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Fansub Reviews Left:

[Anime-Koi] Buddy Complex
[Commie] Buddy Complex

Review Order (usually determined by the poll):

  1. [Commie] Buddy Complex
  2. [Anime-Koi] Buddy Complex


Translation Parties Left:


Review Order (usually determined by the poll):

  1. N/A


Out-of-Scope (releases that I will not review for whatever reason):

157 thoughts on “Review_Queue”

  1. After the review of Imocho, I can’t wait for the next one… Seriously XD

    But still, I saw that my WCW isn’t here, which makes it a fail. Nevertheless, I’d still wait for other reviews if I want to improve myself for the better.

    • Oh, yeah, guess I forgot to put that in. Seems I’ve got another TL Party to get to then.

      For the second piece… I’m glad you want to improve yourself, but I have to warn you that my commentary is more targeted than the basic, high-level English education that it seems you really need. I’m honestly not sure how much you’ll be able to get out of my reviews.

      As of now, you are really not equipped to be translating anything on your own. What you really should be doing is reading a fuckton of English literature so you have a better idea of how to write. You wanna know how I got so good at English? Autism. Books. A lot of them. And if you’re really interested in improving, a heavy dose of literature is what you need.

      That being said, I’m not here to tell you to get the fuck out of the scene. You deserve the same shot every other stupid group gets. But if you really, truly want to improve, you need to put some more effort into it than releasing gibberish subs and hoping I’ll magic you into the hallowed halls of Good English.

      • LOL XD That made me laugh. Well, anyways, thanks for the advice D_S. Well, at least there’s room for more improvements, I mean, life is this way, there are sides of people where they are good at and where they’re bad at. And the fact that I had once an amnesia, never really stopped me from learning English, it’s just, I really need to improve in that section as I see. Even my brother kept on yelling at me for having such bad english skills after that incident. Nevertheless, I still love you D_S, no HOMO :3

        • I spent my elementary school life in a library. Kinda like a hot megane girl from a mid-tier VN route.

          It doesn’t matter what you read. Just read.

    • shi0n: your Super Sonico release is broken. I cannot access the subtitles and the video is freezefucked.

      Use some goddamn CRCs next time like everyone else does.

    • I don’t review HorribleSubs if groups release legitimately edited versions.

      All the (pending) you see are releases where I need to check if the groups did actually edit enough from the original HorribleSubs script.

    • I would like to know this too, since with A-Koi moving to original TLs starting ep 2, and it looks like Watakushi is making lots of changes in their edits.

      • Oh, Watakushi is an original TL.

        Yes, if Anime-Koi actually switches to an original TL, I’ll add HorribleSubs back in. But Anime-Koi is a special case where it’s a bit harder to take their word at face value anymore. In other words, I’ll believe it when I see it.

        • D_S is there any particular reason why you aren’t reviewing any of the sequels? At first I thought it would be because they’d be subbed by the same groups that did their first seasons, but after poking around I learned that’s not the case.

          • I’m still trying to work out which ones I’m gonna tackle.

            Gin no Saji was shit, so I’m skipping that. Haven’t seen anything from Seitokai, so that’s a miss as well. Saki was cool, but I only watched 3 eps, so that ain’t happening. Maken-ki was terrible from what I remember.

            That leaves only Chuu2 (which I’ll toss in right now)… am I missing anything?

            • That’s everything I know of. Too bad about Seitokai. It’s probably the one that needs a review the most besides Chuunibyou, due to the omnipresence of sexpuns and jap in-jokes.

            • seitokai has as much plot as something like Minami-Ke (in other words, none at all) so you really can jump right into S2.

              Saki S1 bored me to tears so I dropped it after 6 episodes. But i’ve started watching S2 anyway. Doesn’t look like I missed anything. Although I can understand not wanting to do reviews for this because mahjong is impossible to understand.

  2. This is kinda late notice but if you’re reviewing EveTaku Nisekoi, could you not do episode 2? I’d rather have critique on something more representative.

    We’re still figuring out staff workflow for the series; I just asked for (and people agreed to) timing happening at some point prior to QC, which didn’t happen for ep 2… but did for ep 1 because :reasons:

    I know at least a couple errors (not to mention the weaker lines here and there) got through. And these may be less likely to occur with me looking at a timed script at least for one pass, especially since that’s what I’m used to doing as more of a QC / backup editor type.

  3. 1) >[Sekinin] Noragami (Dropped?)
    Not dropped, stalled (at me).

    2) No Pupa fansub/translation reviews? I know the show is shit, but I don’t feel whole if I’m not given an F- by Dark_Sage.

    • Okay, cool.

      Pupa would be pass/fail as are all shorts. My general expectation is that groups won’t fuck up 3 minutes of dialogue. Shorts will get reviewed (since they’re really easy for me to throw out as a post when I’m feeling like having a lazy day), but I don’t have them up in the queue.

    • It’s just another Skiddiks release. I don’t think he realized the joke stopped being funny after the first name change though.

                • Are you retarded? You are, aren’t you?

                  Here’s a hint, low-tier: you can submit torrents to TokyoTosho in all of 10 seconds.

                  • And I can just not submit to TT because I don’t care about the site or its users. As for your name-calling, I’ve gotta say my feelings are quite hurt. Aren’t you the one always complaining that fansubbers suck at coming up with proper insults?

                    • We’ve long since established you’re shit at distro. I wish lyger wasn’t so fond of your mouth on his dick; maybe EveTaku would still be good then.

                      And if your feelings were hurt, then I do say my name-calling worked. If you killed yourself I’d feel a lot better about it, but I suppose I’ll just have to take what I can get.

                    • For what it’s worth, I have nothing to do with any of EveTaku’s projects this season other than encoding, not that I agree with your assessment of the ability of the people who are working on them.

                      And that’s gotta be the most childish rhetoric I’ve seen in quite some time. Bravo.

                    • Considering the only scripts I’ve edited that you’ve ever reviewed got a B and an A (you might have caught more if you actually reviewed more than three shows per season), I figured you thought rather highly of my skills.

                    • The only person I think highly of is myself. Everyone else I rate based on their value as a human being (read: not as a fansubber), and you currently have none in my estimates.

                      If I’m wrong, please provide evidence to the contrary.

                    • By your own admittance, you don’t think highly of anyone else, so what possible proof could anyone present to demonstrate their value to you? This is getting rather absurd, even by your standards.

                    • You could still have a positive net worth. I’m willing to accept any evidence you’re willing to present. Doesn’t get more fair than that.

                      Come, entertain me.

                    • Please, I’d think less of myself if I abased myself to the level where I’m seeking your approval. After all, the only thing you’ve done here is put on a patronizing and antagonizing front coated in what I can only assume you think is wit. And I’ll gladly recognize the hypocrisy of that last sentence while pointing out that I’ve done nothing but respond to your completely baseless claims and insults.

                    • I take it by your lack of submitted evidence that you agree with my analysis of your value, then.

                      Thanks for being so amenable, Nevreen-kun. I knew we could come to an agreement eventually. <3

                    • I must admit that your grasp of the ad hominem is much too strong for me ever to stand a chance against you. I submit to your mastery of argumentative fallacies.

                    • I definitely didn’t intend to sound bitter; I’m sorry if I came off that way. I knew what kind of argument I was getting into when I started this, and it was a rather entertaining way to pass the time, so I don’t begrudge you for it. I truly am done now, though, so you can have the last word if you want it.

                    • Dark_Sage’s last two responses sounded like something an elementary schooler would’ve said… I’m disappointed.

                    • Ouch, little harsh. From what I’ve seen of his comments on the site, I’m not sure what he’s done to draw your wrath, but I guess I don’t pay as much attention to fansub rivalries these days.

                    • That’s an interesting chain of logic there. Do you consider my distaste of dog vomit to be part of a fansub rivalry too, then?

                    • Of course not, but nothing in this conversation (or any other on this site) between the two of you has indicated any distaste for each other, so I can only assume there’s some drama that’s happened offstage somewhere. Not all that much of a leap :D

                    • I don’t talk to fansubbers outside of Crymore and #whine-subs. Since he posts here and doesn’t visit my channel, you can consider my opinion to have been informed solely by the former.

                    • I think it’s Dark_Sage’s ultimate goal in life to argue with and piss off every fansubber in existence.

                      I have to wonder who’s next.

                    • Well, each to their own, but I didn’t really feel his comment (I haven’t checked the veracity of it) required such an explosive reaction. But hey, it’s your site, so if you want to alienate someone for no discernible reason that anyone else can fathom, then that’s your prerogative :D

                    • I’ve never held a grudge against D_S. I think he’s often wrong, but he’s also relatively knowledgeable when it comes to fansub editing, and nobody else who could do a better job has stepped up to the plate. I’ve always thought (and still do) that Crymore’s a useful site if you remain critical of the content and don’t just take everything at D_S’s word. Plus, he can be fairly entertaining, especially in posts like the Funi Nourin review.

                      That said, I’ve never felt shy to call him out when I think his opinion is bullshit, and my taunt that started all this was just a continuation of the “Nyaa vs TT” argument we’ve been having on and off for a while now. It was a cheap zinger, but that’s kind of par for the course for the tone of the site.

                      Anyway, I think I’m done posting here. I’ll likely still check the site now and then (I’m still looking forward to the post about the Funi panel), but there’s little point in arguing with D_S when he holds the people he’s reviewing in such contempt.

                      Oh, and while Xythar and I get along rather well, we live on opposite sides of the planet and are indeed separate people.

  4. Sekinin’s Noragami temporarily removed. It’s been a month since the last release.

    Other updates: Baka-Chi dropped Chuu2, Watakushi dropped Buddy Complex.

    • For similar reasons to the Sekinin review drop, m.3.3.w’s Nourin, Sekai, and Nisekoi releases have been pulled from the queue.

      They’ll be added back if that group gets its shit together.

  5. Watashi and CTSS have already released Nobunagun up to episode 4 under the joint tag CTWS. Finally an option besides Horrible Subs.

    • You caught me in the midst of updating the queue. The “pending” was more for “I’m not sure if they’re just gonna drop this after a few eps because Rekyu must have erectile dysfunction with the rate he finishes shows” than “I wouldn’t put it past these kids to just copy the Crunchyroll script and call it a day”, but it looks like they plan to keep with it.

  6. Dark_Sage, you might want to review Twinkle Heart [If you don’t download this I will cry] [913A2358] (V2).
    (Interesting tag) (✿◠‿◠)


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