

            • Uh. The v1 did NOT have TLC.
              The v2 did, and it was done by kokujin-kun.
              We’ve never lied about anything regarding this release, nor do we plan to start now.

            • Re-TLCing should have been Re-TLing or TLCing. I assume it was just a mistake from combining the words (letters?) TL and TLC.

    • How did “They are not an ethical group” turn into personal bias exactly?
      Xythar I usually respect you because you never try to start shit up, what the fuck are you doing?

      • Considering the many BDs they do, they should be unbiased. Then again, they can do whatever they want.

        I ended up doing my own BDs for the series a really care for.

      • Who does? I find it rather hypocritical to cry bias about one’s releases not being treated as the “best” when the criteria for choosing subs is “whichever group I don’t personally dislike the members of”. But then, Coalgirls is one giant exercise in hypocrisy. They say at the bottom of every page, “We will do what we want and do not care about your opinion” but I guarantee Kristen cares more about your opinion than anyone else.

    • Xythar, in my own personal group, where I do whatever the hell I want, and do not claim to be unbiased, I can do things like that. That’s what the thing on the bottom means. I want to do White Album 2 instead of Monogatari 2 (which I publicly stated and did from February to May)? I’ll do it. I want to disappear for 3 months to play Aion? I’ll do it. I want to remove the flying bunnies from Vivid’s karaoke? Yeah, don’t expect a v2 adding them back in, because I don’t care about your opinion.
      That stated, I usually just go off of the reviews here to find the best group since D_S is the only person around who provides analysis of each show he reviews, and is completely unbiased.
      This is totally different than a place like Nyaa where they claim to make unbiased decisions (lol), or even plain arguments over sub quality, where you’re expected to discuss objectively.

      fnord – You know better than that. You disagree with the quality of me releases? Fine. But saying I don’t care or I don’t try is outright wrong. And honestly, I thought you were above trying to cheapshot me.

        • D_S’s opinions if you noticed, both praise and criticize all groups, cartel or not. I can give you an A-tier and F-tier FFF, and an A and F Doki. The problem is that when the cartel is criticized when they do a bad job, they shout “BIAS!” and cry, even though an A-tier was posted of them the day before.

          • WAITWaitwait…

            Isn’t it you that’s crying and shouting “BIAS!” everytime a cartel group is chosen over a non-cartel group?

      • I am, and that’s why I never mentioned this before. I’ve worked with you (you let a Commie TL touch your releases!) and know how you work, and I can confidently say that if you care about “quality” at all, it’s whatever your deluded leechers think is “quality”. Normally I wouldn’t bother fighting with you, because to me you’re just that dude who gives away premium accounts on share-online, but you’ve spent the better part of the last two days railing against my fair and justified decision, so allow me to retaliate.

        You don’t understand Monogatari. You can’t judge its editing or its translation, because all you see is a couple of cute girls getting new haircuts. Your knowledge of what happens in the show on more metaphysical levels is nearly nonexistent, and your opinion on what constitutes quality is as useful as an orangutan’s.

        You can trick your leechers into believing whatever you want. I truly don’t care. But if you start accusing me of not doing my job properly, you better be prepared for the echo.

        • Yes, you did work with me on Nisemonogatari and Neko Kuro. You provided translations to previews and possibly 1 or 2 signs that SHAFT changed. You did not work with me on editing, typesetting, encoding, or even have any relation to anyone doing so. You had no idea of any of the inner workings as we spent close to 6 hours an episode in fine tuning, shifting, and encoding (Not including time to encode).
          You worked with me, yes. But in no way did you do anything close enough to knowing how I work, unless you think “Can you translate this for me?” “Sure, here you go,” is an in depth analysis of how I do things.

          • Six hours an ep is nothing.
            I’ve spent far more than that just typesetting, and I know encoders have spend far, far longer than that scenefiltering.
            Not to mention the results from you are still terrible. All the ‘fixed’ TS you have on your Monogataris are atrocious. They are far worse than what you modified from.

            • No matter how many hours I said I put into an episode, I would’ve expected a reply like this.

              For typesetting, that’s the longest part of any release, and guess what – it’s not done by me. Surprise surprise, a BD group doesn’t have to retypeset from scratch and gets outside people to help. Whoa.
              Encoders who spend longer than 2 hours scene filtering are correcting invisible issues and making the final product worse. Unless you are tp7 and manually repaint gradients, every person I’ve heard of who wastes time with 6 hour scene filters has put out crap and never finishes.

              And no, the typesetting my friends produce is glorious, and you should feel bad for thinking anything less.

              • Yeah. Making solid masks and shadowless-signs. Changing fonts from sans-serif to serif and making colors somehow worse. Sure sounds glorious to me.

                • >Making solid masks

                  You just invalidated any respect I had from you. I last did that in 2010, nearly 4 years ago, which goes to show that you have not even seen a recent release. In fact, Bake was completely redone to remove these.

                  I’m done with you and the crap you’re spouting without watching any of my releases. Don’t expect further replies.

          • I listened to your opinions on those shows.

            I have no doubt you love Monogatari. I have no doubt you stick hours of work into it.

            If you like your own release, great. If your leechers like it, great. Whatever floats your boat.

            But don’t act like you’re putting out some kind of definitive version. I have yet to see you not make a Monogatari script actively worse and less accurate.

            And hey, leave me alone when I’m doing my job. You’re completely unqualified to judge whether my decisions are correct or not.

            You and all these other dimwits are nothing but the rage from the peanut gallery.

            • This reply totally goes against what you said originally, that I don’t care about quality. I put in the time and effort into Monogatari to make it into what I perceive is the best quality possible. If I didn’t care about quality, why would I have spent 3 months last year completely redoing my Bakemonogatari? What purpose would it serve?

              You disagree with the quality of my release, fine. Say what you will about it. But don’t question my efforts/cares.

              Granted, I completely disagree with you about all your assertions of the quality of my Monogatari series, but that’s not the point.

              • If you cared about quality, you wouldn’t be trying to cater to your congrega— to your leechers all the time.

                You care about the show, yes. But quality? If you cared about quality, you’d start by fixing the accuracy of the highly inaccurate scripts that you sometimes use despite being recommended other groups.

                • Oh, I cater to my leechers all the time? Let’s have a nice year in review.

                  Drop Monogatari S2 – No leecher likes this decision.
                  Do Railgun S – While leechers enjoyed this show and decision, this was actually entirely for me. It was a show I wanted to do.
                  Do White Album 2 as top priority – Lol,what leecher would be happy that a show that got a few hundred downloads was top priority?
                  Complete Oreimo S2 with Evetaku subs – Even my leechers complained that I didn’t use Commie.
                  Release Porco Rosso – Nothing, honestly. I just had it lying around and decided to put it out.
                  Do Madoka movie II and III – While leechers loved it, they hated how long I delayed it prioritizing other things.
                  Princess Mononoke – Neither for me or leechers, just a good movie.
                  Ookami-san – Name me 1 person who wanted Ookami-san from me.
                  Gundam Unicorn – Closest to leecher service you can get. I hated it.
                  Usagi – Leechers don’t like removed bunnies. Guess what’s not going back in?
                  Spirited Away – I guess you could call this catering to leechers?
                  Nisekoi – The show itself was selected by the leechers, so sure. But of course, I’m using my choice of subs, not theirs (which was Evetaku).

                  So, justify yourself when you say I cater to my leechers all the time.

                  As for quality, I simply disagree with your opinion that the scripts are inaccurate. I cannot state anything about translation quality, as nobody has ever jumped up and volunteered to help me in those regards, but for editing, I fix all issues I run into, and sometimes bring in outside editors.

                  • If you actually cared about quality, you’d find a way to fix the accuracy of the scripts you take from elsewhere.

                    And what if you can’t find someone to help you? Well, someone who cared about quality would rather not release at all than release trash.

                    • Except it’s not trash. The quality of translation, editing, and encode have all been praised in multiple locations, and the only people who seem to disagree with it are either staff members at gg, and later Commie, or are from 4chan where every release is hated.

                • Praise the effort, criticize the results. That’s what I’m saying. You don’t like my release? Fine, say that wherever you want. I’m not like the cartel groups where I do constant google searches for negative reviews of my group and then dive in with a zerg in order to say otherwise. Your opinion is your own, and you can choose whether or not to download it at your discretion. But don’t act like the only thing I do is demux Commie’s script and mux it into Zero-raws.

                  • As someone who is really into the series, and read the novels ect. I do trust your releases to be of certain quality so that I can recomment them my non-jp speaking friends. I haven’t seen perfect subs for it and probably never will, but the ones you pick seem fine. However, I don’t know much about the alternative such as ANE’s release. But I can understand why you’d find most of commie’s unfitting. They don’t have bad scripts such as CR/Daisuki but other annoyances that aren’t errors. Just plain stupid choice or words and idioms.

                    • Thanks.

                      Honestly, my goal for Monogatari is to provide an unlocalized sub that is as close to consistent as possible between seasons. That’s why I don’t think any group has ever released a bad Monogatari sub. Most achieved exactly what their goal was, from Commie and gg’s goal of releasing first, to Koharubi’s goal of providing a good edit, to qIIq’s goal of typesetting everything, to CMS’s goal of providing typesetting that is acceptable but doesn’t break computer’s, to UTW’s goal of providing an amazing sub, to CGi’s goal of providing consistency and unlocalized subs. The only groups I truly believe failed are those who dropped it – Thora and Node, because they bit off more than they could chew.

  17. All this talk about Monogatari reminds me that I need to start watching the series (been on my backlog for too long). Can anyone provide some SS of comparing ANE to CGi Bakemonogatari and Commie to CGi Neko? Also, is CGi the only group that did Nise BD?

      • People like their encodes, but the best Bake release from a script perspective would be a BD rip of the official Aniplex release.

              • There are no bests with Bake releases. I’m glad you liked gg’s but what makes you happy does not correspond to quality.

                  • Better like Duwang is better than Crunchyroll, sure. I get more enjoyment from scripts I know aren’t guesslated, personally.

                    • Aniplex had an actual script to work off and gg had speedsubbed guesslations. That’s all there is to it.

                    • Don’t anyone tell him that the dialogue in the Monogatari series is kind of written down already in the novels the shows are based on.

                    • Oh that’s right. You were around on the scene back when Bake first aired, weren’t you? Why don’t you tell us all about gg’s translation effort, as someone who is so intimately familiar with the project? I’m sure it’ll make for a good story.

                    • Why don’t you tell me about gg’s translation accuracy as someone who is so intimately familiar with Japanese?

                      …Not that I even said they were correct, but having the script isn’t exactly an earth-shattering advantage and I’ve seen Aniplex mess up on -monogatari enough times to not automatically assume they’ll get everything right.

                    • I can tell you what every TL I talked to back then said: their translation was guesslated garbage. Perhaps your song TL buddy wants to stake his rep on their accuracy? That could be fun, don’t you think?

                      I didn’t like Ani’s script, but it’s better than the alternatives until some group decides to do the series justice.

                    • I tried to get some friends into Bakemonogatari a while back, and for convenience’s sake, we watched episode 01 on CR. I had to pause almost every scene to explain lines that made no sense to them as regular English viewers. Sure, that’s anecdotal evidence, but combine that with the fact that any play on kanji was resolved through the use of parentheses (might as well use TL notes), obtrusive “typesetting,” and lines that obviously even the translator didn’t know what they referred to, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for failure.

                      gg’s release is far from perfect, but at least their script is understandable. Arguing over which release is the least awful is kind of moot though, since like you said, none of them are good.

      • ANE is a really good encode. Anything tp7 does is amazing. But you really should judge for yourself instead of listening to Xythar or myself.

        • Yeah, I’m sure that when your tracker gets flooded with 15gb/s of data it’ll deploy its super-super servers to continue to serve content.

          • With a site like nyaa that receives thousands of dollars of windfall from stuff like Horriblesubs and ad space, they could easily afford a server with DDoS protection.

            Though I really have to wonder if the DDoS is from some kid or if it is a legitimate one from Japan.

            • Variety is never bad. It’s a terrible idea to allow Nyaa to have a monopoly on all anime on downloads on the internet, because if it gets taken down we’re fucked.

              I think this attack is too sever to be a kid, honestly.

            • Yes, I’m sure they make thousands of dollars. It explains why cartel groups are able to get BDMVs to absolutely everything, since they can just buy them.

              … Right?

              • Cartel groups often do (Like that biking show with Commie), but when they don’t it’s because their members are lazy and don’t want to do it, not because of finances.

                • Even non-cartel groups like Kira-Fansubs made a lot of money off donations, lol. Anyone who thinks fansub groups dont are crazy

                  • A group is ONLY a cartel group if they have members who are also mods on Nyaa. For instance

                    • Translation: The Cartel has managed to eliminate most groups not associated with it, and those that they are left they have labelled trash.

                    • Sure.

                      Name me one “Mod-less group” that does halfway decent work, and please, don’t say Chihiro, because most of your work is joke-worthy.

                    • DDY’s CR edits are A+ quality. Their Rurumo and Rokujyoma this season, for instance, are very, very good. EveTaku is god-tier if Lyger is translating. Hiryuu is also very good.

                    • I’ll add: I don’t know why Kristen defends non-cartel goups, because most are pretty shit. And cartel groups are almost always very good.

                    • Fyurie, you’re simply elaborating my point. Can I name some? Sure. Doki, Chihiro, CGi, Hiryuu, A-Koi, Kaylith, sage, Lazy Lily, and DDY all, at least not that I know of, have any mods in Nyaa. And if they do, they probably are people more associated with other cartel groups and just happen to do some stuff for the other groups.

                      But you simply label anything outside of the cartel as “joke-worthy” without even watching anything they put out. Or, if you do watch them, you watch them with a microscope to find the smallest error, while ignoring huge errors in the cartel groups, resulting in the trash label.

                    • Doki: Consistent, but poor.

                      Chihiro: Questionable.

                      CGi: Please, learn to shift BDs properly.

                      Hiryuu: lyger was offered mod in the past, they barely count.

                      A-Koi: Jokeworthy.

                      Kaylith: Two mods.

                      sage: irrelevant, barely release anything of note now.

                      Lazy Lily: slow and questionable.

                      DDY: Up and down, but the single example I’ll take out of those of an improving group.

                    • DDY CR Anon: Regarding Majimoji, I’ve been putting that under heavy scrutiny as QC in recent weeks. There were some very serious issues initially.

                    • >Their Rurumo and Rokujyoma this season, for instance, are very, very good.

                      I watched an episode of their Rurumo, and it was definitely not what I’d call very good. Far too many basic grammatical errors and issues with phrasing. A-K’s was better edited, and their editing standards are typically pretty poor.

                    • See what I mean? Named a ton of groups that you have a subjective opinion on. All (except Kaylith, they wound up being Cartel anyways… Should’ve checked their staff list) of which you decided to label “trash” for little to no reasons other than “I don’t like them so I’ll call them bad”.

                      It’s very easy to see that you are riding on impressions of years ago though. Hard to think of a single show I’ve done in the past 2 years for CGi that wasn’t properly shifted. But it’s not like you would review it – Xythar whined and backed out of reviewing a whole bunch of shows CGi did that were obvious A+ material.

                    • It’s not just shifting, that’s jsut one example fo failure I’d seen in the past. You can’t even resample scripts at CGi either. Nagi 1080s look terrible because all of its TS is under-blurred. I almost want to do the BDs at Kaylith myself instead of letting you guys ruin them.

                      And by all means, you can call the other opinions subjective all you like, but there are plenty of examples of bad work for almost every group you named.

                      You have no proof that any of them did great work, just as I’m not prepared to sit here and pander to your delusions by finding every mistake in every show fo those groups’ that I’ve watched, so we might as well give this up now. Neither of us is going to win.

                    • Anonymous: 3 reasons.

                      1. I’m protecting my own. I have only ever been associated with non-cartel groups. This hasn’t been by choice either. In 2008, when I started fansubbing with Jaka, we got along fine until he started to feel threatened when I invited Kylaran into Chihiro. Ky was going to translate Sekirei, but needed someone to do the first episode because he’d be on vacation. We asked Jaka to do so, and Jaka demanded that we joint with Ayako to “improve our reputation”. And Ayako would provide nearly nothing – I think it was just a QC, which we could’ve done ourselves (though we didn’t really QC back then. Chihiro’s first 7 months were pure speed shitsubs). We obviously said no, he fought us about it, and it wound up happening. The Ayako joint had something happen to it (Not sure, I was on vacation), which caused Jaka to leave Chihiro. When he left, his goal was to drive Chihiro to the ground, which he did by getting buddy buddy with koda and trashing my name at any instance he could, and creating CoalGuys to sub any show Chihiro did faster than them and criticize them on his site (see ef, Asu no Yoichi, and K-On).
                      Since Jaka did that, I had no opportunity to join a cartel group, ever. By now, that effect has worn off and I’ve been since associated with groups that cartels see as crappy, so I’ll never have an opportunity.
                      Because of this, I need to defend my groups and my friends from ridiculous baseless accusations of poor quality.

                      2. Non-cartel groups tend to care about their shows more. For instance, look at the stuff Commie does. Do you really think they care that much about a show like Sailor Moon? No, obviously not, they just are looking for downloads, fans, and money. You won’t see them doing stuff like SMC BDs (except to spite me, more of this in #3), or doing anything special to any show. They always just make the same cookie cutter subs regardless of the show, and if they can make something really special (ie, motiontracking in Monogatari or doing BDs for most of their shows), they simply don’t. And when a group cares about what they sub, it shows.

                      3. Cartel groups tend to be very trolly at the expense of the viewer or other groups. For instance, subtitle effects in Nisekoi, memes in subs, etc. Sometimes, they will do a reactionary sub just to attempt to troll someone – for instance, Commie’s Nisekoi which was obviously done just to have an argument against mine, or FFF’s Locodol which had the most bs reason ever.

                      Overall, both cartel and non-cartel groups can produce great products. Personally I’d always go for the non-cartel because they tend to be less localized and don’t have trolls. But most of the arguments I make tend to be because I’m actually in non-cartel groups.

                    • Fyurie, you again are referring to projects I didn’t do.
                      As for great work, I can name a whole bunch of shows that CGi did a great job in, but you’d just refute it with some crappy thing that can’t be found without a magnifying glass and over exaggerate it. Of course, we’ll completely ignore that those problems exist the same or worse in cartel groups. For instance, the fact that CGi’s Usagi was denied for A+ because of a 1 pixel border while Vivid’s was approved for A+ regardless of the fact that they had at least 4 pixels of border at 1/2 the resolution.
                      Because of this, you’re right, this debate will never end. That’s why it’s a subjective opinion.

                    • archdeco, my care was the bias placed on it. The bias was obviously really strong as Xythar was trying any excuse to indefinitely put it off “Oh, I’ve got a lot of work now, I’ll get to it later…”. I had no care whether he gave it A+ or not, as both was good for me – I could either claim bias or get more downloads.

                      It’s funny though. I have given nyaa time and time over the past few months to get on friendly terms with me. Had Xythar actually gone through and reviewed, I probably would have dropped the biased arguments completely. I extended them my biggest show – Monogatari – and they decided to trash it as a remake. I gave them another chance with Usagi, and Furzee decides to make up invisible problems with it. You can’t say I haven’t tried to get on good terms with nyaa lately, but you guys keep on taking my olive branch and breaking it in two.

                    • For reference, I disagree with Vivid’s encodes for Usagi, even as someone who worked on the project.

                      And since when was this about just you? This is about groups, which makes all of CGi accountable, including the shitty projects that YOU may not have worked on.

                    • You cried about a number of CGi shows that deserved A+. Xythar said to flag them and he would check them. You never did it. Instead, you said what i already mentioned. Why should HE bother when even YOU don’t care?

                    • archdeco’s point is valid here. Half of the time, the things you’ve bitched about have fallen down because YOU gave it a half-hearted effort (For example, you’d have Locodol A+ if your encode wasn’t shit)

                      Face it. You’re your own worst enemy.

                    • archdeco, now you’re just lying. I flagged every single torrent I mentioned when Xythar told me to do so. Proof of it cannot be shown right now because nyaa has shitty servers, but if you look at any of them, you should see the comment by me created when you flag torrents.

                      Also Fyurie, calling my locodol encode half-hearted is lulzy. I put in more effort on it than FFF did, but it gets labelled as shit because I used a TV source that has scrolling credits but better picture quality, FFF lazymode remuxed CR.
                      What’ll be funny is when BDs come out and FFF auto-gets A+ because “it’s a direct improvement over TV”, even though the so-called defining factor was an over exaggerated problem in the TV source.

                    • Maybe you did flag those torrents. I have no way of checking it right now because Nyaa is down right now (so is TT), but it doesn’t matter. You told Xythar that you don’t care whether he reviews them or not. So he obviously stopped caring.

                      Being able to call people on that so-called “bias”?

                    • No archdeco, I never said I didn’t care whether Xythar reviewed them or not. I said “Who said I wanted it done? You seem to misunderstand. This isn’t being requested to get CGi to A+, but to prove a point. And he and you are by far proving it already.”

                      I wanted them reviewed, and the result was going to determine which point would be proven. If he had actually taken the time to look through them and make all, or even some of them, A+, I would have backed down, apologized for everything I had said ever, and agreed that you guys had been right all the time when saying that nyaa wasn’t biased.
                      Had you refused to look at them for any stupid reason (for instance, here it was “we have other A+ review to do” when mostly everything that season already had its supposed review done), or denied every one of them, it would have proved my point that nyaa is biased.

                      There was nothing that could have gone wrong with flagging it. Either I’d have been proven wrong and could start trying to patch things up with you guys and in the process get more downloads to CGi, or I’d have been proven right, boosting my argument that the A+ system is a biased joke given only to friends. Because believe it or not, I thought you guys might have actually changed since Nyaa told me to just flag whatever I wanted A+ and he’d approve it (see DtB S2).

                    • Fyurie:

                      Commie has put out quite a lot of crap in its day, yet they are still called god-tier.

                      And hell, you even mentioned a time when Vivid put out crap. Though ho ho, look, it gets marked A+. Oh, and look, Xythar happens to be a moderator and a good friend of herkz. Nope, nope, no bias here.

                    • also: And hell, you even mentioned a time when Vivid put out crap.

                      No. He only said that he did not like Vivid’s encodes, just like it happened with your locodol.
                      BUT, there’s a difference between those two shows. With locodol, we had FFF vs. Chihiro, whereas Vivid-Taku was the sole group that did Usagi (and they used CR’s video).

                      I’d like you to tell me who exactly was biased against whom, when Vivid-Taku got blue for TV version?

                    • Most of the stuff you mentioned in point 2 and 3 were 100% related to Commie and no other cartel group (bar gg, but they’re dead). All the other cartel groups release consistently good subs, so I don’t know where you get off.

                      I’ve never seen any trolling in a Vivid, UTW, FFF, or Underwater. And your point is kind of moot considering FFF subs a ton a BDS and the other groups all sub BDs for the shows they care about.

                      I can’t comment on point 1, because I don’t know the inner workings of fansubs, but all I’ll say is you all sound so fucking sad, Jesus Christ.

                    • There is nothing binding Nyaa to give out an A+. For instance, Tales of Vesperia only had Chihiro on it (which got really good reviews all over) for 2 years, and no A+. Time Paledin Sakura by Chihiro. Minami-ke Omatase. Yuru Yuri S1 by CGi. Hell, even CGi’s HxH could fall in this category by now.

                      Time and time again, there are releases with problems far less severe than Vivid’s Usagi’s flaws. That is where the bias comes in. Vivid’s flaws get overlooked and approved as A+, and the groups you hate get their flaws exaggerated and labelled as trash, so no group gets A+ on the series.

                      Though the real bias came into play when Vivid’s TV encode was favored over a perfectly shifted BD.

                    • Anonymous, for #3 I mentioned that FFF’s Locodol was picked up because I was doing it. That’s called trolling.

                      If you noticed, though, I tend to use FFF a lot in CGi. While they are cartel in that they have the same staff and don’t tend to do the same shows as other cartel groups, they do actually care about their shows. I like their subs for the most part. And no, I don’t think Underwater or UTW cared about all of their shows because if you truly care about a show, you’ll make a BD of it.

                    • @Anonymous: then again, Commie releases great stuff too. I don’t even understand what’s the point of him ridiculing the fantastic creative typesetting they did on Nisekoi. It pretty much suited the show anyway.

                    • There’s another difference between cartel and non-cartel, Kristen.

                      Cartel spend 50% of their time fansubbing and the other 50% trolling other groups.

                      Non-cartel spend 100% of their time fansubbing, minding their own business.

                      Fyurie, you’re now cartel, so any comments you make on the matter is merely opinion from the cartel side. You used to be cool… It’s a shame you went to the dark side, bro.

                    • I don’t know, I didn’t even know it happened. Maybe ix deleted them?

                      Regardless of our differences, I am not a dick like Nyaa to go around banning groups I don’t like. Any group (cartel or not) is free to use my tracker.

                      So if it did happen, you should have contacted me sooner.

                    • Holo: I’m not really fussed enough about it these days anyways as I don’t do any BD work under that tag now. I just wanted to bring it up as it seemed relevant in the wake of this tracker-related discussion.

                      But that’s beside the point. What I’m trying to understand is why your opinion of me should have changed. I hold the same views that I held two years ago when I quit Hatsuyuki and set myself up in this ridiculous scene. My new group connections don’t change that at all.

                      If you’re using those new connections as a reason to find a fault in me, then I’m disappointed. I’ve (quite noticeably, I’d imagine) never been a fan of Doki’s work, but I hold no personal ill will against you as you’ve never done anything to me. I don’t see why that can’t be reciprocal.

                    • lmao, I don’t care about Sailor Moon? That’s fucking hilarious. I guess I spend like 5 hours editing it twice a month out of pure masochism.

                      herkz, archdeco, and I had decided to sub Sailor Moon long before we decided to do it at Commie – we ended up going with Commie because it was the most convenient option for all of us. People who don’t have a clue what they’re talking about should really just keep their fucking mouths shut before they somehow make even bigger asses of themselves than they have already.

                    • If anyone “doesn’t care” about Sailor Moon here, I would suspect it would be any group that can’t even keep up with a show that airs twice a month.

                    • Yes Xythar, you are saying everything truthfully.
                      I don’t doubt that you want to sub Sailor Moon – It’s a legacy show that gets you lots of downloads.
                      I don’t doubt that you spend 5 hours every other week editing it – First off, it needs it to not be shit, second you have a lot of competition and want to be able to justify your A+ to attract more downloads.
                      I don’t doubt that you decided to do it long before you decided to do it at Commie – Doesn’t matter what cartel group you do it at anyways, they’re all the same.

                      Nowhere did you say that you actually are doing it because you like the show and care about it. And I highly doubt that you do. It’s just a show you knew there’d be a lot of groups working on and a potential for a high download.

                      Also, Chihiro is stalled in SMC because of staffing issues. We didn’t want to put out a piece of crap as opposed to waiting because we actually care about what we put out.

                    • >We didn’t want to put out a piece of crap as opposed to waiting because we actually care about what we put out.

                      Well, you’re not doing a very good job of that based on your ep1:

                      I used to watch Sailor Moon when I was a kid, so I’ve been interested in doing the remake ever since it was announced. But no, I guess I’m only in it for the 2500 downloads an episode we get, while true quality groups like Chihiro care enough to put out amazing edit jobs like the above with no TLC.

                      This is the world you live in, Kristen. It has no overlap with reality.

                    • Well, I give you credit for actually downloading our release to try and find lines you didn’t like. It’s more than I can say about some of your other nyaa butt-buddies who simply decide to label releases as trash without even seeing them.

                    • Good effort, Xythar, but it needed more hilarious quips and insults. More clever, detailed descriptions as to how the subber should kill themselves in some way also needed.

                      I give it 2 Dark Sages out of 10. Apply yourself.

                    • All right. I’m gonna leave this here and ignore what follows, but I want myself to be a counterexample to Kristen’s concerns that the cartel is an exclusive circlejerk that solely exists to shutdown those who aren’t part of it.

                      When I started fansubbing (not very long ago), I joined DDY, who was at the time still pretty notorious for the first couple releases they had put out. I learned about fansubbing things and about the ways Nyaa worked, and I originally shared a lot of your concerns. “How can I know that the releases I work on will be presented on equal footing as the releases that other larger groups put out?” At the time, I saw FFF as the monopolist, a huge group with a bunch of leechers who watched FFF and nothing else.

                      Gradually, I learned more about fansubbing itself (and I am still learning every day, mind you), and I discovered that in many respects the groups that were small and unpopular were generally unpopular for a good reason. This extended beyond just Nyaa ratings and download counts. Many of the staff for these groups were just unable to translate, edit, and typeset as well as certain “cartel” groups, and often they were unable to keep their releases within a decent window of when the show aired.

                      Later, I also joined some other groups, such as Oni, Saizen, and Chyuu (none of which would be considered cartel by any means). I am by no means a “cartel” member, and definitely not a well-known fansubber. And yet, when I joined both Kaylith and Commie this summer (whom you label as cartel groups), none of that was really an issue. I was competent, and therefore I was hired.

                      If you think you are A+ material, prove it. Grab a new nick, hire some capable staff, make a new group, and show the world that you are capable of releasing something that is not laughable. But right now you sound like the poor bum on the street that blames his poverty on “the system” and fails to put effort into actually improving his situation.

                    • Cheshyre, while I appreciate the long reply, I’ll tell you one thing.

                      Back in I think it was 2011 or something, brainchild applied and was accepted as a member of Chihiro. He was an amazing editor, and I really was looking forwards to working with him – I hadn’t seen the likes of him since Path. However, Commie did not want any of their members working in Chihiro and forced him to quit.

                      So no, maybe Commie and Kaylith didn’t have objections to you working in Saizen or Chyuu, but don’t make it out to be that they only care about competence.

                    • @Kristen saying nyaa “butt-buddies” just label a release as trash without actually looking at it
                      If you’re talking about for the a+, every show I’ve worked on they have provided an explanation as to why so-and-so’s release got A+, including the review in a privatepaste of all the groups who did the show upon being asked. Even when no a+ was given, upon asking Nyaa mods, we were told the exact reason why there wasn’t an a+ along with the reviews conducted in a privatepaste. Just ask for it and they’ll give it, from my experience.

          • I don’t love TT. I simply think it is better than Nyaa. For instance, how many torrents can you download on TT now? A few, with some groups hosting them on magnet links or alternative trackers. How many can you download on nyaa right now? 0.

            The problem is diversity and monopoly. Prior to anirena going down for at least a year, about 40% of all groups used nyaa, 40% used anirena, the rest had private trackers or used something like minglong or scarywater. Many submitted to multiple trackers so their torrents would stay up even if the tracker went down.
            Now, nyaa is getting a monopoly, and they aren’t faultless for this – see Daiz’s “everyone leave TT” petition – so if it goes down, so do a multitude of torrents.

            If nyaa wants to be the dominant tracker, fine. Let them. But don’t defend them because they run on a cheap server unable to handle situations like this when they get thousands of dollars in income that they pocket.

            • Could you provide proof of this supposed thousands of dollars they’re making off ads? Sure, you can probably prove a lot of people use it, but how many people would actually buy stuff off jlist? As far as I know nyaa only has jlist ads. You don’t get income just from people viewing jlist ads. Not sure if it’s the same with TT’s private internet access ads.

              Also, I still don’t see the point if people used TT or not. If they did they’d most likely just hyperlink to nyaa, as most torrents on TT do. Out of the groups that joined the “everyone leave TT” bandwagon, how many of them didn’t just link to nyaa?

              • Any proof I supplied would be denied by you, so I’m not going to. But it’s not off jlist, it’s off Horriblesubs’s insane donation income.

                Also, it’s not a choice to link to nyaa on TT. You host your file on there and submit it to tosho, it will auto-redirect you to nyaa. You cannot just link a torrent that will be automatically downloaded when you click on it. That’s something nyaa implemented back in I think it was 2009.

                • Oh, if you’re talking about HS, yeah. I could believe it. Even without proof.

                  I’m not on anyone’s “side” here btw mate. I don’t represent any group or individual other than myself. I can agree with you just as much as I can disagree with you. There was simply something I didn’t understand and I wanted to know about. I don’t like not understanding certain things, that’s all.

                  So like, since you don’t believe nyaa to be a valid option (to my understanding) to upload torrents to, where would you prefer people to host them? An ancient aforementioned tracker above, like minglong or scarywater and then link on TT? What I don’t like about TT is the appearance. Looks really old and kinda hurts to look at, in my opinion. I prefer nyaa’s look. If TT had an updated, more recent look, I really wouldn’t mind using it. (assuming other people indexed their releases on it as well, but really it seems like a huge pain in the ass for something you could do entirely on nyaa and not have to screw with like two or more sites.)

                  • nyaa, although I disagree with their coloring system, is a valid torrent to upload to. But I don’t think that people should be bound to only upload there. They should make a multi-tracker torrent, submitting to anirena, minglong, and nyaa. Possibly a place like TpB also.

                    • Ah, I could agree with that. It’d be neat if someone made a tool that where you input account credentials of multiple anime torrent sites and selected the .torrent to upload and have it upload to every site you had selected/inputed credentials to. I never really minded the colors on nyaa and just viewed them as more of an aesthetic thing for all I cared. I download what I want, colors be dammed.

                      I think it’d be great if the torrent sites made an API so that people could make a tool like I mentioned above. I think it’d speed up the distro process as well.

                    • Most fansub groups are run by, or have, computer nerds in them. They could easily create something to auto-submit to these sites.

                    • On the topic of distribution scripts, this already exists. Many groups already do them, myself included. But when the torrent has to be added to the tracker, makes it a bit difficult. Ultimately, an API would be nice so that it could go around a webform for submission but it’s only a necessity when the website is down.

              • Actually, i spoke to Nyaa about this once. He said he knows Peter Payne and so i assume he gets revenue by views or just a lump sum on regular intervals (he didnt say which). He did say he was not on the “percentage of purchase” plan in no unclear terms. He coulda been lying but jlist definitely works on a measure of traffic volume. Disclaimer, i have a jlist ad myself.

        • Isn’t that why DHT exists? In case trackers die? It’s not like everything dies, you can still upload/download if you have the magnet link, if TT goes down you won’t have the magnet link either because the site is down so it’s like Nyaa went down.
          I do not see where/how TT > Nyaa.

          Do tell me if I don’t understand what DHT is or does though.