Spring 2011 Anime Opinions – Dog Days, Dororon Enma-kun, Hanasaku Iroha

Dog Days Dog Days isn’t really all that good. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it Dog Shit like the giggling schoolboys on IRC like to call it, but it’s definitely not anime of the year. The gist is that a go-get’um boy from the real world gets transferred into a fantasy land … Read more

Spring 2011 Anime Opinions – 30-Sai/A-Channel/Battle Girls

30-Sai 30-Sai is a 12-minute comedy that revolves around a Japanese salaryman who is both 30 years old and a virgin. A god comes down from the heavens to help him lose his virginity. If you see people talking about the show, it will be cuz “ohoho it’s so random and crazy and therefore it’s … Read more

Will Sub Trailers 4 Free!!

So, I wanted to give back to the great anime community that has given me such things as SankakuComplex, BakaBT, and Crunchyroll. What better way to do this than by providing fan translations of the trailers for the upcoming season? So, uhh, yeah, I’m taking requests. They will be done under the [Superior-Subs] tag for… … Read more

Ten Reasons Why I Don't Go to Anime Club

1. Every anime now comes with a laugh track. People watching these shows laugh on cue, all the time. They will even wait until the punch-line is made in Japanese, even if they’ve already read the line before it’s vocally delivered, just so they can laugh at the same time as the other people. Awesome. … Read more

So what does ANN think of fansubbers?

Recap of recent shit: Funimation gets rights to stream Fractale Nerd rage at fansubs who’d dare sub Fractale Funimation loses rights to stream Fractale because fansubbing exists Nerd rage at fansubs Funimation regains rights for Fractale Funimation sues anime fans in Texas Nerd rage at fansubs For whatever reason, I find this whole hubbub over … Read more

Drama Recap [Part 3 of 3]

Episode 3: “Good Morning, IRC!” Next day, and I’m up. “Sure was a good five hour rest,” says I. “I wonder what the internets have in store for me. Time to start my editing test and help my good friends at Ayako become a better group!” Oh. :( <Fast forward 12 hours through the day … Read more