Fansub Review: [UTW-Mazui] Steins;Gate

This is a combination of groups that was supposed to make me cream my pants. “Dark_Sage OMG these guys are so good they are perfect you are so shit compared to them!” is something I hear often when I tell people I don’t find either group to be the greatest thing in the world. Ah, the problems I face for not being retarded.

As a little treat for you all, I’m going to go a bit more in-depth with my analyses on this review. Let me show you how a real editor handles this shit.

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Translation Face-Off: [Underwater-Commie vs. Doki] Nichijou (Episode 01)

So I got quite a bit of heat in some channels for not pointing out how different Doki’s translations of Nichijou were from Commie’s translations. Where there are differences this large, they deserve to be seen. As an editor, I can only competently speak about English quality, but I decided to post a side-by-side of the translations for Nichijou.

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Fansub Review: [Doki] Nichijou (Episode 01)

This is a review of Doki’s Nichijou release. It’s aimed at helping you to choose which fansub group’s release to watch. EDIT: I should note that I only reviewed the English of this release. Apparently the translation had some inconsistencies with another group. This will be taken care of in a new post.

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Fansub Review: [Ayako] Dog Days (Episode 01)

This is a review of Ayako’s Dog Days release. It’s aimed at helping you to choose which fansub group’s release to watch. By popular demand, I guess I’ll be doing this for every show of the season until I burn out and kill myself. Strap yourselves in. It’s gonna be a sexy ride.

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[WhyNot vs. Hatsuyuki vs. Hiryuu] Whose Freezing Should You Watch?

Please keep in mind that though I only looked at each sub for 5 minutes, there are only 50 lines of text during this time. Count up how many errors there are and divide by 50, and you’ll see the error rate for each sub. WhyNot? This comes off a comma and should therefore not … Read more

[Ayako vs. Hina vs. SS] Whose Infinite Stratos Should You Watch?

I looked at the first five minutes of each group’s subs in an effort to find the best alternative to our group. I suggest reading all the way (I managed to find a group worse than Ayako). The results are as follows: Ayako A Chinese girl fighting in a mech in Japan is not likely … Read more

[Ayako]’s Editors Need to Learn Some Fucking English (Image Intensive)

First off, we beat you, Kaereste. Na na nana na~ Here are some screen shots from Ayako’s latest QUALITY release. play a game and see if you can spot the errors before I reveal them. ^_^ I only tracked the first ten minutes. Hopefully you can forgive my laziness. 23 screencaps of quality from the … Read more

Quick Fansub Review: [Mazui] Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

So after watching Ayako’s first five minutes, I decided to watch the next five minutes of the show with Mazui’s version. This is my story. 05:28 What the hell. I know this may be confusing, but “What” is a question word. And do you know what comes at the end of a sentence with a … Read more

Quick Fansub Review: [Ayako] Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

For those of you new to Dark_Sage’s “Five Minutes of FAIL” series (all of you, because this is my first entry in the series), I will watch the first five minutes of an episode by Your Favorite Groups and savagely tear their shitty English apart. Sometimes I’ll skip the opening if it results in more … Read more