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    • Bit of a shame, because MAL was one of the only open review places left. Sure, there were plenty of retarded reviews, but in general it did show what the community thought of each release.

        • Anything that praises a group you like is a legit review. Anything that praises a group you hate a circlejerking.

          Honestly, I’d much rather take the opinions of random unbiased people that someone like herkz or Xythar who pretend to know Japanese.

            • Issues that are brought up in a polite manner are for the most part kept. The only time these are removed are if the comments would lead to less downloads.

              Issues simply pointing out the problem are removed. I see the problem, I’ll fix it for the batch.

              Issues brought up in a trolly way (like a link and then saying “Sasuga Coalgirls” or “Why don’t you get some QC?”) are deleted and the user banned.

              Have a problem with it? Too bad, it’s a private website. But no, for the most part issues brought up are by people looking for errors to try to boost up their own releases (see: Xythar) instead of actually being noticeable or important.

              • Yeah issues like purposely breaking TS out of spite or because whomever you had to shift doesn’t know how to read tags certainly aren’t major or important.
                They only matter if you actually care about your release, instead of run a machine purely for spite.

                • Purposely breaking the TS? Yeah, check P’s TS, and then check the one in my release. See a difference? No? Wow, I guess I didn’t purposely break the TS. I simply made a misassumption when shifting and checking.

                  Though you know, even if I were to purposely break typesetting for so called “spite”, I’d much rather have that than breaking the translation for memes.

                  • You keep saying that, but your only source for that is /a/. Whenever an actual TL comes up and comments you just say they’re part of the cartel.

                    • Sure Govna. Commie has no memes in their Twintails sub. Keep on believing that, even though you can just go onto google to find examples of it.

              • Banning the user because of a simple troll post sounds communist. What if the person watched their release and thought it was subpar? Even if it sounds a bit trollish, it’s still criticism at best.

                Banning the user because of it kinda makes me feel threatened as fellow members of the fan subbing community.

                Then again, I never really post anything on Coalgirls or Chihiro. I just go straight to IRC.

              • >The only time these are removed are if the comments would lead to less downloads.
                Wait, isn’t this apparently kinda like the groups you don’t like? I thought you were always complaining that they sub for downloads apparently lol

                • Here’s the difference. Some groups sub because they are aiming for downloads, and in a few cases, profit. It’s along the lines of “Hey, let’s pick up this show! It’ll get lots of downloads!”

                  I don’t pick up shows for that reason, or I wouldn’t be doing BDs only (which naturally get less downloads that TV), nor would I pick up shows like Wixoss or Little Busters which aren’t big numbers getting. That said, sure, I want as many people as possible to download it. So if there’s something I can do to boost download counts after release, I will do it.

          • Yeah, and magically all the negative comments are mostly the same shit brought on 4chan. Are you sure they are random comments by unbiased users?

            It’s mostly weebs that hate localisation, or pretend to know Japanese.

            And to be fair, two lines don’t say much. They aren’t reviews, but short comments.

            • That’s exactly what happens, Googol. 4chan hates some groups, and the groups say >4chan. MAL hates some groups, and the groups say >MAL. anidb hates some groups, and the groups say >anidb. Bakabt makes decisions against some groups and the groups say >bakabt. Crymore say bad things against some groups and the groups say >Dark_Sage. Reddit says bad things against some groups and the groups say >Reddit.

              Shall I continue? The point is that if you’re getting the same opinions from hundreds of different angles, and the only opinions you get supporting you are from your friends, maybe it’s about time you start thinking it’s not them, it’s you.

          • That’s not the point, Kristen. Comments, either positive or negative, aren’t reviews. And on my earlier note, I find no use of it and maybe it’s a good decision from MAL to deter cancerous people in their community. So if you find MAL to be a reputable ‘fansub review’ site, then I don’t know what to call you. An ass, maybe? And you’re just deliberately diverting the topic to raise other issue, and that is your hate for some fansub people/group.

            • Sure, call me an ass. And I’ll call you ignorant and narrow minded. It’s like Ted Cruz deciding to run for president even though the only people who like him are his inner circle of ultra-conservatives.

                • Sure thing. Now, tell me, what exactly am I offended about? I’m not really sure and wasn’t exactly aware that I was feeling offended, but since you’re always right, maybe you could tell me.

                  • This goes without saying if you read my comment well. Nonetheless, I assume that you are offended that I call you an ass because you find MAL to be a reputable ‘fansub review’ site, which is actually not. That is, IF you do. But rather than voice your opinion about it, you answered back with hate towards me by calling me an ignorant and narrow-minded. Now, does that explains it?

    • Switch, “fourth” is spelled with a “u”. It’s “forty” that doesn’t have the “u”.

      Just letting you know.

      And I suppose that was an interesting read. You having Asperger’s explains… um… a lot, actually.

      • FML. You’re right… I can’t believe I let that one slip. /facepalm

        New link: /2015/04/15/forth-therapy-session/

        Yea, aspergers is really deep. Fansub drama caused by me is connected with my autism. I guess that’s the downside of being autistic, but the upside is that those who have it focus on fine detail a lot or look at things deeper than normal people do… is what my psychiatrist told me during my 3rd session. Now I remember what happened on that day.

        It’s regrettable what I did back in March, but at least I’m resuming therapy now, that’s something.

        • Keep it up, Switch. It’s a good thing that you’re true to yourself, and reflect upon your past deeds nonetheless. You can be a good role model to others, especially here.

        • Xythar? He just is really desperate for someone to tell him that he did a good job, and is trying to compensate for what he is lacking by trashing anyone who is competing with him or saying anything about him.

          You should write an article about all the good things about him to cheer him up. :)

          …it’s kind of ironic at times how similar Xythar and I actually are. >.>

          • >You should write an article about all the good things about him to cheer him up. :)

            It would be another one of those fucking empty articles, knowing D_S.

          • Right, except Xythar hasn’t been trashing anybody. As someone who actually works on the show with him, I find it highly amusing how you all make these assumptions, when you really couldn’t be more wrong. We’ve never said anything bad about DDY’s Seraph release, nor have we gone around trashing it to “compensate for what we’re lacking”. In fact, we appreciated the list of nitpicks that DDY’s TLC submitted and even made a few changes to the script based off it. I could say more about this matter, but I hardly think an elaboration is necessary if you’re someone who isn’t easily swayed by petty hate. This entire issue stems from /a/’s usual overblown antics and thirst for drama, as well as fans of each group taking things way out of proportion.

            I’m sure you, in particular, are a stranger to neither, so it’d be nice if you (and everyone else, for that matter) could just step back and hop off the hate bandwagon for an actual perspective.

            • He’s trashing the person who made that comment about him. But don’t act like he doesn’t trash groups. It’s almost amazing how quickly after a Twintails release I make he is able to find the only error in it and broadcast it, calling it a lack of effort or care.

              But that’s just who he is. Rather than trying to elaborate on the good in his own releases, he just tries to highlight the bad in others, and tries to portray anyone who disagrees with his own releases as an idiot instead of actually listening to them for a second and maybe improving.

            • No. It’s Xythar who is the one “taking things way out of proportion” with his childish rants behind the safety of his twitter feed.

              Some anon on /a/ gave a summary of their opinion, quite succinctly (and reasonably accurately in my opinion), on the major pros and cons of each groups release (namely the TL/TLC/Editing, Encoding, and Punctuality of releases), and the only one to throw a public hissy fit was Xythar.

              If he’s going to act like a child, he’s basically asking to be treated like one. This isn’t Club Penguin, Tumblerina. Nor will having a cry behind twitter make the Internet meanies go away. He either needs to debate the trolls up front to prove them wrong, or preferably learn to ignore them. He did neither.

      • Why is Xythar talking about 4chan? Who cares what some anon thinks on that POS imageboard. Does it even matter? He’s wasting his time browsing around that place.

  1. >kristen is a transgendered weirdo
    >xythar has a boner for transgendered people
    Remind me why these two aren’t friends?

  2. So apparently Kiss Anime has been using FFF’s DDL servers as their own and when they tried complaining that the free service they were taking advantage of to make money went down (in part because of their abuse), FFF got just a tiny bit pissed at them. Hilarious, but also a little sad that assholes like them might destroy a useful service.

    • Shame on Kiss Anime for stealing the anime that Eien and crew rightfully earn money on for their super duper hard work. Kiss Anime couldn’t have stolen copyrighted material and bandwidth from a more upstanding group!

      • Looks like FFF doesn’t like being called out for their profiteering. Just got my comment deleted from their site and banned from their IRC.

        It’s like they wanted to hurt my feelings. ;_;

            • You’re saying we fansub for profit when we very clearly don’t. Kristen loves to say that kind of stuff. “It’s all a conspiracy!”, etc. I can’t tell if you’re serious, or if you’re making fun of that mindset.

              Nobody in FFF is making any profit off of the donations. We use the donation money to pay for the DDL server and to purchase BDs that we’re working on.

              • And as soon as I asked for the receipts which you apparently have, I got banned. Not exactly a huge vote of confidence for any honesty from y’all there.

                I’m not illogical. Hell, if the numbers lined up, I’d even apologize for any allegations made. Obviously that’s not the route you wanted to take, so here we are.

                • I didn’t see the original comment, but from the sound of it, you were being a huge dick about it. I saw the chat in the IRC channel, and you were far less than pleasant. Excuse us for not wanting to put up with people jumping down our thoats, calling us liars. Try being civil next time; it works.

                  • Why bother? Either you have the receipts or you don’t, and I’m not gonna beg for them. If you want a hugbox, fine, but don’t expect me to meekly participate in your pussy parade.

                    • Not sure what you want me to say. Sorry for remembering how it was when fansubbing was still relevant?

                    • Sounds like you’re saying you took profits for fansubbing.

                      Sorry, but I’m not like that. I do this for fun. It doesn’t matter how relevant fansubbing is. I’ll keep doing it as long as I find it enjoyable.

                    • More popular than ever, hate to disappoint. Sorry if you haven’t been keeping up though — your loss, random-kun.

                    • I’m saying if you think fansubbing was always the circlejerk it is today, you’re wrong and I’m not gonna play along, cuz I have no need to.

                      As for whatever you’re trying to derail this into, I haven’t made a dime of fansubbing and view it as strictly a loss-making hobby.

                      I find the idea of using fansubbing as a profit-making venture to be absolutely disgusting, and I will never stop railing against it, even though it clearly pisses certain elements off. And quite frankly, the $15,000 yearly you make seems like something that needs some goddamn transparency, although you seem to disagree.

                    • >EienShouko receives $70.61 per week

                      That’s an average, and as such, it is swayed greatly by outliers (for example, if donatorAbc makes a one-time donation of $100). Even so, that comes out to $3671.72 per year, which is higher than it actually is because we’re extrapolating from an inaccurate number to begin with.

                      You really think that hosting a DDL server with our bandwidth is so cheap that we could even THINK about pocketing that, even if we wanted to?

                      Also, since you know so much about our inner workings, where exactly are we getting the other $11k from? I’m dying to find out, because I had no damn clue it even existed.

                    • That came from shit math (multiplied 70 by 4 and then 52), though I don’t know your additional revenue sources.

                    • That’s because there are no other sources other than our own wallets. We often don’t receive enough donations to cover the cost of the DDL server, so we pay for it out of our own pockets.

                      When we do receive enough to cover the cost of the server, and if we have some leftover, we look into buying BDs for shows we’re working on that were never uploaded so we can release them.

                    • Which is great. So where are those receipts? You guys have been dodging that since it was brought up. Does transparency trigger you or something?

                    • D_S, you’re forgetting that the donations don’t just go to the servers. We also purchase BDs that don’t get uploaded on Share. You really think Eien has all of those receipts saved?

                    • >we don’t keep receipts or any actual proof of how we spend the money
                      That sure is the best way to handle donation money.

                    • I, for one, do not. Maybe you don’t know what the term ‘donate’ is. If you donate your money to charity, do you care how they would spend it? You don’t, but you expect it will be put in to good use. It’s just a matter of trust and confidence, so if you don’t trust how will they use your money then you shouldn’t have donate to begin with.

                    • I don’t believe you should implicitly trust fansub groups. I’ve seen behind the curtain and it’s not pretty; that’s why I’m so bullish on transparency. Viewers deserve better than pay and pray, even if you don’t believe you do.

                    • >Maybe you don’t know what the term ‘donate’ is.
                      Please enlighten me

                      >If you donate your money to charity, do you care how they would spend it? You don’t
                      I sure as fuck do. In fact you could get into a lot of trouble donating to fraudulent charities.

                      >you expect it will be put in to good use. It’s just a matter of trust and confidence
                      It’s actually just a matter of transparency. I don’t have and shouldn’t have to just trust them, they can easily provide proof that they are using using donation money to what they were asking money for.

                    • You’ve been there, D_S. And I think I probably know what are you trying to get at. You don’t believe to ‘this is where your donation money went’ thing but ‘this is how we spend your donation money’ is what matters to you. But from my point of view, FFF been able to justify where the money went is suffice. No need for receipts and whatnot since I’m not skeptical enough, or maybe you could even say that I don’t really care since I don’t even donate to them.

                      But here, the thing is we both don’t believe that that huge sum of donation money wasn’t ever been used for personal reasons, or handled in the right way, but in what way and up to what extent is beyond my knowledge. That being said, should we accuse FFF for profiteering on donation money? Again, from my point of view, I won’t mind it depending where they’re gonna use it. 5 boxes of pizza for staff meeting is fine, but to use it to buy a game console, especially if the person himself have a sustainable job will definitely tick me off. And as for what the Corbyn guy said, I assume that they even tried to use the money in a different way then reimburse it later. Because logically speaking, that money is more than enough to cover their fansubbing needs every month. Though they can still prove me wrong.

                      Now, this transparency thingy that you want is something next to impossible. I’m not expecting anyone in this community would divulge how they spend the money because they are not obligated to, and also they know what will be the outcome if the expenses and donation didn’t tally up. For example, I faithfully spending donation money entirely for fansubbing cause. But somehow, I lost one of the receipts, then how will I explain it? Nobody would buy it if you just said you lost it, isn’t it? Now, not to mention if they are really buying boxes of pizzas, who would ever keep receipt of those?

                      And knowing that what you want probably won’t happen, then are you trying to conduct an investigation by yourself next? And what’s your intent? Do you want to discourage fans from donating to fansubbers? You might change the future of fansubbing, I’m telling you.

                      Parting words, I hate donation drives. Especially if its trying hard to tell how sad their current state is. Like its telling you that your donations are not enough. Hell, they’re being through thick and thin so why not try to make the most out of their current donation.

                    • To Mr. Anon.,
                      Are you saying that donation money are subject to audit now? And wow, you really do care how would Facebook handle those $2 you donate to them to help those in need in Nepal, like you badly wanted to know how would they use them? Seems like Facebook isn’t a trusted company at all because they’re not transparent enough. So maybe its better not try donate, is it?

                      >really do care
                      Coming from someone who doesn’t even care to what name he’s being called at because names are meaningless.
                      I think you should stick to that, it suits you.

                    • FFF did clearly show that they needed money when they mentioned that they use a US server for FFFDDL instead of a cheaper kimisurf one, and have routinely released shows on BD with no raw available. If they are efficiently handling their money properly is one thing (for instance, Eien rejected the idea of sharing the costs of Wixoss in exchange for the BDMV and would instead rather buy it all himself), but I find it unlikely that anyone is using money their for their personal gain.

                      Except archdeco. He just took the good will of fans to say “I need a new computer to fansub with!” and ran. But that’s a different story.

                    • Thinking big is a good thing, though I still don’t like this idea of ‘need’ if they haven’t announced it beforehand. I don’t know, but give this archdeco guy the benefit of the doubt. He maybe still be in active subbing, though maybe in a different group. That’s way to go.

                    • Yes Abunja, I know he’s associated with other groups but have not seen him working on anything with them. In fact, outside of the one time he came here to point out non-issues in my Little Busters release and some trolling I saw him doing on bakabt, I haven’t seen him at all anywhere.

                      And that’s exactly what people with the “take the money and run” mentality do.

                    • Having archdeco guy still around fansubbing community is one thing, but I’m not in the right position to tell that he’s up for nothing. If what you said before is true then it can’t be helped but feel pity to the fans of his former. In that sense, Commie did a better job by investing on computers for the use of its members.

                    • Yes indeed, for while what Commie is doing is a huge waste of money, it still is a benefit to their subbing processes. That is if you believe their stories.

                      What archdeco did was just plain rotten. If you’re going to ask for and accept money, you have a moral obligation to use that money for what it was intended for. Running off with it makes you no better than Exias.

                    • “Running off with it makes you no better than Exias.”
                      Full version, please. Google gives me only Gundam images.

                    • Yeah, I guess it have been 8 years. The Exias stuff happened in fall 2008. Exias was an encoder. In Fall 2008, he applied to many many fansub groups and got well acquainted with them. He promised every group whatever they wanted. For instance, Chihiro at that time was doing XviDs for everything at a time when XviD was starting to die, so he was like “Sure I’ll do it!”

                      As the season went along, he started mentioning that he owned a server hub and could offer low rates. For instance, I spec’d out a server for him that would have cost 100 a month at OVH, and he offered it for like 20 with 100 dollar setup. Many groups and individuals took him up on the offer. At that point, one of two things happened:
                      1. The server was never delivered
                      2. The server was delivered and then taken down a week later with note that they found copyrighted material (fansubs) on it.

                      At that point, he had completely disappeared from IRC. Take the money and run. And it would have worked too since he could have defended it as “taken down to piracy”, but one of the people who screwed over was Rizon. Rizon is not an illegal entity, it is a chat relay. It’s the same reason why if two people sell drugs over Skype, Skype doesn’t get in trouble. Rizon contacted the police after several warnings, and as far as I know he is currently sitting in jail.

        • Jesus Christ, DS, does it hurt to interact with people amiably? I know you have a real boner for burning bridges, but if you managed to restrain your belligerent nature at least before jumping the gun, you wouldn’t have alienated most of the community. And yeah, I know you jerk off to spitting in people’s faces, but FFS, respect is a two-way street. But hey, being the “resident troll” can be fun if you don’t mind no-one taking you seriously.

          • A. Fansubbers aren’t my target audience and never have been. So no, I don’t give a damn about what “the community” thinks.

            B. I treat everyone with the respect they deserve. Having known Eien for years, I feel I made the correct call here.

        • Check the authors, I didn’t say anything about “Humanity.”

          Oh wait, I read that message incorrectly…I blame the fever I’m running. I can’t grammar.

          • Holy fuck, did I just manage to produce a sentence demonstrating that sometimes using the Oxford comma can be more ambiguous than leaving it out? “Did you mean Obama, James or Humanity?” would not have allowed for that misreading.

            Goddamnit, I hate myself so fucking much right now.

            • Cool, I just learned that the comma before the word and at the end of a list is called the Oxford comma, thanks!

              Totally worth the miscommunication.

          • At least he’s somewhat competent at it, unlike most middle-aged politicians. Hell, during the same event, Abe compared the bilateral relations to motherfucking “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.


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