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275 thoughts on “Off Topic v12”

  1. Goddammit. Spent like 20 minutes coming up with content for my Bikini Warriors preview only to find it’s a fucking five-minute series and thus ineligible for my preview posts.

    Fuck this cruel world. ;_;

      • Even better, I’ll save it for a Summer 2015 Part 4 article that I’ll promise to post but will unceremoniously abandon 10 minutes after.

        Shit, I killed so many birds right there that you could call me a wind turbine.

    • tl;dr: Don’t put logos or titles on your fanwork and Funi will look the other way.

      They’re a horrible company, but that seems pretty acceptable (considering US copyright laws).

      • Essentially, “promote us and we’ll let you do what you want. But don’t you dare try to make a buck on it!”

        I honestly have to wonder why fanart isn’t considered in the fair use category. It doesn’t hinder sales of a product in any way.

    • There’ll be a meta post, but I’d like to get some notable content on the site first. It’s been a couple dry weeks.

  2. You know, Commie’s Cross Ange editing has really confused me.

    Like, there are some lines that they change for Americanization. For instance, there was a line along the lines of “bare your teeth” which they changed to “bare your fangs”. Small minor things that I don’t think anyone would complain about.

    And of course, there is the removal of honorifics in places that make it closer to their goals.

    But sometimes, I feel like they just make editing changes to add swears in. Like, “Drop dead, you filth” turns into “Go to hell, you piece of shit”, or “I failed” turns into “I fucked up”. I honestly have have to ask, why? Like, do you really need to use profanity to show anger?

    And then there are some lines that make no sense at all to me. Like, they changed “waterproof ballistic missles” to “ballistic missles”. It makes no sense, just why? Why remove translated words?

    It’s all very subjective and random, but I just don’t really understand why they act like they do sometimes.

    • >Like, there are some lines that they change for Americanization. For instance, there was a line along the lines of “bare your teeth” which they changed to “bare your fangs”.

      Is this a real post?

    • That’s the shame of this whole thing. I say something like “Yeah, here’s an example of them changing a literal translation to a liberal translation” and even add in “I don’t think anyone would complain about”, and people read what they want.
      They are so focused in their attempts to attack me that they ignore the fact that I called it a non-issue, and also ignore the valid points listed later in the post. Hell, Xythar even goes so far as to crop the post to hide the valid points made.

      People need to start to learn to read posts with the Kristen-hate glasses off.

      • No, you called the use of the phrase ‘bare one’s fangs’ an Americanism, which is hilariously retarded. You can’t fudge what you said when it’s right in front of us, you dumbfuck. Just own up to your mistake and you won’t look like such an arrogant twat. This is why people hate both your guts and Xythar’s alike.

          • That’s rich coming from a crybaby who bawls about how everyone’s out to get them whenever challenged. Sob stories don’t somehow invalidate criticism, and if you wail whenever you’ve lost an argument right on cue, no-one will take you seriously.

            • Your behavior is what makes me feel sorry about you. You are following the trademark things that I see in everyone who doesn’t want to admit they’re wrong. Throwing in needless profanity, calling arguments (indirectly) whining, referring to past events, comparing people to people they don’t like… It’s like you are more interested in slandering me and keeping your face instead of actually reading my posts.

              • lolwut
                The “trademark” signs that someone won’t admit that they’re wrong are: a) they’re wrong and b) they won’t admit it. Anything else is a ridiculous non sequitur.
                If you wish to challenge anything I’ve said, then do so. The ball’s in your court.

                • It’s true. I mean, if you want, get me a translator on here to translate that line word for word. I am pretty sure the literal translation is not “fangs” but “teeth”, if that is even the direct translation of that line at all.
                  Changing a line from a literal translation that works to a common American saying is Americanization. Which, as I think I’ve said a hundred times now, is perfectly fine if that’s their goal.

                  • I can’t comment on the Japanese, but it seems perfectly likely that it is a phrase that more literally translates as ‘bare your teeth’ and more idiomatically as ‘bare your fangs’. This no-one has a problem with.

                    What I *do* have a problem with is characterising this change as an Americanism. It is not. Changing a line from a more faithful translation to a more expressive one certainly fits under the umbrella of ‘liberal’ translation, but it hasn’t been ‘Americanised’ simply by virtue of the target dialect being American English. ‘Fang’ for ‘tooth’ is not attested anywhere as an Americanism, and anecdotally I’ve heard it only outside of American English. By your faulty logic, if Doki put ‘can I get a cup of coffee’ in their subs, it would somehow be a Britishism, or ‘cheers’ in a Commie release would count as ‘Americanisation’. This is frankly ludicrous and is why everyone is ridiculing your comment.

                    Now either find evidence that ‘bare your fangs’ is an Americanism through and through, admit your mistake (this whole situation could have been easily and painlessly rectified with one little ‘mea culpa’, I might add) or reflect on your actions until you’re willing to do either.

                  • Actually the literal translation of the line is “bare [your] fangs”. Not that it matters, since regardless, it’s ludicrous to consider this as a case of Americanization.

                    tl;dr this is yet another case where you prattle on about subjects you have no knowledge in, i.e., English, Japanese, and translation between the two.

                    • OK. Assuming you know Japanese and translating literally, then it’s just my bad.

                      I included this as an example because it was recent. Though there are plenty of other things to be found like “‘Sup” from Vivian, or Ange being called a fatass, etc etc.

                      Unless you are seriously trying to argue that Commie is a literal translation, and not an Americanized one.

                    • I’m trying to argue that you don’t know enough to make any judgments on what is a more-or-less literal translation (like that entire line about baring fangs), what is a mild localization, or what is a heavily Americanized line to not fuck it up. For example, “sup” may actually be the closest translation, or “fatass” might be more or less literal–or they might be heavy localizations!–depending on the original line. You simply don’t know enough to know.

                      If you’re currently preparing BD batches and using Commie scripts, just leave them alone. Uninformed edits that try to change the style of translation usually make it worse.

                    • “Sup” is not the closest translation. As she say “Yo”. It doesn’t take any knowledge of Japanese to know that “Yo” means “Yo”.

                      And no, I’ll keep doing my changes to Commie’s BD using the Hulu translations because I trust professionals more than I trust a group that has a reputation of trolling and excessive localization.

                      Feel free to download their BD batch in 2019 when they finish if you disagree with it.

                    • Unfortunately for you, not a single time does Vivian actually say “yo” in Japanese when Commie wrote “sup”. She says a couple different things that were all translated as “sup” because they roughly mean “sup”. This is based on a quick search of the ripped .ass files. If I missed one, please mention the ep/timestamp and I’ll check for you.

                      Even if she did say “yo”, you still don’t know enough to make a judgment call because there are plenty of loanwords that mean something rather different in Japanese than they do in the source language.

                      And professionals? You mean the same ones that put out those embarrassing Star Driver or Seraph of the End official subs? The ones that literally left an entire line of Japanese in untranslated romaji for no reason and failed to fix it for the actual Western BD release? Unfortunately, the pros wildly vary in quality. If you trust the pros so much, why don’t you just use the Hulu subs wholesale? Why are Commie’s subs involved in this at all?

                    • Swear I heard her say Yo some time that was translated as “‘Sup”. But that’s losing the point. ‘Sup is slang and American slang at that (I just asked my British friends about it, and they said it’s an American thing), and to make something worse – something not even used in spoken english. It was something written in instant messages and text messages, not something anyone says, since wazzup is easier on the tongue than ‘sup.

                      But, no. I’ve watched enough anime and spoken enough in real life to know what a line Commie just jacked up is, and what a normal unlocalized line sounds like. Not like I’m making original TLs anyways. I’m just replacing the Commie subs with the more unlocalize Hulu subs, or making them essentially tamer.

                      Embarrassing subs? According to who? The amateur editors who took JLPT 4 and believe they can criticize 8thsin?
                      The professional subs, in almost all cases, are more direct and accurate subs from the Japanese language to English. Unfortunately, they lack significant editing as they expect 1 person to do the episode in its entirety instead of a team. That’s what the amateur editors criticize. Calling it translation errors just make it sounds worse, so they do that and say if you don’t know Japanese you can’t disagree.

                      As for why I didn’t use Hulu’s subs wholesale, I think I’ve gone over this before. Cross Ange was a project designed to troll Commie by taking their subs and defiling them to be everything they did not want. Honorifics, Romaji Lyrics (was even thinking of doing a karaoke), unlocalized subs, and priorities to the professional translations instead of their ridiculous attempts to localize when none was needed. Doing it with Hulu subs would have negated the entire point.

                    • > not even used in spoken english

                      Seriously, are you from like, Singapore or something? It is absolutely used very commonly in spoken English, which is presumably why Commie used it in the first place. I like how you talk so confidently when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

                      > I […] know what a line Commie just jacked up is, and what a normal unlocalized line sounds like

                      Except when you don’t, which is all the time, like you just proved with the fangs line and the “sup”, right?

                      BTW the line about Ange being a fatass? It’s literally fatass in Jp

                      > The professional subs, in almost all cases, are more direct and accurate subs from the Japanese language to English

                      At least here you have something of a point; usually professional subs don’t display a total lack of Japanese understanding. (Though sometimes they do.) That doesn’t mean they aren’t mistranslations, though. If the English the translator spits out is so mangled that the hypothetical editor that they often don’t seem to have can’t understand the meaning of the Japanese from it, then it’s a mistranslation, regardless of how well the translator may have understood the Japanese. And completely failing to translate at all, like in Star Driver, is most certainly a mistranslation.

                      > Cross Ange was a project designed to troll Commie

                      Oh, so your subs are just trying to troll a group that doesn’t care about you rather than at least attempting to provide any sort of useful service or quality end product for anyone? Carry on then

                    • I live in Virginia US, and prior to that I lived in New Jersey, and know no language other than English and was raised by English parents. Not once have I ever heard someone say “Sup” in real life. It’s just a lazy way of typing online. I mean, just try to say it. It’s inconvenient for the tongue to do it without it flowing in with something prior.

                      And yes, the line literally is talking about a large rear. There are plenty of other ways to describe a large rear without it being Americanized with “fatass”, such are “big butt” or “large rear”, or “pear shaped”.

                      The problem is this. You are simply spewing Commie-isms. The belief that nobody outside of those who know Japanese should touch a script, the belief that Commie is right even when they make a translation wrong (Like removing waterproof in the original example), and the belief that if you can translate something nearly directly into an American saying it isn’t Americanized.

                      And no, Commie obviously does care about me seeing how much people like you, Xythar, and skiddiks have responded to it. Hell, considering that skiddiks even put out disc 1 literally 2 hours after I released mine, I can say they care quite a bit.

                    • >Hell, considering that skiddiks even put out disc 1 literally 2 hours after I released mine, I can say they care quite a bit.

                      skiddiks must be superhuman. He subbed an entire disc in two hours?

                    • @Kristen
                      Ummm… I say ‘sup to greet my friends a lot. And no, I’m not from some backwater country town or a ghetto. Maybe you dislike that piece of slang, but to say you’ve never heard people use it in real life is… strange, to say the least.

                    • i mean he’s known to be a compulsive liar, and the inane idea that nobody says “sup” irl (i do it all the time, and *actually* live in virginia) doesn’t exactly verify his statements

                    • No Anon, he was planning on releasing it but rushed it out because of me.

                      CoffeeFlux, curious, what part of Virginia? If you don’t believe me, I’m sure D_S can verify my IP as being from Virginia.

                    • > New Jersey
                      > never hearing “sup”

                      As someone who is originally from New Jersey, you are a liar.

                      Also, what you’re describing isn’t Americanizing; it’s Englishizing. Aka translation. Just because the obvious choice of translation that accurately matches the insulting tone used doesn’t match your personal terrible preference of “Ange-chan you pear-shaped body person!!” or whatever doesn’t mean it’s over-Americanized. The idea you are espousing that you have to go out of your way to avoid common American sayings is almost the direct opposite of what translation is. Which you’d know if you, you know, ever did any translating of any sort.

                    • If you cannot believe me on where I live and have lived, even though they are verifiable facts, then we’re done here. As I mentioned to an anon a while ago, if you are unable to believe what I say, then you can just call anything that disagrees with you a lie, and anything that agrees with you the truth.

                    • Like how you call anyone that disagrees with you a Commie poster child that has Kristen hate goggles on and has a Japanese phobia?

                      It’s rather hard to believe you when it’s so ubiquitous a word. You could easily have heard “‘sup” from any Youtube video, TV show, or movie, even if you somehow missed hearing it at school/university/work/store/your neighborhood/from your friends despite living in NJ/VA. And yet not only did you not yourself ever hear it, you are making the claim that NO ONE says this. This is roughly the equivalent of arguing that contractions are just a lazy way of writing that no one ever says out loud. So either you’re lying about your location and upbringing, or you’re lying about never having heard it, or you’ve led a VERY sheltered life spent in total ignorance of your surroundings. It’s not just me telling you this; there are 2 other people in this thread that have difficulty believing you.

                      Look, Kristen. At some point, you have to start to realize that it’s not that everyone else is a paid shill of The Cartel that is conspiring to hate on you because you’re the last bastion of Japanese culture in the West against the oncoming tide of Amurricanisms. You’re just wildly wrong.

    • TIL “Drop dead, you filth” is a common and totally not awkward way to phrase that sentiment in colloquial, non-Japanese English

  3. Is Kajitani-Eizan the new commie poster child?
    I stop following the sub scene for 6 months and so much changes.

  4. Someone told me to write it here, so…
    I want to begin Kingdom, but A-Destiny’ subs seem a little weird to me. So, should I stick with them or go with Funi? Or there’s another group?

    • Oh god, Funimation is like a coin flip when it comes to shows they’ve only ever simulcasted… a category which Kingdom falls under. There’s a chance the subs will be tolerable, but you’re also risking gibberish.

      I’d probably grab the Funi subs, and if you can get through an episode without looking for the nearest bottle of bleach to down, stick with them. Though I don’t know why you’re watching shit like Kingdom in the first place.

  5. i’ve just noticed there used to be a fansubbing group named hadena and everyone says they were super terrible

    The question is, were they really that bad? (2deep4me)

  6. Is it me or has the quality of CR scripts also gonne way down in the last couple seasons?
    Maybe they are looking at FUNi who keeps getting more and more shows each season and thinking “it’s just not worth it to put in any effort”.

  7. OMG this is hilarious. Funimation proudly released episode 3 of Snow White with The Red hair early and the audio on the episode was the WRONG one, lol, hahaha. (Audio from episode 2)

    Edit: Don’t know if they fixed it yet. A̶n̶d̶ ̶n̶o̶w̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶y̶ ̶f̶i̶x̶e̶d̶ ̶i̶t̶ and this is their tweet and the replies are hilarious. Especially the one I highlighted since it’s a joke that funi will ever release something in high quality.

    This is what people actually pay for, holy shit.

    • See, Moonchipz has the right idea.

      Honestly, is there any other industry where the official, paid product is often significantly worse than fan efforts?

        • True, but every bag of Chips Ahoy is pretty much the same—you know exactly what the quality will be when you buy the package. I think it’s the extreme inconsistency that makes the anime industry unique.

          • Not exactly! Chips Ahoy claims to have 1,000 chips in every bag (or did so back in the late 90s), so the Air Force put them to the test. 93% of the bags that were donated they found had at least 1,000 chips. The other 7% were under!

            And not only that, but in 1998 Chips Ahoy actually released 1,000 bags of cookies without any chocolate chips at all! Of course, finding one netted you $1000, but regardless!

  8. Finally made a webm that fucking worked. Probably not optimized but now I don’t have to worry about making a broken OP/ED post. \o/

    • It’s an old movie, and I don’t like old things, so I have no opinion on whether this remaster is significantly better than the original. As for dub vs sub, eh… I usually go sub, but I don’t mind dubs. Most people here will suggest subs, though.

    • Sorta hard to answer that one. Minnesota is really beautiful this time of year, so if you’re into normal stuff, we’ve got lots of tourist destinations (though you’d have to travel outside the city).

      Things to do are gonna be the same as any other city: movies, concerts, finding a prostitute who will pretend she’s Lucy from Fairy Tail… not exactly stuff you need to seek Minnesota out for. I dunno, we’ve got some good food options I guess.

      What’re you coming down for?

      • Really, I’m just going because I’m bored. At first I thought I’d start driving west to see how far I could get in a day, spend the night seeing new sites, and would head back the next day. Then I realized I probably couldn’t quite make Bismarck at any reasonable hour, so I’d have to just end up driving until it was time to sleep and I wouldn’t really get to see anything new.

        So then I was like fuck it, maybe I should just go check out Minneapolis. I know that the airport is huge, so surely it’s at least a real city instead of the nothing town I live in.

        • Oh it’s a real city for sure. I wouldn’t mind coming up for a few to hang with you (I don’t live in the city proper), but I do have some long-standing plans for Friday and Saturday, so I can’t necessarily commit a whole day. I might even be able to host you for a night in my manga dungeon, but that is located in a nothing town too.

          If you just wanna lone-wolf it, I might suggest finding a list of to-dos on a Minnesota subreddit or something.

          Email me if you decide to hang and we can hash details out. darksagerk at gmail dot com

    • I’m pen to paper right now (I mean, not with a review, but at least it’s not meta bullshit). Wanted to get something out last night, but had to deal with a lung that was desperately trying to escape my body.

  9. 2015 already, and Chihiro is still retarded…

    >Today we have genmaicha. {Ed: Genmaicha is not “popcorn tea.” It’s green tea mixed with roasted brown rice, sometimes with a bit of matcha powder as well, though when done so it is referred to as matcha iri genmaicha. You put in a link to “Kouhai” but not to this common tea? For shame~ XD}

    >You’re not getting any karaage{fried chicken} for {\i1}that{\i0} kind of information!

    • I’d like to head off this drama by saying that our ep1 is probably oversharpened a bit because we had a different encoder than in S1 for the first episode. I won’t comment on Vivid’s, but I will say our normal encoder for the show will be back next week. While I don’t dislike the sharpness on this episode’s encode, it definitely is too much in some cases.

      • I’m not expert, but your encode seems to be better.

        Btw, this is kinda retarded. Owari no Seraph looks badass, but other FUNi shows… Heavy Object = eye cancer (even MX looks better).

  10. Revolutio Ep 3, fucking amazing as usual. Looks like there’s going to be an overarching storyline to tie everything together near the end.

    Thought the robot shit would be pretentious, but that was a fucking solid execution. Justicerobo needs to chill out though, unless there’s more backstory to be had to his angst.

  11. Nobody is willing to save Heavy Object? I’m surprised.
    FUNi’s video is cancerous as fuck…

    Based fansubs. They’re doing needless CR edits, yet they won’t save good show from FUNi.

    Die already, you useless fags.

    • I’d probably be more concerned if places I do business with didn’t get hacked every fucking month it seems. Shitty news though.

      (I also have specific account/password for Crunchy and a currently outdated credit card on there, so I’m good at least.)

  12. I saw that in winter will start the third season of Yami Shibai. Since I have yet to see the first two seasons, who do you suggest? [Horrible] or [WhyNot-Migoto]?

  13. >Maybe if you’re blind.

    Nope, it’s just too small. To be honest… I almost preferred Crunchyroll.
    Also, I think they should just go with mask, and ignore bottom kanji.


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