Fansub Review: [CTSS] Kamisama Dolls (Episode 01v0)

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Editing HorribleSubs scripts and making them even worse isn’t a good strategy.

File size: 254 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Words like “Onii-chan” remain in Japanese.

Commercials: Two minutes of unsubbed commercials. Why would you do this?

Karaoke: Non-existent, hence the “v0”


Welcome. For one?

Not sure.

Double the failure, double the fun!

Capitalize “Onii-chan”.


He’s cut out here. Use the em-dash to indicate that.

You your have words out of order.

I received word from the shrine that I should look after you.

Begin sentences with capital letters, thanks.

Lowercase that. “A god.”


Overall grade: C-

I think I’m gonna have to recommend HorribleSubs over this release. Fgg, when you edit HorribleSubs scripts, the goal is to make them better, not worse. I am disappoint.

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kazukifafner says:

I don’t claim to be a master of the English language or anything, but how hard can it be to simply correct a preexisting script? This means that the person read the script, changed it for the worse, and then thought to themselves, “This seems right.”

Honestly, there have got to be more competent editors willing to check a group’s script before it releases :|

Dark_Sage says:

Fansubbing runs on incompetency, unfortunately.

Holo says:

Most of the new groups do not take pride on their releases, it seems.

8thSin says:

wtf is v0? Pre-release?

Dark_Sage says:

Pretty much, yeah. Some groups have adapted the v0 standard to show that the release does not reach the level of quality they wish for in a full release, but they decided to release a version anyway just to be fast. It apparently happens a lot. “We know we’re gonna have a shitty release, but we’ll release anyway and win the fansubbing race! Banzai!”

8thSin says:

lol, it still doesn’t make sense for slow groups to do that though, since HS released theirs days ago.

We shoulda used those v0s, huh? For lack of editing / OP+ED >.<;;

Blah says:

“He’s cut out here. Use the em-dash to indicate that.”

I’m guessing the font sucks and the em dash turned into the overbar you see at the end of the line.

Dark_Sage says:

Holy shit, I didn’t even see that overbar.

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