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150 thoughts on “Off Topic v15”

      • Ch 3 spoilers


        lol, went from “plz protect senpai” to “I hope it’s painful”

        Ch 5

        w o w

        Ch 6

        stop my penis can only get so erect

        Ch 11


        Ch 26

        oh come on now

        Ch 27

        more please :)
        • Damn, did you just catch up in 18 minutes?

          The cliffhangers are always pretty intense, especially in 27 with so many unanswered questions.

          I do feel Machiya undereacted to his dad possibly getting chopped up and made into curry, but then again, maybe he liked it….

          Great manga, though it could never get animated. That’s okay though, some things are better non-mainstream.

          I’m pumped to finally have someone to chat about this one with, everyone else is currently addicted to Jojo and it makes me sick. :(

          • No, I edited my comment as I was reading through. Took me… a couple hours I think? Had to stop to fap to a lot of it.

            I dunno if it’s intense, shit got kinda boring. The plot of this arc can’t be interesting at all — amnesia bullshit plus lots of “oh wow can you guess what happened” is nothing but lazy writing.
            • By amnesia do you mean the fact that Machiya can’t remember Mashiro from before the series started? I agree with that, but I trust the author will have a legitimate explanation beyond “it was so long ago”.

              By no measure are twins high tier mystery writing, either.

              I have high expectations for this arc, though. I’m hoping for a “Mashiro, I’ll do /anything/ if you help” development, and a scene at her house.

              At this point, I’m also antipating that George Lucas has made Machiya’s sister an SS officer of the elementary school deathsquad.

  1. herkz back to deleting comments that just slightly imply he’s shitting on other groups because Commie is doing the show. Even deleted comments related to those comments. At least he’s good at being a little bitch.

  2. I finally did it. I finally paid for physical weeb shit for the first time. I couldn’t wait for a No Game No Life season 2, so I bought the fourth light novel. Will I ever be the same again?

    • If you buy on LN, well, makes sense to have the whole set, right? And if you’ve got a full set already, might as well add another series, yeah?

      Shit’s gonna spiral out of control until the only place you have left to sleep is on piles of manga and branded animu panties. Get out while you still can. ;_;

      • Well, after finishing it in a day, I was saved by the next LN not being officially translated yet. We’ll consider that to be a bullet dodged and see what happens when I dive into the terrifying world of scanlations (or whatever you call a fan LN translation).

  3. Can you review Chihiro’s Occultic;Notes translation? I’d like to know if it’s at least watchable or should I just hope for someone competent to do the BDs.

    • He doesn’t review TLs… He reviews edits. I did, however, look at their release because I was curious to see if it’s worth swapping over from HS. I didn’t think it’s worth the wait.

      There were lots of badly phrased lines, places where commas were missed, etc.

  4. >Well, you don’t even need to know Japanese to understand what ファイアウォール means.

    ファイアウォール = Firewall.
    Yeah, she said that in engrish.

    >I wouldn’t doubt the TL if it was right. But personally, I don’t think I like this kind of edit.

    Again, what kind of edit? They just made these lines more comprehensible.

    • Speaking in general here. Obviously not every TL would make the same TL. I just don’t think I’d come up with a line like this (Engrish aside). Just personal preference here. There’s really no big deal to it. The line is still easy to understand. Not going to go out of my way to try and figure out an alternative line for the sentence.

      • I haven’t played Berseria, but Zestiria gameplay/battle system is atrocious (made me stop at tutorial lmao).
        Well, it’s similar to other Tales series, but 2D battle like Tales on PS1 was more appealing.

    • TFW pandering this hard, but still have no hits. I’ll give this faggot 10 minutes, but that’s about it. What video should I be looking at here?

  5. i need a quality article about the death of nyaa plz (it’s just a reminder since you said you are not gonna write anything until you find a job)

        • I mean, what’s there to say? There used to be like fansub factions which were loose associations of fansubbers who ran in the same social circles. One of those circles was commonly referred to as the cartel, cuz they were the largest and most influential. Thanks to their lack of competency, as they gained more marketshare in the fansubbing scene, people stopped giving a shit about fansubs. And now the site that was their crowning achievement, nyaa (though ascribing nyaa’s one-time success as their own is a weird combination of both hilarious and pathetic), went down. So they lost the entirety of what little relevance they once had.

          Don’t know why 4chon thinks this “story” is worth a fucking book, though they have been a bit behind the bellcurve over the past decade.

          • i was actually joking, but anyway 4chan went full conspiracy theory about the meme cartel, they really took it to another level of sadness.

  6. So Fyurie retired, FFF’s fully stalled, DDY only finished Titan, and Asenshi’s got nothing planned for summer. herkz is basically all that’s left of fansubbing.

  7. Heads-up D_S, if you’re thinking of coming again this year, Otakuthon (Montreal anime con) pre-reg ends in a day and a bit. Cheers!

  8. Hey, don’t need an article, just tell me, are there options for Koyomimonogatari, and who should I choose?

    Thank you based dark sage.

      • I did and forced all my friends too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        It’s the only harem anime that does a good job of giving every animu grill equal screen time (that I know of).

  9. Does anybody know of any sub games that are planning on doing the No Game No Life movie? I hesitate to download these one-man efforts.

  10. So with a new season coming up can we expect DS to provide us with a list of Shit, hot-Shit, not-that-Shit titles?
    Also this OT is almost 1 1/2 yeas old.

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